Saturday 10th of June 2023
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Ayatollah Arafi: “Our enemies seek to eliminate our youths’ Islamic identity”

Ayatollah Arafi: “Our enemies seek to eliminate our youths’ Islamic identity”

On the second day of the "World Congress on Extremist and Takfiri Movements in the View of Islamic Scholars," Ayatollah Ali-Reza Arafi, the president of al-Mustafa International University, spoke of the threat takfirism poses to the world and methods to solve the issues facing Islamic societies.

Recently, we have seen the desecration of religious sanctities and holy sites through the Middle East which have been carried out by takfiri terrorists. Ayatollah Arafi stated that in order resolve the tragic situation in the region which has been caused by the takfiri phenomenon, we need to examine aspects of the intellectual, social, spiritual and political roots which gave rise to takfirism in order to eliminate them from their roots.

The president of al-Mustafa International University also added that the erroneous and inaccurate elements present in the education must be corrected. "We must counter and confront the parties which work for the benefit of the arrogant powers and oppressors.

At the end of his lecture, Ayatollah Arafi emphasized that the creation of such conferences shows the readiness of the Islamic Seminary of Qom and the Shi'ite sources of emulation to continue the peaceful dialogue.

We must support Islamic parties and strengthen Islam religious scholars so they can guide their governments and leaders. Also, we must strengthen our fraternal relations among the various religious traditions," Ayatollah Arafi stated.

He added that this dialogue among Islamic scholars must be with "a gentle tongue." Islamic scholars must specify the criteria of excommunication [takfir] and must stress upon the principle of ijtihad and rational thinking.

Ayatollah Arafi stated that the needs for dialogue are measures for bringing the ummah together toward unity. We believe all Muslims have a single, integrated religious practice. Many groups in the world, do not have many commonalities but are nevertheless united.

He continued by stating that to deal the takfiri phenomenon and to solve it, there must be a dialogue of civilizations - this dialogue should be based on the noble and original principles of Islam and should focus on the perspective of the discourse of Islamic civilization.

Ayatollah Arafi said that due to the economic and military invasion by the enemies and the scientific and academic backwardness of Muslim societies we are witnessing the growth of cancerous tumour among us. This [takfiri] tumour is headed by the Zionist regime. We also witness the presence of reactionary governments and plots to divide the Islamic ummah in the region.

His Eminence emphasized that the Islamic ummah, despite its preparedness and competence, it has been plagued by many challenges and tragedies. These include cultural invasion and the moral and intellectual challenges posed by our enemies. "Our enemies seek to eliminate our youths' Islamic identity," he stated.

Ayatollah Arafi stated that the Islamic ummah (community), despite having great wealth and capabilities, continues to be plagued by problems and challenges. We must pay attention to the challenges extremists pose to the Islamic world.

"I am hopeful that this conference is the beginning of the beginning of the unification of the Islamic ummah which will help solve the problems with terrorism and takfirism and will strengthen the Islamic Awakening. Today, the scholars of Islam have gathered here for a very important step to solve the problems which we face and examine their roots."


source : www.abna.ir
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