Sunday 10th of December 2023
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Shiite institutions Nigeria


(A Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation)



1. To promote the welfare and interest of all Muslims worldwide

2. To practice Islam according to the Glorious Qur'an and authentic ahadith.

3. To encourage and promote Islamic Culture among the Muslims.

4. To cooperate with other Islamic bodies throughout the world.

5. To establish educational centers (schools) and other educational activities.

6. To organize Qur'an recitations, Quiz and debate competitions with exciting prizes for winners and participants.

7. To engage and encourage Muslim brothers and sisters through lectures, symposia, seminars and other literary activities.

8. To establish a publication bureau and mini library where Islamic books tracts and pamphlets will be published and distributed. The library could also serve as a center for studying (Reading Room).

9. To encourage our brothers and sisters in Islam with a relief package for those in polytechnics and universities. Paying charitable visits to orphanages, old people, hospitals and prisons to offer special prayer and donations.


1. Establishment of two Arabic & Islamic (Qur'anic) Centers in Lagos (Nigeria).

2. Successful organization of Qur'anic Competitions once a year.

3. Establishment of a mini library with small reading room at Agege, Lagos.

4. Conversion of two Christian brothers to Islam in 1993 and 1995

5. Presentation of a merit award honor to four eminent personalities in 1995.

6. Establishment of moral lessons for kids and adults every Monday night and public lectures every last Saturday of the month. Also, distribution of tracts and books on these two days


1. Building a Central Mosque.

2. Establishing a Nursery and Primary School.

3. Establishing a Publication Bureau.

4. Establishing a Scholarship Award Scheme for the under-privileged.

5. Establishing a Rehabilitation Center for the disabled.





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