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Imam Reza(as)'s Hadith

1 - Hypocrites are characterized by three features : telling lies , reneging on promises ,breaching of trust . 2 - The most hateful thing to Allah among those lawful ones is divorce. 3 - Oh, Adam's descendent ! If you have a healthy body and a peaceful mind , and can afford your livelihood for one day , don't worry about anything else ! 4 - Oh , Adam's descendent ! you have within your reach whatever meets your needs , whereas you are seeking things that develop disobedience in you, you do no
Imam Reza(as)'s Hadith

1 - Hypocrites are characterized by three features : telling lies , reneging on promises ,breaching of trust .

2 - The most hateful thing to Allah among those lawful ones is divorce.

3 - Oh, Adam's descendent ! If you have a healthy body and a peaceful mind , and can afford your livelihood for one day , don't worry about anything else !

4 - Oh , Adam's descendent ! you have within your reach whatever meets your needs , whereas you are seeking things that develop disobedience in you, you do not choose contentment , and nothing , however abundant, can satisfy you .

5 - Avoid the curse of the opressed , since they seek adjudication from Allah and He will never let them down & deny them their rights .

6 - Refrain from using unlowfully obtained construction materials in your building , for they will ruin it .

7 - Fear the believer's insight , for in seeing things , he is assisted by the light of Allah .

8 - Avoid altachmeant to this worled . I swear by the one in whose hands lies my soul , that this worled is mose seductive than Harut and Marut .

9 - Fear the curse of the oppressed for it spreads up as the flames of fire.

10 - God punishes man for two sins in this world : injustice and ungratefulness towards parents .

11 - Whoever from among you is more valiant to take solemn oath is nearer to the Hell .

12 - Be moderately wordly minded ; since everybody shall receive whatever is apportioned to him by fate .

13 - To God , the best act is timely prayer , then right conduct towards parents , then struggle in the way of God .

14 - to God , the most popular servents are unknown pious ones .

15 - To God . the best act is the one which is more lasting , however scanty that might be .

16 - To God , the best acts are to feed the poor , to repay their debts or , to rid them of a trouble .

17 - To God , the best act is to mind one's tongue .

18 - To God , the best Jihad ( holy struggle ) is a rightful statement addressed to tyrannical rulers .

19 - To God , the best food is the one enjoyed by very many people .

20 - To God , the best sports are horsemanship and archery .

21 - God likes those servants of His,who are lenient when buying , selling , paying and receiving .

22 - One Who is more beneficial to others is loved by God .

23 - Throw dust to the face of flatterers .

24 - The most prudent is the one more capable of restraining his rage .

25 - Evaluate people on the basis of your evaluation of their companions, for " "Birds of a feather flock together".
Imam Reza(as)

26 - The anxiety that my Ummah would be affected by great ambitions,disturbs me more than anything else.

27 - Call up God and be sure that your solemn request shall be fulfilled , and be aware that God will not grant a prayer coming from a negligent heart .

28 - From among people of the Hell the one will the easiest punishment has two fire shoes causing his brain to boil .

29 - The easiest tension of death is equal to one hundred stroke of sword .

30 - If you happen to pass judgement on Muslims , you should refrain from judging when affected by a fit of anger , and from adupting a discriminatory attitude against or in favour of one of the parties to the dispute in your looking at them , the seats you allow them to sit , and your gestures and hints.

31 - when a man of good character and with satisfactory religious beliefs asks for your daughter's hand , let him marry her ; otherwise , trouble and corruption will spread on the earth .

32 - If God loves one of His servants, He prohibits him from loving this world, as you prohibit your patients from drinking water .

33 - When God wants a man to succeed , He makes him knowledgeable in religion and indifferent to worldly affairs ;and reveals to him his defects.

34 - If you want to embark on a new enterprise , take your time until God shows you the way .

35 - When you decide to do something , think of the result. If the result is good proceed to perform it ; otherwise,forget about it .

36 - Whenever you want to mention others'defects, remind yourself of your own defects.

37 - When one of you employs somebody , the employee must be informed of his wage .

