1. the abundance and capacity of blessings and talents

2. the way of getting blessings

3. aiming at blessings

4. being grateful for the blessings

5. warning of being ungrateful for blessings

6. infiniteness of blessings

7. those grateful for blessings

8. badness of wasting blessings

9. stinginess and not spending blessings

10. disappearance of blessings

11. the completing of blessings

12. the reward of the lawful spending of blessings

guilt and the ways of curing it

the key of peace

guilt is a disease

despair is disbelief


repenting is a prompt duty

repentance is an ethical obligation

turning to allah

sins and the ability to repent

a wonderful tradition on the authority of allah over people

we have inherited repentance from our father adam and mother eve


the bad results of sins

the way of true repentance

true repentance in imam ali’s view

each sin has a special repentance

(1) the satan

(2) the worldly life

(3) plagues

the gift of allah to the real repentant

the holy qur'an and repentance

1. the command of repentance

2. the way of the real repentance

3. accepting repentance

4. turning away from repentance

5. the reason of not accepting repentance

the traditions and the matter of repentance

the advantages of repentance

stories of repentant people

the ideal woman

the repentance of sha’wana

repenting in the battlefield

the repentance of the jew young man

a nomad repenting of disbelief and polytheism

the repentance of shaqeeq al-balkhi

the angels and the sins of the repentant

a sinful one and the time-limit of repentance

the sinful and the hope of repentance

the truthful one and the repentant one

the neighbor of abu baseer

the repentance of the thief

repentance and beseeching

the drunkard and repentance

expensive weeping of the repentant

showing repentance and solving problems

the wonderful morals and the more wonderful end

repentance of the gravedigger

the repentance of fudhayl al-ayyadh

three repentant muslims

repentance of al-hurr bin yazeed ar-riyahi

repentance of two brothers at the last hours of ashura

repentance of yousuf’s brothers

repentance of the island dweller

al-asmaei and the repentant bedouin

truthfulness that causes repentance

wonderful repentance

repentance of bishr al-hafi

the repentant will be in paradise

repentance of abu lubaba

repentance of the blacksmith

repentance of the people of younus

repentance of the young prisoner

repentance of one of tyrants’ assistants

wonderful repentance

repentance due to a meaningful sentence

could you change the fate?

wakefulness of ar-rasheed’s son

repentance of the magus

repentance and peace with the truth

the abundant profits of piety and godliness

man and his tendencies and desires

the great jihad

the way of reform

the matters related to reforming oneself

ibn sereen and interpreting dreams

divine wealth and abundant knowledge

waking of the young man

the young worshipper

saint pouria and his jihad against desires

seizing the opportunity

the moral beauty and purifying the soul from vices

people of guidance and success

believing in the unseen

allah the almighty

the angels


the day of resurrection

the accounting

the scales

paradise and hell



a wonderful story on charity and spending

important letter from imam ar-redha to imam al-jawad (s)

being kind to father and mother

being charitable to the kin

being kind to the orphan

being kind to the needy

courteous saying



lawful wealth


charity and benevolence


taking lessons



hope and expectation


vices and bad deeds




scorning and mocking


impermissible lusts

injustice and oppression

spite and hatred



being fond of the worldly life


drinking intoxicants

cursing and abusing

wasting and squandering



causes of perishment

pride and haughtiness