Wednesday 6th of December 2023
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40 Prayer Rooms Set up in Tehran Subway Stations

40 Prayer Rooms Set up in Tehran Subway Stations

-- 40 prayer rooms have been set up in Tehran subway stations by the city’s municipality.

Sayyed Jafar Tashakori, Tehran municipality’s traffic and transportation deputy, said that right after supreme leader’s speech last year in which he stressed the need for setting up prayer rooms in subway, train and bus stations as well as airports, the municipality started equipping these public places with proper spaces for people to say prayers.

“Everyday from dawn to dusk millions of people use public transportation in Tehran and in order to fulfill their religious obligation, they need proper places for saying prayers,” he stated.

Mr. Tashakori referred to Karaj, Golshahr, Sadeghieh, Mirdamad, Imam Khomeini and Aliabad stations as those equipped with prayer rooms.

He noted that in all other subway stations there are prayer rooms for subway personnel. “Passengers can also use these prayer rooms,” he said.



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