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Imam Ali's Instructions to his Companions

Imam Ali's Instructions to his Companions

Four Hundred Topics of Religious and Worldly Affairs

Cupping recovers the body and strengthens the mind.

To have the mustache cut is a part of cleanness and a part of the Sunna.

To odorize the mustache is an honor for the Recording Angels. It is also a part of the Sunna.

Oiling softens the skin, strengthens the mind and the brain, eases the organs of ablution, removes disheveling, and purifies the color.

Brushing the teeth pleases the Lord and freshens the mouth. It is a part of the Sunna.

Washing the head with the mud of rivers removes the dirt and purifies from uncleanness.

Rinsing water in the mouth and the nose during performing the ablutions purifies the mouth and the nose.

Using the sneezewort oil heals the head and cures the body as well as all sorts of headache.

Hair remover powders strengthen and purify the body.

Nail-clipping immunizes against the greatest disease and brings earnings affluently.

Tearing out the armpit hair removes malodor. It is a purifier and a part of the Sunna.

To wash the hands before and after eating increases the earnings.

Bathing in the eids purifies those who want to supplicate to God. It is observance of the Sunna.

Night worship heals the body, pleases the Lord, brings mercy, and it is adherence to the prophets’ ethics.

Eating apples perfumes the stomach.

Chewing gums strengthens the teeth, removes the phlegm, and stops the malodor of mouths.

To sit in mosques from dawn to sunrise brings earnings better than roaming around the world –for seeking earnings-.

Eating quince strengthens the weak hearts, cures the stomach, kindles the heart, gives courage to the coward, and gives beauty to the fetus.

Eating twenty-one red raisins every day before breakfast saves from all diseases except death.

It is recommendable for Muslims to copulate with their wives on the first night of Ramadan, for God’s saying:

It is made lawful for you, during the nights of fasting, to have carnal relations with your wives.

Do not wear other than the silver rings on the fingers, for the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said: “God will never purify the hand with iron ring.”

If you carve one of the Divine Names on the ring, you should shift it from the hand that you use for cleaning after defecation.

Whenever you look in the mirror, you should say: “All praise be to Allah Who created me perfectly, formed me perfectly, gave me perfect things that others have had imperfect, and honored me with Islam.”

You should be in your best adornment when you meet your friends like that when you meet the strangers that you want to be in the best style before them.

To fast for three days every month, as well as for the month of Shaban, removes the doubts of the minds and the scruples of the hearts.

To clean the organs of defecation with cold water -after toileting- cuts the hemorrhoids.

The cleaning of dresses removes care and purifies for the prayers.

Do not tear out the gray hair because it is illumination.

Every single hair that grows gray in Islam will be illumination on the Day of Resurrection.

Muslims should never sleep while being ceremonially impure. They should sleep only after cleaning themselves. If water is absent, they may use the dry ablution. In sleeping, the believers’ souls ascend to God to accept and bless them. If their time of death is falling, God will make that soul in the best form. If it is not, He will take them back with the angels in charge of this liability to the body.

Muslims should not spit in the direction of the kiblah. If they do it inattentively, they should seek God’s forgiveness.

You should not puff in the place of the prostration of the ritual prayers, nor in the food, drink, or amulet.

You should not excrete on the public ways or urinate on a roof or in flowing water. If you do so, you then should blame no one but yourselves if something bad occurs to you. Water, as well as air, has its people.

You should not swing with your urination or urinate against the wind.

You should not lie on the back.

You should not offer the prayers when you are lazy and indolent.

You should stop engaging your minds when you stand before your Lord –in prayers-, since the accepted parts of your prayers are only those that are offered attentively.

Do not stop mentioning God in any place or situation.

Do not turn the faces in the prayers. God will say to the servant that turns his face in the prayer, “Be with Me, My servant, I am certainly better for you than that which you are turning to.”

Eat the food that is left beyond the dining tables, because it is the remedy of every malady, by God’s permission, for those who seek cure.

Dress cotton clothes, for it is the Prophet’s dress. He used not to dress wool or hairy clothes except when they are described as medicine.

Whenever you suck your fingers after having food, God the Majestic will say: Blessed be you.

God loves beauty and loves to see the traces of His graces on the servants.

Regard your relatives even by greeting. God says:

Have fear of God by whose Name you swear to settle your differences and have respect for your relatives.

Do not spend your days with mentioning your deeds and with gossips. There are surely keeping angels with you.

Mention God in every situation.

