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Someone asked Imam Bagher (P) : “ Why Hajj has been named “ The Hajj of God’s House “? “ Imam said: It means that the pilgrim has reached salvation.


Imam Ali Ibn Hossain Zeinol Abedin (P) says: perform Hajj and Omreh rituals in order to be safe and sound, to make it better living for your
family and make a better life.

 Imam Ali Ibn Hossain Zeinol Abedin (P) says: Pilgrim of God’s House will be forgiven, and he is entitled to go to heaven and his family and 
possesions will be safe and immune.

The prophet of God (P. B. U. H) stated: Everyone who wants the world and the hereafter should perform hajj rituals. Abdollah Ibn Fazl says: “ I said to Imam Sadegh (P) that I have too many debts, I have a big family and I can’t afford the Hajj costs. Teach me a prayer. Imam stated: Say after each obligatory prayer: “May the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad and his progeny, and pay my debts in this world and the hereafter. “ I said to him, “ I know what the worldly debts are but what are the debts of the hereafter? “ He said: “Hajj“. The prophet of God (P. B. U. H) looked at the strings of camels taking Hajis to the pilgrimage of God’s House and said: They don’t take steps unless it is taken as a good deed, they don’t take steps unless it vanishes a sin of them. And when they finish their ceremony of Hajj, they will be told: “You have made a building, don’t destroy it. Your sins are forgiven. From now on, do good deeds. “

Imam Bagher ( P ) said : Everyone completing a recitation of the Holy Quran in Mecca won’t die unless he sees the Prophet (P. B. U. H) and his own place in the Heaven.

Imam Sadegh (P) said: The best ways to pray God include silence and going to His House.

 Imam Bagher (P) said: God does not accept the Hajj and Omreh whose costs have been paid for through illegal means property. (Religiously prohibited) It’s been narrated from Isaac Ibn Ammar that

Imam Sadegh (P) said: O Isaac, everyone who circumambulates God’s House one time, God writes down 1000 good deeds for him, vanishes
1000 of his sins, gives him 1000 rewards, plants 1000 trees fro him in Paradise, gives him mercifully the recompense for delivering 1000
slaves. When he reaches “Moltazem”, 8 doors of Heaven open and he is told: “Enter whichever door you wish”. Isaac said: “I said to Imam that all of those are for a person who just circumambulates God’s House“? Imam stated: “Yes. Wouldn’t I teach you a bigger recompense? “ I said: “Please, teach me. “ He said: “Everyone who
does something for his faithful brothers, God will give him the recompense of 10  circumambulations."

Imam Bagher (P) said: One prayer in the Masjid-ul-Haram is 100000 times more valuable than one prayer in any other mosques.

Imam Sadegh (P) said: The most Favorable place for prayer to God Almighty is Saay. (That is a holy place in Mecca) . Because there every
stubborn and proud person becomes meek.

Imam Sadegh (P) said to Ibn-Abi-Yafour: Pray very much in the Prophet’s mosque, for praying in this mosque is equal to same 1000 prayers in other mosques, except Masjed -ul- Haram that same prayers in this mosque is equal to same 1000 prayers in the Prophet’s mosque. Imam Sadegh (P) said: Someone who visits a Hajj pilgrim and shakes hands with him, it is as if he has touched the Hajar-ol-Asvad. Imam Sadegh ( P ) says regarding ” Ramye- Jamarat “ : With every stone that a Haji throws at Jamarat, a big fatal sin is vanished from his soul.

 Imam Ali ibn Hossain (P) says: When Haji sacrifices in the desert of Mena (that is a place near Mecca) , his sacrifices will be the price of
his freedom from the fire of the Resurrection Day. The sixth Imam (P) says: As one of you perform Hajj and finish it with the pilgrimage to Medina, that pilgrimage is the sign of Hajj’s completion.

 Imam Sajjad (P) says: A person, who accepts responsibility for the family and financial matters of a Haji, has the same reward as a Haji has himself. It is even as if he has performed Hajj himself.

 Imam Sadegh (P) says: Religion will be living so long as Kaaba is living.

Imam Bagher (P) says: Respect people who had performed Hajj and Omreh, because you are obliged to respect them.

The Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) has been quoted a saying: What is meant by obligatory prayers; Hajj rituals and other rituals is to
remember God, so what is the use of verbal praise whelming your mind, you don’t think of the greatness of Allah.


 Imam Sadegh (P) says: People who do Hajj and Omreh are justified to God. God will grant them whatever they have asked. If they pray he will
accept, if they intercede, He will accept and if they remain silent, He himself begins to give them generously His favor and He grants them
and instead of each derham, He will grant them thousands of derhams.

 Imam Sadegh (P) says: Hajis who return from God’s House appear in three categories: One group are those who are free from fire of Hell.
One group who are purified of their sins as if they are born again. The third group are the people who come back with the guarantee of their
families and properties, and this is the least a Haji enjoys.

Imam Sadegh (P) says: When you decide to go to Hajj, free your heart from anything that may keep you away from God.

 The great Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) says: In 4 occasions the doors of sky are opened and prayers will be accepted ; on the occasion of
coincidence of the rows of fighters in the cause of God, when it rains and in the time of getting up for saying prayers and at the time of looking at the great Kaaba.

Imam Sadegh (P) says: As long as a person is looking at Kaaba he will receive rewards and his sins are forgiven.

Imam Bagher (P) says: There are three things that are headed by God. His book, which is His order and light. His House which is the kiblah
(that is the direction to which Muslims turn in praying) and He just accepts full attention to this direction and the Etrat (that is the household of the Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) ).

