Tuesday 21st of November 2017
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Professor Ansarian: having hope without action, without work and without going through hardships is worthless and it is like a mirage.

Hope is one of the rewarding states of human that Allah Almighty has put in human,s heart.

According to the Holy Quran and narrations hope is necessarily tied and connected to work. The one who hopes to be a scholar, his hope is a divine and human one. It is good to have a hope of being a scholar but this hope should be tied with logically studying and hardworking.

He also added: a hope which is devoid of action, a hope with no work and effort is a worthless state like mirage, but the hope which is innately tied and connected to work and effort is fruitful and has satisfactory results and consequences. Islam which is a living, comprehensive and complete religion, a religion of improvement forbids people from having false and delusive hope, and hope with no action and no effort.

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