Bless the Prophet and his family, because God will respond to your supplications when you mention the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) gently.

Do not have the hot food until it is cooled. As hot food was served to him, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said, “Do not eat it until it is cooled and becomes eatable. God will not accept to feed us hot food when He put the blessings –advantage- in the cold food.”

Teach your boys the knowledge due to which God will benefit them, so that the apostates will not overcome them –in discussions-.

O people, control your tongues and submit to God completely.

Return and keep the deposits of everybody even the killers of the prophets.

Mention God very much when you are in marts and when people are engaged in their trades. The reference to God repeals the sins and increases the advantages.

Do not be with the inadvertent.

The servants (of God) should not travel when the month of Ramadan is approaching. This is for God’s saying:

Anyone of you who knows that the month of Ramadan has begun, he must start to fast.

No taqiyah -pious dissimulation- in drinking the intoxicants and passing the hand over the slippers –in the ritual ablution-.

Confess that we –the imams- are servants of God and say anything about our standings.

He who cherishes us should imitate our acts and seek the help of piety. It is surely the best helper in this world and the world to come.

Do not sit with anyone who reviles at us, and do not praise us in public lest the rulers will humiliate you because you show adoration to us.

Stick to honesty, because it is savior.

Seek importunately from God and work for obtaining His satisfaction and for carrying out the acts of obedience to Him painstakingly.

It is so hideous for the believers to be in Paradise after being bare.

Do not engage us in seeking intercession for you on the Day of Resurrection due to what you have committed.

Do not expose yourselves before your enemies on the Day of Resurrection.

Do not prove the opposite of your enjoying a great standing with God through your adherence to the valueless pleasures of this world.

Cling to the commandments of God. There is nothing standing between your pleasures and you but the arrival of God’s messenger –the angel of death- with the good tidings that delight you and make you eager to meet God. The means of enjoyment, which you will receive from God in the life to come, will be better and everlasting.

Do not disrespect your weak friends. God will surely disgrace him whoever disgraces a believer and will not gather them in the same place on the Day of Resurrection unless repentance is shown.

You should not make your brothers ask you for their needs if you have recently known them.

Exchange visits, treat each other mercifully, give each other, and do not be like the hypocrites who say what they do not do.

You should marry, because the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said:

“For those who desire for following my Sunna, they should marry. Marriage is a part of my Sunna.”

Sire many sons, because I will take pride in your great numbers.

Save your babies from the milk of the prostitutes and the mad women, because milk transmits the wet nurse’s –genetic- properties.

Save yourselves from having the meat of the birds that have no gizzard, back nail, or craw.

Avoid having the meat of every beast that has a canine and every bird that has a claw.

Do not eat the spleen because it is originated from the putrid blood.

Do not wear in black, because it is the fashion of the Pharaoh.

Beware of the glands in the meat, because they activate the artery of leprosy.

Do not use comparison in the religious affairs. The religion is out of comparison. There will come some people who will use comparison in the religious affairs. They are surely the enemies of the religion. The foremost in comparison was Eblis.

Do not wear acuminate slippers, because it is the Pharaoh’s shoe. The Pharaoh was the first man who acuminated such shoes.

Oppose the consumers of intoxicants.

Eat dates because it is the remedy of the maladies.

Pursue the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), who says:

“For those who open to themselves a door of beggary, God will open to them a door of poverty.”

Seek God’s forgiveness very frequently, because it brings about earnings.

Do charitable acts as much as possible and you will find their rewards in the day to come.

Beware of disputation, because it causes suspect.

Anyone who has a need to ask from God should choose one of three hours—one is on Fridays, one is in midday when the wind blows, the portals of the heavens are open, the mercy is descended, and the birds are singing, and one is the last hour of night when dawn emerges.

In this hour, two angels are shouting (on behalf of God): Is there a repentant to be accepted? Is there a beggar to be given? Is there a seeker of forgiveness to be forgiven? Is there a seeker of a need?

Respond to the callers of God and seek earnings in the time between dawn and sunrise. To ask God for earnings in this time is better than wandering in lands –seeking for earnings-. It is also the very time in which God distributes the earnings of His servants.

Expect the Relief and never despair of receiving comfort from God. The most favorable act to God is the expectation of the Relief and the acts that are pursued steadily.

Depend upon God after performing the two rak’as of the Fajr Prayer. The demands are settled during that prayer.

Do not go to the Holy Precinct with your swords. Do not offer prayers while a sword is put before you, for the kiblah is security.

