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It is unlawful for men to put on gold

The gold ring has become the symbol of correlation between spouses, while in the Sharia it is unlawful for men to put on gold. Is there any exception concerning wedding bands?

The answer: There is no exception. A Muslim man has to test his faith in this critical position - whether he should obey his God or his desire.

Then, for what is all this insistence on a ring of gold? If the golden color is inevitable before people and cameras, the ring could be gilded for this purpose.

In our opinion, it would be better for the wife to put on a silver ring with a stone of carnelian on her husband's right pinkie while reciting blessings and peace on Muhammad (s) and his progeny and hoping that love will continue between them until they leave this world with a good end.

source : http://www.maaref-foundation.com
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