38 - If God bestows something on you,start spending it on yourself and your relavtives .

39 - When one of you becomes a prayer leader , he should cut the prayer ceremony short,for there are very young , very old , sick and weak people among the prayers. However,in solitary prayer , he can prolong the ceremony as he wishes .

40 - When death befalls on a seeker after knowledge , he dies as a martyr .

41 - A man who is God-fearing is feared by everything , but if he is God-fearing God will make him fear everything .

42 - If a person who tinges his hair asks for a woman hand he should inform her of this and should not hide his age .

43 - When a person enters as a guest , his provision is accompanying him , and when he leaves , his hosts'sin will be pardoned by God .

44 - You are a believer if your good deeds make you happy and your bad deeds make you unhappy .

45 - when you do something , you should do it to the best of your ability .

46 - Keep silent when a fit of anger befalls on you .

47 - When a wife tells her husband " you have not done me any good ", all her good deeds will become null and void .
Imam Reza(as)

48 - If a man fails to act properly , God Will afflict him with sorrow .

49 - When a man dies , people say : " what has he left behind ?", and angels ask : " what has he brought with himself ? "

50 - When you are present in a gathering where people speak ill of an absent person , assist that person by prohibiting the group from backbiting and leave the gathering .

51 - Engage in archery and horsemanship . I like your archery more than your horsemanship . It would be futile for a man to be occupied in anything except shooting by his bow and arrow , or horse-training , or making love to his wife . All those activities are legitimate . That who learns archery but later forgets it, dose not do justice to what he has learnt .

52 - try to keep a low profile , for gifted persons are envied .

53 - Free yourselves from want and do not ask people for even one toothpick.

54 - There are three acts which are the firmest : rememberance of God under any circumstances , fairness against oneself , and sharing wealth with brothers in the faith .

55 - A prayer granted the earliest is the one offered by a third person for another third person .

56 - The bravest person is the one in control of his sensual desires .

57 - On the Day of Resurrection , scholars who do not benefit from their know- ledge will be punished the hardest .

58 - On the Day of Resurrection , two persons are the most regretful : the one who had an opportunity to learn and failed to do so,and the other one who taught somebody a discipline that benefited the student, whereas teacher has not benefited from his knowledge .

59 - From among the unlucky , the one who combines the poverty of this world with the punishment of the next world is the most unfortunate .

60 - That who thanks people most is the one who is most grateful to God .

61 - Meet your needs with self-respect , for affairs have been predestined , and do not yield to abasement by persisting and requesting.

62 - Seek after knowledge from birth to death .

63 - Making a false oath inflicts damage on the commodity and destroys business .

64 - Spare the beggar something , though he comes to you on horsebask,and pay the hired servant his wage before he stops perspiring .

65 - The busiest of all people is the believer , for he should attend to the affairs of both this and next world .

66 - A woman is indebted to her husband more than to anybody else, and a man is indebted to his mother more than to anybody else.

67 - The highest-ranking person of all is the one who does not interfere in what not concerning him and in what bringing him no benefit.

68 - The wisest person , is the one who shows more tolerance to people .

69 - the most knowledgeable person is the one who adds others'knowledge to his .

70 - My Ummah will live an average life of sixty to seventy years .

71 - Assist your children in becoming better persons , for whoever wishes can eradicate disobedience in his offspring .

72 - You must avail yourselves of five things before facing five others : life before death ; health before illness , leisure before occupation , young days before old days , and wealth before poverty .

73 - The best thing to do is making one's brother in the faith happy or paying for his debt .

74 - The best act , after belief in God , is to win people's friendship .

75 - Lawful trade is the best thing to do .
Imam Reza(as)

76 - Friendship and enemity in the way of God is the best thing to do.

77 - Indeed the best Jihad (Holy struggle)is a true statement made at the presence of a tyrannical king.

78 - The best Jihad is that in which one starts his day without thinking of doing unjust act to anybody.

79 - The best money is that which is spent on one's dependents .

80 - The best alms are those given when one is healthy and poor hoping to become rich and fearing poverty , not those given at one's last rites by saying this belongs to that and that belongs to this , for they already belong to them.