Encompass the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) during the hajj. To leave the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) is alienation. You are ordered not to alienate the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family).

Encircle the graves the rights of whose people are obligatory upon you, and visit them and seek earnings there, because the dead will be delighted if you visit them. You should ask your need near the graves of your parents after supplicating to God for them.

Do not disregard the insignificant sins when there is no way to commit the grand ones. The insignificant will be added to each other and reckoned with the grand ones.

Prostrate yourselves –to God- for long times. He who prostrates himself for a long time will obey God and, hence, will be saved.

Mention very much death, the day on which you will be taken out of your graves, and the day on which you will be stashed before your Lord, so that your misfortunes will be alleviated.

For those who suffer an ache in the eye, they should recite the Verse of Kursi and believe that they will be cured. Inshallah, they will be cured. Be wary of committing sins. The reason of any misfortune, lack of earnings, or even a scratch, injury or a wound is surely the commitment of a sin. God the Majestic says:

Whatever hardship befalls you is the result of your own deeds. God pardons many of your sins.

Mention God very much during having food. Do not talk while you have food, because it is one of God’s graces and earnings for which you should thank and praise Him.

Associate with the graces properly before they vanish and testify against you.

As for those who are satisfied with the few earnings of God, God will surely accept their few deeds.

Beware of negligence, because it causes regret when regret is useless.

When you meet with your enemies, you should speak little, mention God very much, and avoid fleeing lest, you will enrage God and expose yourselves to His chastisement.

If you notice that one of your party is wounded, engaged in a trouble, or targeted by the enemy, you should strengthen him by your powers.

Do favor as much as possible, because it saves from violent death.

If you want to know your standings with God, you should first notice God’s standing with you when you commit sins.

The best domestic animal is the ewe. As for those who have one ewe in the house, the angels will sanctify them once a day. For those who have two ewes, the angles will sanctify them twice a day, and so on. Besides, God will bless them.

The unhealthy Muslims should have meat with yogurt. God has made power in meat and yogurt.

You should buy the needs of your journey to hajj yourselves. God the Blessed says:

Had they wanted to join you, they would have prepared themselves.

Turn your backs to the sunlight, because it does away with the profound diseases.

In hajj, gaze at the Holy Hose of God very frequently, because God dedicates one hundred and twenty states of mercy to the Holy House, sixty of which are for the circumambulators –around the Kaaba-, forty for the offerers of prayers there, and twenty for the gazers.

Confess of your sins that you can remember at the Holy House of God. Regarding those that you do not retain, you should say: “O Lord, forgive us for the sins that you have recorded but we have forgotten.” It will be incumbent upon God to forgive those who confess of their sins, mention them in details and seek His forgiveness in that place.

Advance with supplications before the falling of misfortunes. The portals of the heavens are open in six times—in rainfall, jihad, azan, recitation of the Quran, midday, and dawn.

It is obligatory upon those who touch a cold dead body to perform the obligatory bathing.

For those who wash corpses ceremonially, they should perform the ritual bathing after enshrouding the corpse. They should not touch the corpse lest, it will be obligatory upon them to perform the ritual bathing.

Except camphor, you should not use any perfume for the corpse. The corpse is as same as a garbing of the Hajj uniform.

Instruct your folks to speak only good wording near the corpse. As the harem of Bani Hashim asked her to poetize near her father’s corpse, Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), said, “Leave mourning and supplicate to God.”

Muslims should be the mirrors of each other. When you notice a flaw of your friend, you should guide, advise, and treat him leniently. You should not oppose him.

Beware of disagreement, because it is deviation.

Cling to moderation and treat each other kindly and mercifully.

Before you ride the riding animals for a journey, you should feed and water them. Do not whip the animals on their faces because they praise their Lord.

If you lose the way or fear something in journeys, you should cry, “O Virtuous, aid me.” Some of your jinni brothers, if they hear you, will respond, lead the astray, and keep your riding animals for you.

If you anticipate beasts will attack you, your riding animals, or your sheep, you should draw a line around your animals and say: “O God, the Lord of Daniel, the Well, and every beast, Guard my sheep and me.”

If you anticipate drowning, you should recite God’s sayings:

In God’s Name it will sail and in His Name it will cast anchor.

They have not paid due respect to God. The whole earth will be gripped in His hands on the Day of Judgment and the heavens will be just like a scroll in His right hand. God is too Glorious and High to be considered equal to their idols.

