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Wahabism and Sunnism

Wahabism and Sunnism

The information in front of you are the words of Mawlana Mueen al-Din Abu al-Fadl, the head of the cultural division of the Taliban in Kuwait. He made statements about the verdicts of some Wahabi scholars regarding the destruction of Islamic shrines and holy places. He said: "I will say that the identity of these kinds of groups are expressed by a line of poetry by Iqbal Lahouri which states that they screamed no churches, no trinity, no God." It must be said that these Wahabi groups commit actions against Islam - actions that even disbelievers do not have the ability to do. He said: "All that I have read from the books of this group and all of the actions that I have become aware of have lead me to believe that this minority group is up against the whole Islamic nation. Their actions are in complete congruence with Jews, Christians, and the occupying force's spy agencies. The duties of this group are given to them by the British government." "Wahabi scholars, without any shame, implement the orders of their English masters." "They, at the command of the occupying force, destroy Islamic shrines, holy places, and graves of Islamic personalities. They destroyed Khadijah's house, the birthplace of the Prophet (s), the graves of the Prophet's (s) wives, and the graves of the companions. This reached such a level that they said that the grave of the Prophet (s) must be moved from Medina." "They have distorted the words of religious books to suit their interests." One day the Prophet of Islam prayed for various tribes in the presence of a man from Najd. The man from Najd said: "Pray for Najd as well." The Prophet said: "No, it is a place of corruption, I will not pray for it." Some scholars say that what is meant by corruption in this narration is the corruption of Abd al-Wahab Najdi. Abu al-Fadl said: "A British agent said that he met Abd al-Wahab Najdi who spoke ill of all of the Islamic leaders." "The Najdi Wahabis claim that Muslims who are not on their path are polytheists. According to this all Muslims except for a small minority are polytheists." This is the plan that the British occupiers implemented against Islam. Today, Wahabis perform actions which are against Islam and benefit the disbelievers. They work for the non-Islamic world not the Islamic world because the Najdi Wahabis believe that most of the Islamic world is polytheistic. Mawlana Mueen al-Din Abu al-Fadl said regarding those who strive against disbelief, but under the command of Najdi scholars: "Muslims who want to fight against disbelievers must not be under the command of disbelievers. They must not give Islam a bad name because of their bad actions. Their goals are not to serve Islam - they are to destroy the Islamic world.

source : www.abna.ir
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