81 - Indeed , the best alms are those given to a relative who is your enemy.

82 - The best worship is expectation of deliverance .

83 - On the Day of Resurrection , scholars'ink is weighed against the martyrs'blood resulting in the former's preference .

84 - Minimize your asking for loans to enjoy more liberty .

85 - Avoid committing sins to easily face death .

86 - Minimize your meeting the rich ; as a result , your will not despise God's blessings.

87 - Inflict the punishments of God on both relatives and strangers and do not listen to man when performing divine duties.

88 - Most of the sins committed by Adam's offspring emanate from his tongue.

89 - On the Day of Resurrection , the most sinful people are those speaking about things not concerning them .

90 - The most Knowledgeable persons are the most valuable ones .

91 - Pray much , for praying repels accidents .

92 - Do you want me to inform you of a man's treasure ? A pious wife whose sight makes her husband happy , who obeys whenever her husband commands, and who is faithfull to him during his absence.

93 - Do you want me to tell you about something better than fasting , praying, and alms-giving ? That is making peace among people , since conflicts among people will lead to their death .

94 - Do you want me to tell you about the person to whom the fire ( of the Hell ) is forbidden ? That is the one who is tactful , moderate , and easygoing.

95 - Do you want me to tell you about the women who are the people of paradise ? They are faithful women who give birth to many children , who quickly reconcile , and who say , when having misbehaved , that they are at their husband's disposal and that they will not sleep until their husbands are satisfied with them .

96 - Do you want me to tell you who the strongest is ? The one who restrains his anger .

97 - Be aware that the people of paradise resemble those who climb a high hill through a difficult path , and that the people of ( the ) Hell are like those who , through a smooth path , go downhill .

98 - How many times has an hour of passion led to a long period of sufferings?

99 - Often a great number of people wake up at night to pray ; however , the only benefit accrued to them is keeping awake . And there are so many people who fast ; however , the only result they obtain from their fasting is thirst and hunger .
Imam Reza(as)

100 - Whoever knows something to be true , should not refuse to speak it up out of fearing people .

101 - Seek after sustenance through matrimony .

102 - Oh Allah !make me grateful and patient , and let me hold myself in contempt and be honoured by people .

103 - Have fun and play , for I do not like to see any roughness in your religion .

104 - And next , O, you people ! I am a human being who is to meet God 's messenger and to accept His call . I would offer you two important things :one is the Book of God containing light and guidance and the other is my  family; whoever holds fast the Book of God will be guided and whoever abandons it , will go astray . Get the book of God and hold it fast ! And you will be reminded of the people of my household by God .

105 - the most hated servant by God is a disobedient person who has experienced no affliction , neither in wealth nor in children .

106 - The doors of Paradise are beneath the shades of swords .

107 - The most favourite servant to God is the one who is most sympathetic and kindest to His servants .

108 - On the Day of Resurrection , the most remorseful person is the one who has sold his next world to this world .

109 - The believer could have any characteristics but betraying and telling lies .

110 - The fairest trade is performed by those who never tell lies , do not commit the breach of trust and keep their promises , promptly repay their debts , do not harshly treat their debtors ,do not exaggerate about the quality of their products , and do not criticize other people's commodities .

111 - Some inhabitants of Paradise turned to a group of inhabitants of Hell and asked why they went to Hell "Swear by God ",said the inhabitants of Paradise, " We were assissted by what we learned from you to enter the Paradise . and the people of Hell say :" We paid lip-service to what we preached . "

112 - After the cardinal sins forbidden by God the greatest sin is that an indebted man when passing a way has not provided for the payment of his debt .

113 - Goodness towards relatives shall be rewarded sooner than any other goodness .

114 - To God , the greatest sin is committed by a man who holds his dependent in suspense .

115 - Most inhabitants of the Paradise are simple and honest people .

116 - People go to the Hell mostly for two hollow things : private part and mouth

117 - If God becomes angry with a people , He does not make the earth swallow them , nor does He matamorphose them . Their prices will go up , they will have infrequent rainfalls,and they will be ruled over by their wicked persons .