If you fear the sting of scorpion, you should recite God’s saying:

Peace be with Noah among all men in the worlds. Thus do We reward the righteous ones. He was one of Our believing servants.

Offer a sacrifice to God on behalf of your male babies on the seventh day of their age. When you have their hair shaved, you should give silver alms as heavy as the weight of their cut hair. This is obligatory upon every Muslim. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) did this to Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein.

When you hand over alms to a beggar, you should ask him to supplicate to God for you, because his supplication for you will be responded while his supplication for himself may not be responded because beggars often lie.

When you want to give alms, you should first kiss the alms because it reaches God’s hand before it is handed over to the beggar’s. God the Exalted says:

It is God who receives the welfare funds.

Give alms at night, because the night alms extinguish the Lord’s wrath.

If you compare your words to your deeds, you will not speak but good wording.

Spend for the cause of God out of what He has provided to you. The spender enjoys the same rank of the mujahid supporting for the cause of God. He who is certain of the reward will surely spend generously.

You should keep on your conviction if suspicion occurs to you. Suspicion neither refutes nor repeals the conviction.

Do not perjure yourselves.

Do not sit to a table on which there is wine, because no one can guess the very hour in which his soul is grasped.

When you sit to have a meal, you should sit like slaves and eat on the ground. Avoid sitting cross-legged or putting one leg on the other. God surely hates those who sit cross-legged.

The prophets used to have dinner after darkness –of the night-. Hence, you should not leave dinner lest your bodies will be unhealthy.

Fever is the pioneer of death and the jail of God on the earth. God puts whomever He wills to His jail. Besides, it scraps off the sins like the hair of a camel’s hump when scrapped off.

The source of every malady is the interior of the body, except injuries and fever. They appear to the body.

Subside the heat of fever with viola and cold water. The source of the heat of fever is Hell; therefore, Muslims will be cured from it only after it overcomes their health.

Supplication obstructs the decisive act of God; hence, you should prepare well and persevere with supplications.

Ten advantages are the reward of ablution after cleaning the body. Keep your bodies clean.

Beware of laziness, because the lazy will not carry out God’s rights.

Remove malodors with water and keep your bodies clean, because God hates the servants to be dirty and having the malodor that hurts their associates.

You should not play with your beard or anything else during prayers so that your attentions will not be drawn away.

Take the initiative in doing charity before you become engaged in other acts.

The true believer should exhaust himself and give rest to people.

Your wording should be mainly concerning God.

Beware of sinning. A sin may cause the earnings to be obstructed.

Treat your sick folks with almsgiving.

Guard your wealth by defraying the zakat.

Prayer is the offertory of the pious.

Hajj is the jihad of the weak.

Correctitude with husbands is the jihad of women.

Poverty is the grandest death.

Fewness of dependants is one of the two facilities.

Moderation is half of the livelihood.

Care is half of senility.

Moderation protects from neediness.

Consultation protects from perdition.

Favors are worthless unless they are done to the highborn and the religious.

Everything has its fruit. The fruit of doing favor is to present it as soon as possible.

He who is certain of the reward will give generously.

As for those who beat the hand on the thigh in misfortunes, their rewards will be cancelled.

The best deed of the believers is expecting the Relief.

To depress the parents is impiety to them.

Seek earnings through almsgiving.

Stop the various sorts of misfortune by supplication to God.

Persist on supplicating to God before the falling of misfortunes. I swear by Him Who split the seed and created the soul, misfortunes are quicker to the believers than the falling of floods downward a hill and speedier than workhorses.

Supplicate to God to endow you safety from hardships. It surely causes the religion to vanish.

The true happy is that who learns lessons from others.

Subdue yourselves to the good manners. The faithful servant may attain the rank of the fasting worshipper through his good manners.

God will cause anyone who consumes wine intentionally to have from the mixture of blood and mud, even if he shows repentance.

Vows of acts of disobedience to God are invalid.

Oaths for rupture of relations are invalid.

The instructors who do not apply their instructions to themselves are like those who try to shoot without having a string.

Wives should beautify themselves for their husbands.

Those who are killed during defending the wealth are martyrs.

The offended are neither praised nor rewarded.

The oath of sons and wives regarding their fathers and husbands is void.

To keep silent for a whole day up to night is void.

Migration after the conquest of Mecca is void. Migration to the non-Muslim countries –after living in a Muslim country-is void.

Seek what is with God, because it will suffice you from what is in people’s hands.

God loves the honest craftsmen.