 Imam Sadegh (P) says: God has provided 120 types of blessings around Kaaba, 60 of these blessings will be given to circumambulatores, 40 of them will be given to prayers and 20 of
these blessings will be for people who look at Kaaba.

 Regarding settlement in Arafat Imam Bagher says: none of good and wicked people would settle on the Arafat’s mountain unless
God accepts their prayers ; the chastes benediction for the mundane and afterlife matters will be accepted but the wicked prayers will be
accepted just for their mundane matters. A man asked Imam Sadegh (P) in Masjid- ul- Haram: Who commits the greatest sins? Imam
said: “Someone who settles in Arafat and Mashar, and he does the ceremony of Saay between the mountains of Safa and Marveh, and
circumambulates around the God’s House, then he prays at the back of the Maghame Ibrahim (P) but doubts whether God forgives him or
not. This person commits the greatest sin.

Imam Hossain ibn Ali (P) says: Shake hands with Hajis and the people whom have performed the Hajj rituals and Omreh and salute them
before they make sin.

Mohammad ibn Sannan has been quoted a saying that once Imam Reza (P) wrote to him, “ The reason why Mena (A place near Mecca)
was named Mena is that Gabriel (A great angel) said to the Prophet Ibrahim (P) in this place: Ask God whatever you wish. “

Imam Sadegh (P) says: Haji will have the light and mien of Hajj as long as he has not committed a sin.

The Messenger of God (P. B. U. H) says: O people perform Hajj rituals with full awareness and religion and don’t come back from Hajj unless you decide to give up committing sins and repent instead. The Messenger of God (P. B. U. H) says: The reward of Hajj is Paradise and the atonement of any sin is Omreh.

The Messenger of God (P. B. U. H) says: There are some kinds of sins that are just forgiven in Arafat.

Imam Sadegh ( P ) says : Frequenting between Safa and Marveh is a means to underestimate a tyrants.

Imam Bagher (P) says: Begin your Hajj from Mecca and finish it to us.

Imam Sadegh (P) says: Looking at Kaaba is an act of worship.

Imam Ali (P) says: Don’t abandon Hajj rituals because you will be punished.

The Prophet of God (P. B. U. H) said to Imam Ali (P) : O Ali, someone who is able to do Hajj but he avoids doing it is a great sinner.
The Messenger of God (P. B. U. H) said to Imam Ali (P) : O Ali, someone who postpones Hajj rituals until he dies, God will send him as
Jewish or Christian in the Resurrection Day. 

Imam Sadegh (P) says: If people abandon Hajj of this House, they will be immediately punished.

The Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) has been narrated a saying: the fighters in the way of God and the Hajis and those who do Omreh are
guests invited by God.

The great Prophet of God (P. B. U. H) has been quoted a saying: Hajj resembles Jihad (which is the Holy war in the way of God) .

Narrated from the great Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) that he said: What a nice Jihad is Hajj. Imam Ali (P) says: 4 Heavenly places exists on
earth: Masjid -ul- Haram, the mosque of the Prophet, the mosque of Bayt -ol- Maghdes and the mosque of Koofeh.

 The great Prophet of God (P. B. U. H) says: Perform Hajj in order to be independent.

The great Messenger of God (P. B. U. H) has been narrated a saying: Sustaining wealth for the journey of Hajj is like sustaining in the way of God and God will reward it 100 times more.

The great Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) has been narrated a saying: If someone gives Eftar (which is a meal eaten after fasting) to any faster or sends a Muslim into Hajj, or mobilizes a fighter or accepts the responsibility of his family, he is entitled to equal spiritual reward.

 Imam Sadegh (P) says: Entering Kaaba is like entering into God’s Mercy.

The great Messenger of God (P. B. U. H) has been narrated a saying: God forgives a Haji and whoever that he asks forgiveness for.

Imam Sadegh (P) said: God is the guarantor of someone going to Hajj. If God wants him to be alive, he will come back to his family and if God gets his life, he will enter the Paradise.

Imam Sadegh (P) says: When a Haji enters Mecca, God puts 2 angels for him to keep his prayer, Saay and circumambulation, When he
stands in the Arafah, they beat on his right shoulder and say: “ Don’t worry for the past, see what you will be in future.

Imam Ali (P) says: someone who goes to Hajj and Omreh, he is in fact going to God and God honors his guests and forgives them.

The great Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) has been narrated a saying: The fighters in the way of God and the people performing Hajj and Omreh are God’s guests. God invites them and they accept
and they ask God and God grants.

The great Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) has been narrated a saying: 3 groups go towards God: Fighters, people who perform Hajj and people who perform Omreh.

Imam Sadegh (P) says: One Hajj is better than the world and everything that is in it and an obligatory prayer is better than 1000 Hajjs.

Imam Sadegh (P) says: No act is better than the Hajj except for Jihad and martyrdom in the way of God.

Imam Sadegh (P) says: There is nothing better than Hajj but the daily prayer.

The great Prophet of Islam (P. B. U. H) has been narrated a saying: Paradise is the reward for an accepted Hajj.

 The Prophet of God (P. B. U. H) was asked: “ What is the best work? He said: “ Faith in God, Jihad in the way of God and an accepted Hajj.
The great messenger (P. B. U. H) said: Hajj is a minor Jihad.

Imam Sadegh ( P ) says : Saying an obligatory prayer is better than going to Hajj for 20 times and going to Hajj is better than a House,
full of gold which is given away as donation and alms.

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