Thursday 29th of June 2017
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Professor Ansarian unfulfilled dreams aspirations; organizing people’s affairs under the guidance of the holy Quran / formation of Committees of the great scholars

Professor Ansarian who is a great Quran exegete and interpreter of the Holy Quran talked about his unfulfilled wishes and aspirations and said: I wish people,s lives and affairs are organized based on holy Quran and they act according to the Quranic principles. He also mentions that right now people,s lives are not organized based on holy Quran and I think this aspiration of mine cannot be fulfilled until the reappearance of the awaited one – Hazrat Mahdi (may Almighty Allah hasten his reappearance).

Another wish of mine is that the pulpits have the freedom they used to have and shouldn,t be functioning as an agent of the government.

And the last wish of mine is that in Qom Theological Seminaries a great committee of Scholars and experts form in various fields of knowledge and write and extensive and comprehensive commentary of the Holy Quran so that it is proved that among all Islamic sects the scientific, technical, artistic, intellectual and mystical prominence of the Shiites and students of Ahlul Bayt can not be compared with other sects and the same sect is the true Islam that has been revealed from Almighty Allah and the rest of the sects which are named Islam are all fabricated and not real.

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