118 - God painted the Paradise white which is His most favourite colour .

119 - God does not like men who marry repeatedly and women who do the same

120 - For the sake of a righteous Muslim , God averts misfortunes from one hundred houses of his neighbours .

121 - God admires a young man whose conduct is not similar to that of the youth

122 - God hates dirty and dishevelled persons .

123 - God hates the one who is stingy during his lifetime and becomes generous at the point of death .

124 - God would like to see that His servants complete their tasks .

125 - God prefers tolerance in connection with everything .

126 - God favours easygoing , lenient persons .

127 - God wants you to treat your children justly even in such trivial things as embracing them .

128 - God likes His pious , unknown servants who are free from any want .

129 - God interrogates His servants about how they have spent their knowledge, just as He asks them how they have spent their wealth .

130 - On the Day of Resurrection , God pardons the illiterate for offences which are unpardonable on the part of the literate .

131 - The Almighty says : " I am an onlooker of my servant's thought ; if he thinks well of me ,he will be rewarded,and if he thinks ill of me,he will be punished . "
Imam Reza(as)

132 - Alms-giving causes God to avert seventy kinds of tragic death .

133 - God wants His servants to do all the things He pronounced lowful , as he likes to connive at their disobedience .

134 - Angels spread their wings for the seeker after knowledge , for they are content with what he is after .

135 - On burial,the dead will hear the sound of the shoes of those returning .

136 - When people fail to prevent a tyrant from oppressing , it is to be feared that God punish all .

137 - One of the best criteria of faith is that you love somebody for the sake of God and hate somebody else for the same reason .

138 - Believers' suffering must affect other believers ,just as the body is affected by headache .

139 - On the Day of Resurrection , the worst people to God are those feared by people .

140 - On the Day of Resurrection , the worst people to God are those avoided by them for scurrilousness .

141 - In addition to charity tax on property , there is another tax thereon .

142 - If you relinquish something for fear of God , He will give you something better .

143 - Response to letters is as necessary as response to greeting .

144 - There is a basis for everything . This religion ( Islam ) is based on learning , and a learned person is worse to the Satan than a thousand worshippers .

145 - God has an angel who , at the prayer time , calls out : o' you the Adam's children ! stand up and put out by praying the fires you kindled against yourselves .

146 - One of the great sins is that one unlawfully takes possession of another's property .

147 - One form of being wasteful is to eat whatever one wishes .

148 - One of the requisites of intuitive faith is that one does not make God angry to the satisfaction of people, that one does not thank anybody for the blessing bestowed on one by God , and that one does not serve anybody for what God has not given , for sustenance will not be augmented by person's greed , nor will it be lessened by people's hatred .

149 - Indeed , this religion is well established and has solid foundations . Proceed , therefore , moderately .

150 - Wealth has destroyed your predecessors and will destroy you as well .

151 - Hearts rust like watered iron . Asked what a polish heart would be ; the Holy Prophet said :" frequent rememberance of death and recital of Quran . "

152 - The reason why your predecessors perished was that they released reputable thieves and punished weak ones .

153 - I do not worry about what you do not know ; however ,I do worry about how you apply what you do know .

154 - Man gets old ; however , he is rejuvenated in two aspects : greed for wealth and greed for longer lifetime .

155 - When the verse of Purification ( 33rd verse from the Clans' chapter ) was sent down to the Holy Prophet at Umma Salmah's house,the Holy Prophet called Fatima , Hassan and Hossein , peace be upon them , and put a cloak on them; Ali, peace be upon him,was behind the Holy Prophet . So,he was clothed too .Then ,the Holy Prophet said : " O 'Allah ,these are from my household,remove any evil from them and purify them. Umma Salmah was close to the scene asked : "O ' the God's messenger !Am I a member of your household ? " "you hold your special position in goodness and health.",replied the Holy Prophet.

156 - Reckoning the actions of man begins with prayer .

157 -The Expected One is from my family and a son of Fatimah ( peace be upon her).

