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The Merciless Enemy

The Merciless Enemy

Imam Hassan (A.S) had just arrived home. He was tired and intended to rest. Just then, a man knocked on the door.

He asked permission and came in. He greeted the Imam with his salam and sat down. Imam Hassan returned his salam, treated him respectfully and asked him how he was. The man sat very still. It was clear that he had something in his mind, but was embarrassed to speak about it. Imam looked at his face and became sad. He knew that the man had a problem.

Patiently, he waited for the man to tell him his troubles. The man sighed " O son of the Prophet." he said at last, 'I have come to you to seek refuge from an enemy, A cruel, dangerous, merciless enemy. An enemy that neither shows respect to the aged, nor mercy to the young. This powerful and cruel enemy has blackened my days. My life is a misery and I am helpless. O son of the Prophet! Heed my call and save me." Imam Hassan (A.S) had been listening closely to the man's words. He had become so affected that he was trembling. He leaned forward and said, "Who is your enemy? Whoever he is I will help you against him.

I am a Muslim and a Muslim must defend his oppressed brothers and obtain for them their rights. Tell me who your enemy is."
"My enemy," said the man ,who was so embarrassed that his face had become red is "poverty". This is my enemy who neither respects the elderly, nor shows mercy to the young. O son of the Prophet, I am not a lazy man, I work hard, but I cannot meet my expenses. Problems have put me in distress.

I am empty-handed and in debt. You are from a noble and generous family, will you deliver me from this appalling situation?"

Imam Hassan had become very sad listening to the man's problems. "Whatever money we have in the house," he said to his servant, "bring it to me" The servant put all the gold pieces that were in the house into a large purse and brought it to Imam Hassan. Imam gave it to the man and, so as to cheer him up, he apologized that he had no more. Then he said, "Pay your debts, with this money and solve all your problems.

Then you can earn your living with a clear heart and mind. I hope that by working hard you can remain independent. But I swear that if this enemy attacks you again, you must again come and complain about it to me. The poverty of people like you who work hard is because their rights are not properly given to them."

* We Muslims are bound to help the poor and destitute and defend their trampled rights. We must strive to establish justice and equity, so that poverty will be eliminated. *


source : www.tebyan.net
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