Prayer is the most favorable deed to God. The worldly pleasures should never engage you from offering the prayers in their proper times. God has censured those who disregarded the times of their prayers. He says:

Woe to the praying ones, who are unintelligent of their prayers.

You should know that the best of your enemies are showing off before each other. This is because God the Majestic will never prosper them. He accepts only what is intended to Him exclusively.

Act of charity will never corrode and the guilt will never be forgotten.

God is certainly with the pious and the righteous ones.

The believers should not dishonor, betray, accuse, disappoint, or disavow each other.

Accept your friend’s excuse. You should justify him if he is excuseless.

To move a mountain from its place is easier than trying to ruin a power in other than its deadline.

Seek help from God and exercise patience. The earth belongs to Him and He has made it the heritage of whichever of His servants He chooses. The final victory is for the pious ones.

Do not exercise a matter before attaining its proper time lest, you will be regretful.

You should not have a great hope in your lives lest, you will be hardhearted.

Treat the weak mercifully and seek mercy from God the Majestic.

Beware of backbiting. True Muslims should never backbite each other, because God forbids this in His saying:

Would any of you like to eat the disgusting dead flesh of your brother?

The believers should not put one hand on the other during standing erect in prayers like the disbelievers.

You should not drink water while you are standing erect, because this will causes you to be affected by the cureless malady, unless God gives health.

If you notice a stinging worm during offering a prayer, you should bury, spit, or hold it in the dress until you finish the prayer.

Notable turning invalidates the prayer. If you turn your face notably in prayers, you should restart with the azan, iqama, and takbir.

He who recites suras of Tawhid and Qadr and the Verse of Kursi ten times before sunrise will guard his wealth against any threatening matter.

He who recites suras of Tawhid and Qadr before sunrise will not commit any sin even if Eblis exerts all efforts for driving him to commit sins.

Seek God’s guard against the overcoming of the debts.

The like of the Prophet’s family is the ark of Noah. He whoever fails to embark will certainly be losing.

To tuck up the clothes is purity for offering the prayers. God the Exalted says:

Cleanse your clothes.

This means tuck up your clothes.

Licking the honey is healing. God says:

From out of their bellies comes a drink of different color in which there is a cure for the human being.

Begin and end with salt in every meal. If people realize the benefits of salt, they will prefer it to the antidote. God will save him who begins and ends with salt in every meal from seventy unknown maladies.

Fast for three days every month, because this will be as if you are fasting all your days of life.

We fast two Thursdays –the first and the last Thursdays of the month- and one Wednesday between them, because God created Hell on Wednesday. Seek God’s protection against Hell.

If you have a need to settle, you should opt for early Thursday, because the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said, “O Allah, bless my people in the first hours of Thursdays.”

As soon as you leave your houses, you should recite God's saying: “The creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and the night are evidence (of the existence of God) for people of reason. It is these who commemorate God while standing, sitting, or resting on their sides and who think about the creation of the heavens and the earth and say, "Lord, you have not created all this without reason. Glory be to you.

Lord, save us from the torment of the fire." Those whom You submit to the fire are certainly disgraced. There is no helper for the unjust. "Lord, we have heard the person calling to the faith and have accepted his call. Forgive our sins, expiate our bad deeds, and let us die with the righteous ones. Lord, grant us the victory that You have promised your Messenger and do not disgrace us on the Day of Judgment; You are the One who never ignores His promise.”

You should also recite the Verse of Kursi, suras of Qadr and Fatihah, because the settlement of needs of this world and the world to come lies in the reciting of these Quranic Verses.

Dress thick clothes, because the religion of those who wear soft clothes will be weak.

You should not stand before your Lord the Majestic while you are wearing transparent clothes.

Repent to God and find yourselves a place in the adoration to Him. God surely loves the repentant and the pure. The believers should always refer to God and repent to Him.

If a believer grumbles in the face of his brother, their ties will be cut. If a believer ascribes atheism to his brother, one of them will be surely atheist. The believers should avoid accusing each other lest, their faith will be dissolving like salt when dissolved in water.

The portals of repentance are open for everybody. Hence, repent to God purely so that your Lord may forgive your sins.

Fulfill your pledges.

The reason of the removal of any grace or luxury of any people was surely the commitment of a sin. God is not unfair to the servants. Had they supplicated to God, their graces would not have been removed. Had they proceeded to God sincerely and intentionally without showing slowdown or excess, God would have certainly saved them from misfortunes and given them back what they had lost.

