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Professor Ansarian: ordering to convenience and permissiveness in Islam

Professor Ansarian: ordering to convenience and permissiveness in Islam

Although one of the instructions of Islam is ordering to convenience and permissiveness, this divine school of thought also has important commands about indifference. Because paying too much attention to simplicity in a wrong way brings about indifference at times. While indifference is one of the dispraised sins that must be avoided. Perhaps all those people who were indifferent at the beginning of Islam and about those events followed the prophet (PBUH) demise and the guardianship of Imam Ali (AS) did not know how unconsciously they are causing a very immense damage to Islam. They paved the way of Ashura event and all the oppressions and injustice throughout the history. Undoubtedly if these people were afraid of the divine wrath, they would strive to help the truth and reject the falsehood.

source : erfan.ir
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