158 - Prior to Doomsday the world will be full of tyrany and oppression . Then , a man from my family will stand up and will fill the world with justice .

159 - Keep yourselves away from indebtedness , for it will abase you on days and will cause sorrow at nights .

160 - Keep away from praising , for it is like slaughtering .

161 - Keep yourselves away from passions , for passions make you deaf and blind .

162 - Keep yourselves away from the grass in a garbage-can ; that is , a beautiful woman brought up in a bad household .

163 - Avoid foolish persons , for they intend to benefit you , but they inflict loss on you .

164 - No illness is more painful than parsimony .

165 - If a husband is satisfied with his wife on her death , she will enter the Paradise .

166 - If anyone undertakes to accomplish something for a Muslim and then does not perfrom it with the same zeal and dedication as he would do for himself , he would be deprived even of a whiff of Paradise .

167 - Whoever unjustly takes possession of even one span of land , God will make him dig that land down to the seventh layer and hang it from his neck till the accounts of all the people are settled .

168 - Any young man who marries in the early years of his youth makes Satan  raise hue and cry because the youth safeguards his religion from his incursions by performing it .

169 - God will reward any child groomed to search for knowledge and prayers as much as the good deeds of 72 pious believers .

170 - People worthy of heed are of two kinds : The learned and the scholars thirsty for knowledge . Beside them there is nothing else .

171 - Lo people!whatever is given to you on my behalf if it conforms to the Qoran is mine,otherwise it is not so .
Imam Reza(as)

172 - Slumber of a learned person is better than the prayers of a worshipper .

173 - Begin your day by giving alms because misfortunes cannot penetrate generosity .

174 - Kindness to parents increases the span of your life , mendacity diminishes subsistence and prayers ward off malicious events .

175 - A house without children lacks blessings .

176 - There are seven ordeals between Paradise and man ; the easiest of them all is death and the hardest is standing righteously before God at a time when the oppressed get hold of the oppressor.

177 - Gluttony hardens hearts .

178 - The earth is God's property and so are the people , so reside where you are treated kindly .

179 - Find a suitable partner for procreation of your children ,because women give birth to children who resemble their brothers and sisters .

180 - Oh people I have left behind two things among you , their presence would keep you from going astray : God's book and my`Itrat', that means my household .

181 - Marry , for women multiply your abundance .

182 - Keep away from the anxieties of this world , because whoever worries more , will be entangled in hardships and confusion by God , his poverty increases while whoever worries about the world hereafter God will take care of his involvements and free his heart from dearth .

183 - Ponder over the blessings of God but don't scrutinize His entity .

184 - Though enmity with sinners get close to God and confront them with grim faces and search for the happiness of God in their dismay and by keeping aloof from them get close to God .

185 - An honest and truthful merchant will be with martyrs on the Day of Resurrection .

186 - Negligence is Satan's aim which he sows in the hearts of the believers .

187 - Repentence from sin means refraining from it in future .

188 - God likes 3 types of people : those who wake up at night and recite the Book of God and those who give alms with the right hand and keep it a secret from the left , and those who go to a battlefield and move toward the enemy while their comrades flee .

189 - There are three properties that if anybody lacks them he will have less honor than a dog . firstly, chastity that forestalls forbidden acts ; secondly, forbearance that helps to repel ignorance of the uninitiated;and thirdly,good conduct that facilitates communal existence .

190 - Paradise is under the feet of mothers .

191 - Fatimah is a part of me . So , whoever offends her offends me .

192 - Expecting praise and admiration from people blinds the eyes and deafens the ears .

193 - It has been mentioned by Omma Salamah that our Holy Prophet covered Hassan , Hossein , Ali and Fatimah with a cloak and said : " Oh God they are the special members of my household , take any uncleanliness away from them and purify them . " Omma Salamah asked : " Oh Prophet of God , am I one of them ? " Our Holy Prophet said : " Blessings and good health awaits you . "

194 - Woe to him who wallows in ignorance and woe still to one who knows and does not put his knowledge into practice .