In troubles, Muslims should not complain about their Lord. They should complain to Him, because He possesses the keys and arrangements of matters in the heavens, the earth, and whatever is between them. He is surely the Lord of the Grand Throne. All praise is due to Allah the Lord of the worlds.

As soon as you wake up, you should say –before you leave the bed-: “Sufficient unto me is the Lord against he servants. Sufficient unto me is He.

God is the Sufficient as the best Guardian.”

If you wake at night, you should gaze at the terminal points of the sky and recite God’s saying:

The creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the day and the night are evidence (of the existence of God) for people of reason.

It is these who commemorate God while standing, sitting, or resting on their sides and who think about the creation of the heavens and the earth and say, "Lord, you have not created all this without reason. Glory be to you. Lord, save us from the torment of the fire." Those whom You submit to the fire are certainly disgraced. There is no helper for the unjust. "Lord, we have heard the person calling to the faith and have accepted his call. Forgive our sins, expiate our bad deeds, and let us die with the righteous ones. Lord, grant us the victory that You have promised your Messenger and do not disgrace us on the Day of Judgment; You are the One who never ignores His promise.

To look in Well Zamzam is a cure from maladies. Drink from its water from the corner of the Black Stone.

The Euphrates, the Nile, Sayhan, and Jayhan—these four rivers are within the rivers of Paradise.

Muslims should not participate in battles under the leadership of one that is not having full acquaintance of the Islamic laws and does not follow God’s commandments regarding the spoils of war. Muslims whom are killed in such battles are regarded as supporters of our enemies in the question of refraining from giving us our rights (of leadership) and shedding our blood. Moreover, they will be reckoned as those who died before Islam.

The reference to us; the Prophet’s family, is the cure of hesitation, diseases, and inspirations of suspect.

The adoration to us; the Prophet’s family, is the Lord’s assent.

He who rests upon our affairs, course, and sect will be with us in the garden of Paradise.

The expectant of our Event is as same as him who sacrifices himself for God’s sake.

As for those who stayed away from supporting us after they had heard our call for help in war, God will turn them on the nasals in Hell.

We are the door of Paradise when you will be resurrected and the situation will be too hard to find an exit. We are the door of forgiveness and peace. He who enters from that door will be saved, and he who lags will be perishing. God began the creation with us, and will seal it with us, too.

For us, He cancels whatever He wills and by us, He saves against crises. For us, rainfall is descended. Do not let the Shaitan urge you against God.

When the advent of our Qa’im –Executor- will fall, the heavens will cause its drops to descend, the lands will grow its plants, the malice will disappear from the hearts of the servants, and animals and beasts will be harmless in such a way that a woman will walk from Iraq to Syria, putting the basket on the head and treading only on green lands, without fearing or being troubled by a beast.

You will be very delighted if you know your rewards for your residence among your enemies and steadfastness against the harm that you encounter.

After my passing, you will suffer harsh injustice, oppression, discrimination, depreciation in God’s rights, and insecurity to the degree that you will hope were you dead. When that will fall, you should cling to the bond of God and avoid discrepancy.

Adhere to patience, prayers, and taqiyah. You should realize that God hates the fickle servants.

Never leave the right and its people. He whoever prefers anything to us will surely suffer perdition, miss the worldly pleasures, and leave this world overburdened with sins.

Whenever you enter your houses, you should greet your folks. If there is nobody, you should say: “Peace of our Lord be upon us.” You should also recite sura of Tawhid. This will save you from poverty.

Teach your boys how to pray. When they are eight year old, you should discipline them if they neglect the prayers.

Refrain from approaching dogs. You should wet your dress whenever dry dogs touch you. In case dogs are wet, you should wash the dress.

You should stop discussing our sayings that you do not understand. When the right is proved, you should submit to it. Do not rush in broadcasting the news (Regarding out secrets). The exaggerative will be ascribed to us and the negligent will be attached to us.

He whoever adheres to us will catch up, and whoever lags behind will be crushed.

He whoever follows our course will be catching up, and whoever takes any other course will be trodden.

For our followers, there will be groups of God’s mercy, while our enemies’ are groups of God’s wrath.

Moderation is our course, and true guidance is our affair.

Inadvertence is illicit in the Watr Prayer, the first two rak’as of every obligatory prayer, including the Fajr and Maghrib Prayers, and every obligatory two-rak’a prayer even in traveling.

The intelligent should not recite the Quran unless he cleans himself –ceremonially- from impurity.

Give every sura its proper kneeling and prostration in prayers.

