Sunday 25th of June 2017
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Lebanese Sunni cleric stresses solidarity among Muslims under one leadership

 Sheikh Ahmad al-Zein, chairman of the Muslim scholars’ trustee board in Lebanon attended the ceremony for 38th anniversary of Islamic Revolution hailed Iran’s efforts to boost Islamic unity and its struggles to aid the oppressed nations across the globe.

He stressed importance of solidarity among Muslims under the guidance of one leadership and said,” Dispersion among Muslims and lack of a council for coordination of Muslim issues have led to increase of the problems.

The cleric noted that launching a council to discuss the issues of Muslims will boost the stance of Islamic nation against tyrants and focus the minds on Palestine plight.

Ahmad al-Zein called the Islamic Revolution in Iran as victory of humanity against racism and noted,” Iran’s Islamic Revolution is following the project of Islamic unity based on spiritual teachings and struggles in line with settling the disagreements.”

Sunni scholar praised the late founder of Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA) for founding Society of Muslim Scholars back in 1982 and stressed,” Victory of Islamic Revolution has been an achievement for the whole world of Islam since the uprising is abundant with values and Islamic civilization.”

He highlighted the attendance of the Islamic Revolution, under the leadership of the Supreme Leader, for the issue of Palestine and added,” Iran is the only country among Muslim and Arab countries that has not admitted the Zionist regime and aids the Palestinian nation.”

He also criticized the mottos shouted under the name of Islam which do not have anything to do with the holy religion warning that the enemies are using the mottos to tarnish the image of Islam.

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