195 - Any punishment consummated on earth is better than 40 days of rain for the dwellers of the earth .

196 - One night of vigil for the sake of God is better than one thousand nights spent in praying and the same number dedicated to fasting .

197 - Inculcate three qualities among your children : Love of Prophet and members of his household and recitation of Qoran .

198 - A filthy look is a poisonous shaft from Satan's bolts .

199 - A believer who associates with people and endures their misconduct is better than a believer who dissociates from the community and shows no tolerance to their provocations .

200 - Winter is the spring of a believer .

201 - Ensure the safety of your property by paying the poor rates , cure the sick by paying alms , and resort to prayers to ward off reverses .

202 - What is memorized by a child is like a pattern engraved upon a stone and the things committed to memory by an adult are like inscriptions upon water .

203 - Paradise is achieved by bearing hardships , and Hell by following desires .

204 - God will keep the fire away from the face of that person on the Day of Judgement who defends the honor of his brother .

205 - Gratitude for blessings ensures continuation without decline .

206 - Plan your work wisely ; if any good ensues implement it , and if you fear dire consequences hold your hand .

207 - Two qualities surpass all others : Believing in God and being helpful and beneficial to the people at large .

208 - One who leads people to benefaction reaps the reward of a benefactor.

209 - The best of you is he whose meeting reminds you of God and whose words increase your knowledge and whose behavior inclines you to think about the next world .

210 - The best prayers are those offered in seclusion and the best income is the one that suffices your needs .

211 - The best dowry is one that is lighter one .

212 - The best wages are those earned with the sweat of ones own brow , and where work is accomplished with precision .

213 - The best amongst mankind is he who is most beneficial for people at large

214 - Consultation precludes repentance and reproach .

215 - The best marriage is the one solemnized with simplicity .

216 - He who frankly reveals your shortcomings is the best of your brethren .

217 - The best youth among you are those who adopt the ways of the old , and the worst among the old folk are those who imitate the ways of the young .

218 - The best among you is he who is best for his wives and daughters .

219 - The best among you is he who learns Qoran and then teaches it .

220 - The world will not cease to be till a man from my household who bears my name comes to rule all Arab nations .

221 - Good handwriting provides a clearer insight of God .

222 - Trustworthiness is the source of sustenance and treachery the cause of poverty .

223 - Usury taken knowingly, even to the tune of a penny , is worse than having indulged in adultery 36 times .

224 - The prayers of an oppressed , even if he is a wrong-doer,are accepted . His sins are his own concern .

225 - You spend a penny in the way of God and another for buying the freedom of a slave , and give another as alms and spend one on your family . The best penny you spend , is the one on your family .

226 - Being in debt mitigates one's faith and honor .
Imam Reza(as)

227 - Leave a pretty woman who is barren and pick a black one who can bring forth many children .

228 - God blesses one who gains legally and spends moderately and of the surplus saves , by spending for the needs of the world hereafter .

229 - God blesses one who bridles his tongue , understands the time he lives in , and treads the path of righteousness .

230 - God's consent is in the satisfaction of parents and His dissent is in their distress .

231 - What an excellent intercessor Qoran is on the Day of Judgement for one who has read the Qoran .

232 - A two-unit prayer of a married man is better than 70 units offered by a bachelor .

233 - A two-unit prayer of a scholar is better than 70 units offered by one other than a scholar .

234 - All Muslims are brethren and no one is superior except in abstinence .

235 - Though abundance might ensue from usury it ends in dearth .

236 - Before God , a true believer is more honorable than some of His angels .

237 - It becomes common knowledge when a wise man goes astray,but the mistake of an ignorant person is concealed by his ignorance .

238 - Visit graves for it reminds you of the subsequent world .

239 - Adultery is the source of poverty .

240 - Ask God for His bounty for He loves to be requested .

241 - Pray to God to bestow upon you true wisdom and seek God's refuge from fruitless knowledge .

242 - Regarding your ignorance,it is enough to say that you reveal all that you know .

243 - The worst people are those who sell the world hereafter for the sake of this world and even worse than them are those who sell the world hereafter for the sake of others .