Men should not offer the prayers wearing a sash, because this was one of people of Sodom’s habits.

It is acceptable for men to offer the prayers wearing one dress by knotting the two margins on the neck. It is also acceptable to offer the prayers wearing a thick shirt by buttoning it up.

It is unacceptable for men to prostrate themselves on pictures or pictured rug. It is licit only when the picture is under the feet or covered by something.

It is unacceptable for men to put pictured dirhams in the pocket during offering the prayers. It is licit to put the dirham in a bag or a clear dress.

It is unacceptable for men to prostrate themselves on a bag of wheat or barley, an eatable thing, or bread.

When you go to toilet, you should first say: “In the Name of God. O Allah, take harm away from me and protect me from the cursed Shaitan.” When you sit in the toilet, you should say: “O Allah, as you fed me and caused me to digest, save me from its harm.” When you finish and look at your excretion, you should say: “O Allah, provide me with the legally gotten and save me from the ill-gotten.” The Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said: “For every servant there is an angel the function of whom is twisting the neck down so that the servant’s eyes will fall on his excretion. Then he says to him, ‘O son of Adam, this is what you have exerted your efforts for. See how you have got it and what it has become.’

Therefore, you should ask God for the legally gotten provisions.”

For the ritual ablution, you should say before you touch the water: “In the Name of God. O Allah, join me with the repentant and the pure ones.”

When you finish the ablution, you should say: “I declare there is no god but Allah exclusively without any associate and declare that Mohammed (peace be upon him and his family) is His servant and apostle.” Then you will deserve God’s forgiveness.

God will forgive those who offer the prayer with full recognition of its worth.

Avoid offering a recommendable prayer in the time of an obligatory one. You should also not leave offering the nafilas unless there is an accepted excuse. You may settle the missed nafilas afterwards. God the Majestic says:

…The constant in their prayers.

The constant in their prayers are those who settle the prayers that they missed at night in days and settle the prayers that they missed in days at night.

Do not settle the nafilas in the time of the obligatory prayers. You should offer the obligatory prayers first and then offer any other prayer.

A single prayer in the two Precincts –Mecca and Medina- is equal to one thousand prayers in other places.

To spend one dirham as alms in (the season of) hajj is equal to one thousand dirhams (that are given as alms in other situations).

You should show reverence during offering the prayers. To show reverence in one rak’a means to have the whole prayer flawless.

Qunut should be practiced before the kneeling of the second rak’a of every two-rak’a prayer except the Friday Prayer, which has two qunuts—one in the first rak’a and the other in the second. In the first rak’a of the Friday Prayer, you should recite suras of Fatihah and Jumu’a. In the second, you should recite suras of Fatihah and Munafiqun.

After the two sajdas –of the prayers-, you should sit until your organs repose, then you may stand up. This is our practice.

With the commencement of the prayers, raise your hands to the chest.

When you want to stand before your Lord –in the prayers-, you should face the kiblah and stand erectly without bending.

When you finish your prayers, you should raise your hands upward for supplication and sit erectly.

Ibn Saba asked, “O Amirul Muminin, it is true that God is everywhere, is it not?” “Yes, it is true,” answered Imam Ali (peace be upon him). “Why do we then raise our hands to the heavens?” wondered Ibn Saba. The Imam answered:

Recite God’s saying: In the heavens there is your sustenance and (it is) that which you were promised.

We should seek the sustenance from its center. It is that of which God promises in the heavens.

The prayers will not be accepted unless their offerers ask God to place them in Paradise, protect them against Hell, and give them the women of Paradise in marriage.

You should regard any prayer as the last.

Smiling does not interrupt the prayers, while guffaw interrupts it.

If sleep overcomes the heart, the ablution will be obligatory.

If sleep overcomes you during the prayer, you should interrupt and take a sleep, because you may supplicate to God against yourself inattentively.

For those who loved us in secret, supported us by words, and fought with us with their hands, they will be with us in Paradise and will be given a rank as same as ours.

For those who loved us in secret but neither supported us by words nor fought with us, they will be one rank lower than the previous.

For those who loved us in secret, but neither supported us by words nor deeds, they will be with us in Paradise.

For those who hated us and disappointed us by words and deeds, they will be in the lowest point of Hell.

For those who hated us and disappointed us by words, not deeds, they will be one level of Hell higher than the previous.

For those who hated us but did not disappoint us by words or deeds, the will be in Hell.

The people of Paradise will look at the positions of our adherents –Shia- in the same way you look to the stars in the sky.

