Thursday 28th of September 2023
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Tehran Quranic Society Held in Rey

The program was held with the presence of Abbas Salimi, Iranian Quran expert, Mahdi Gharesheikhlu, head of Dar-ol-Quran Organization as well as members of the central council of the society.

Addressing the program, Reza Partovi Zadeh, head of the Quranic society presented a report on the society’s activities and recent elections.

The annual programs and projects of the society, the plan to launch the website of the society, providing scientific answers to Quranic questions, holding sessions with the presence of international Quran experts and Quranic workshops in various cities of the province were the themes discussed at the forum.

The society also plans to set up a section for international affairs in order to have relations with Islamic centers abroad and tries to hold weekly and monthly educational courses for its members.

There were some suggestions made by Abbas Salimi regarding the Quranic programs of the society.

The forum concluded with a fast breaking ceremony.

source : http://www.iqna.ir/
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