244 - The worst people are the corrupt scholars .

245 - A true believer acts like a mirror to another . He is his brother and helps him in his work and protects and shields him from the rear .

246 - It is enough to brand you as a liar when you retell whatever passes your ears .

247 - A person in debet is in chains even in his grave . Nothing can set him free except disbursement of debts .

248 - Everything , even a fish in the sea asks for the forgiveness of a sage .

249 - There are two groups of people : The sages and the rulers . If they are righteous people , they will turn out to be the same and if they are corrupt people,they will reflect their corruption .

250 - Offering prayers blackens the face of Satan and giving alms breaks his back and friendship for the sake of God uproots him . When you observe all these he will then be away from you as East is from west .

251 - Illness is the whip of God on earth by which he chastens His servants .

252 - Before God,anyone who pursues knowledge as a tribute to God is better than a warrior who wages war in the name of Allah .

253 - Blessed is he whose own faults keep him away from pointing at the flaws of others .

254 - Tyranny is of three types : One that God will never forgive , the second that God will pardon,and the third that God cannot overlook . The one that God will never forgive is polytheism . As mentioned : " Surly polytheism is a great tyranny." The one that God forgives is tyranny of poeple to themselves. It is something between them and God . But the tyranny God cannot overlook is the tyranny of people against each other.

255 - The sage whose knowledge is beneficial for people is better than one thousand worshippers .

256 - Be chaste to other men's wives so that your wives remain chaste. Be good to your father so that your children remain good to you . If anyone's brother comes to apologize his apology should be accepted irrespective of its nature . If he doesn't he shouldn't come to join me at the pond of abundance .

257 - Teach swimming and shooting to your children and spinning to women .

258 - A believer spends sparingly .

259 - Cultivate a sweet disposition since among people he who is bland has better faith .

260 - One who wants God to answer his prayers when caught in duress and adversity should pray abundantly when his prayers bear fruit .

261 - Making a promise is like being bound for payment of a debt . Woe to him who promises and breaks it!Woe to him who promises and breaks it! Woe to him who promises and breaks it!

262 - Chastity is the beauty of women .

263 - A true believer is he in whom people trust more than in their lives and property .

264 - A true believer is alert , exact and prudent .

265 - One hour of deep reflection is better than sixty years of worship .

266 - Your belly is the den of all diseases and abstention therefore the best cure

267 - The best rapprochement between two parties is the reconciliation between a husband and a wife .

268 - Anyone who acts precipitously without insight and knowledge breaks more than what he makes .

269 - All the offsprings of Adam are sinners and the best among them are the penitent .

270 - A believer can have any quality except treason and mendacity .

271 - Live like guests in this world . Take mosques as your houses . Let your hearts get used to tenderness , reflect and cry in abundance . Don't let your desires lead you astray . you make buildings you never reside in and provide all kinds of food you never eat and entertain hopes you never realize .

272 - How can God bless a nation that doesn't take the right of the oppressed from the oppressors .

273 - It is far better for a man to give a dirham as alms during his life than giving hundreds at the time of death .
Imam Reza(as)

274 - Encourage people to do good deeds and discourage them from doing bad ones , lest the unscrupulous among you hold you in sway and the prayers of true believers lose efficacy .

275 - One of the best deeds is making a belivever happy . It means paying his debt and meeting his needs and removing whatever hardships that exist .

276 - There is tithes for everything and tithes for owning a house is a guest room .

277 - There is a key to everything and the key to heaven can be obtained by loving and caring the deprived and the needy .

278 - Those who pester Muslims on their course of life deserve imprecation .

279 - If a man owns two valleys of gold , he will still wish for the third one ; nothing can fill the human mouth better than dust .

280 - If faith existed in Pleiades Iranians would find access to it .

281 - If knowledge were suspended from Pleiades Iranians would reach it .

282 - Anyone who seeks abundant sustenance and a long life should help his relatives .

283 - Anyone who wants to know his rank before God , should first know his what God means to him .

284 - A person who starts his day with an intent to remain pious , if unknowingly commits a sin will be forgiven by God .

