Tuesday 28th of February 2017
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Hazrat Fatima (SA) scientifically equals the Quranic verses and no one is aligned with her.

Professor Hussein Ansarian in a gathering which was held due to the mourning ceremonies of the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima (SA) said: The remaining scientific works of Hazrat Zahra (SA) due to her short life is like an infinite sea that has no shore.

He also added: some people may imagine that her sermon is the only thing that has been left from her, while that sermon is a bit of her sea-like insight and knowledge which caused a great deal of books to be written in its interpretation,
Professor Ansarian counts Hazrat Zahra (SA) scientifically equals to the Quranic verses and said: the holy prophet peace be upon him has also mentioned there is no one equal to her.
Professor Ansarain by referring to some verses of the Surah Al-Raad said: Allah Almighty says to the deniers of the mission of the Prophet (pbuh): Im your first witness prophecy and there is one more witness who has the science of the book (science of Quran), according to the traditions and interpretations  we all know that Imam Ali (AS) is the one who has the science of the book (science of Quran),
The professor of seminary school by referring the great position of Imam Ali (AS) that Allah puts his with about the mission of the holy prophet peace be upon him and his progeny beside himself, said: Imam Ali (AS) who himself was a source of knowledge and science used to go to Hazrat Fatima (SA) occasionally so as to learn something from her.

He said at the end of his speeches: on the day of judgment the Allah Almighty says to Hazrat Fatima Zahra(as): o my beloved, the doors of the paradise are all open, enter, then Hazrat Fatima (SA) is not satisfied to enter alone, after that the Almighty Allah, to respect the position of this great lady says, take whosoever you want with you.

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