285 - A true believer neither scorns nor curses , he doesn't back bite either . Neither he is foul - mouthed .

286 - Anyone constrained to associate with a person over a considerable period of time and doesn't conduct himself well and waits for an opportunity to get rid of him , is not a wise man .

287 - The best are not those who renounce the world altogether to gain the world hereafter , and neither those who lose the world hereafter to gain this world . You should gain both , and this world is a medium for gaining the next world .Do not be a burden upon others .

288 - Nothing surpasses good conduct in the scale of good deeds .

289 - For God nothing is more worthy than a true believer .

290 - Before God nothing is more valuable than prayers .

291 - He who impersonates non-Moslims is not one of us .

292 - whoever deceives a Muslim or acts contrary to his interest or deludes him is not one of us .

293 - A believer is always a source of benefit ; if you accompany him you gain , if you seek his counsel you gain , and if you become his partner you benefit . Whatever he does is beneficial .

294 - Don't dole out to the needy what you hate to eat yourself .

295 - Don't wonder at what a person does till you get to know the consequences

296 - Never be absorbed by the Islamic aspect of a person till you get to know the depths of thoughts and faith .

297 - The fear of people shouldn't prevent you from doing what is ethically upright .

298 - Don't choke your hearts with gluttony and inebriation , lest your heart that resembles a farm dies due to inundation .

299 - Whatever you take easy becomes easy .

300 - A man should not sit in seclusion with a woman . The third person in this case turns out to be the devil .

301 - A believer should not gratify his hunger without satiating his neighbor .

302 - He who oppresses will be dominated by oppressors .

303 - It is not decent for a believer to debase himself .

304 - Two hungry wolves in a sheepfold are not more dangerous than the passion for position and wealth in a Muslim .

305 - He who grants a poor man respite to overcome his affliction will find an extension in the period for remission of his sins .

306 - There's no way better than prostration in secret for getting oneself closer to God .

307 - A little that suffices is better than a lot that brings destruction .

308 -Nobody has suffered the way I did in the way of God .

309 - He who solicits God's forgiveness finds relief from all his miseries and God shows him a way out of his dilemmas and He provides sustenance from an unknown source . Sins impede the benedictions of God but beseeching Divine pardon purges those sins .

310 - On the Day of Judgment , every rich will wish he had as little wealth in this world as he could feed himself .

311 - On the Dooms Day man will regret every single hour he has lived without having God in mind .

312 - Any community amongst whom usury abounds shall be afflicted by famine , and any group where graft runs riot shall live in awe .

313 - He who is moderate shall not taste poverty .

314 - The tale of my family is similar to the tale of Noah's boat , Whoever boarded it found salvation and whoever stayed away was drawned .

315 - God helps that person who is moderate to be above all needs . He who wastes is impoverished and he who courts humility is exalted by God .

316 - He who distances himself even to a span from the community compromises his Islamic entity .

317 - Anybody who exercises restraint achieves what he ardently desires .

318 - The heart of a person who is swayed by his greed has no compassion .

319 - He who eats and gives nothing to a hungry person , who looks on him as he eats , is bound to contract a malady for which there is no cure .

320 - The person who strives to excel others in strength should rely on God .

321 - He who lays down his life defending his property is a martyr .

322 - One who marries completes half of his religion and thus he /she should fear God in the other half .

323 - He who endeavors to imitate a group becomes one of them .

324 - Fountains of knowledge in the heart will gush out of the tongue of that person who dedicates himself wholly to God for 40 days .

325 - He who is a guest of a tribe should not observe non - obligatory fast without the consent of his hosts .

326 - He who bridles his tongue and conceals his private parts will enter Paradise .

327 - God will overlook the sins of that person who does not trespass despite the initial inclination to do so .

328 - God will fulfil the needs of that person who fulfil the needs of his brother .

329 - concealing the mistakes and ailments of others and not revealing what is given in alms are the treasures of moral excellence .

330 - He who grants a respite to his debtor or cancels his debt will be in heaven on the Day of Judgement

source : tebyan
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