If you recite any part of the suras that begin with tasbih, you should say: “Praise is due to my Lord the Highest.”

If you recite God’s saying: “God showers His blessings upon the Prophet and the angels seek forgiveness for him. Believers, pray for the Prophet and greet him with, ‘Peace be with you,’” you should say, “Peace be upon him and his family,” very frequently in prayers and other situations.

The less thankful organ of the body is the eye; therefore, do not respond to it so that you will not be diverted from mentioning God the Majestic.

When you finish reciting sura of Tin, say: “We also testify so.”

When you recited God’s saying: “(Muslims), say: We believe in God and what He has revealed to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, and their descendants, and what was revealed to Moses, Jesus, and the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among them and to God we have submitted ourselves,” you should say: “We believe in God and what He has revealed to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, and their descendants, and what was revealed to Moses, Jesus, and the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among them and to God we have submitted ourselves.”

The following saying, in the last tashahhud of the obligatory prayer, accomplishes the prayer properly even an invalidating event occurs afterwards.

The saying is: “I declare there is no god but Allah exclusively without any associate, Mohammed is His servant and apostle, the Hour –of the Resurrection- is undoubtedly to come, and God will resurrect them who are in the graves.”

Walking to the prayers is the best form of the worship of God the Majestic.

Seek welfare from the necks and feet of camels when they come and go.

As an amount of raisin was presented to him from Ta'if, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) ordered to soak it in Well Zamzam so that its bitterness would disappear. Thus, it was called ‘siqaya’. Do not drink it when it is mellowed.

If one of you takes all the clothes off, the Shaitan will look at him greedily. Hence, you should always screen your bodies. It is inappropriate for men to tuck the clothes up the knees when they sit with others.

If you have eaten any of the bad smell food –such as onion and garlic-, you should not attend in mosques.

In prostration of the prayers, raise your backs up.

If you want to wash yourselves, begin with the arms.

If you offer a prayer alone, you should raise your voices with the qira’a, takbir, and tasbih, so that you can hear them.

Take the right side when you finish from offering the prayers.

Supply yourselves with God-fearing, because it is the best supply in this world.

It is incumbent upon God to cure him who conceals his ailment for three days and complains about it to God only.

The remotest servants from God are those whose main concern is to satisfy the belly and the sexual appetite.

You should not travel when you anticipate an injury in your religious affairs.

In supplication, raise the voice in four matters—blessing the Prophet and his family, asking the Lord for Paradise, seeking His protection against Hell, and asking for marrying you women of Paradise. The supplication of those who ignore blessing the Prophet will be rejected. Paradise will hear the servant who asks it from God, and will ask God to respond to him. Hell will also hear the servant who supplicates to God to save him from it, and will ask God to protect that servant from it. Likewise, women of Paradise will hear the servant who asks God to give them to him in marriage, and will ask God to give him what he asks.

Singing is the mourning of Eblis for missing Paradise.

When you want to sleep, you should put the right hand under the right cheek and say: “In the Name of God. I put my side for God, on the belief of Abraham, the religion of Mohammed, and the leadership of those whose leadership is imposed on my by God. God’s will will only occur, and what He does not will will never occur.” He who says so before sleep will be guarded against thieves and ruination, and the angels will ask God to forgive him until he wakes up.

As for those who recite sura of Tawhid before they sleep, God will assign fifty thousand angels for guarding them on that night.

You should not lie down for sleeping before you say:

“I seek the guard of God’s majesty, greatness, omnipotence, power, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, might, influence, unique Godhead, pillars, made, gathering, Apostle (peace be upon him and his family), and all-powerfulness on myself, family, religion, wealth, sons, results of my deeds, and my Lord’s authority and provisions against the evils of poisonous pests, vermin, jinn, mankind, whatsoever is walking on the surface of this earth, whatsoever is going out of it, whatsoever is descending from the heavens, whatsoever is ascending there, and every creature the destiny of which is under my Lord’s control. Surely my Lord knows the right path. He is All-Powerful over everything. All might and power belongs to God.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) used to recite these words as amulets for Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein. He ordered us to do so.

We –the Prophet’s family- are the keepers of God’s religion and the lanterns of knowledge. Whenever a great figure of us passes away, another will appear. He whoever follows us will never deviate, and whoever denies us will never be guided, and whoever supports our enemies against us will never be saved, and whoever disappoints us will never be aided, and whoever prefers the pleasures of this deserted world to us will not find tranquility.

As for them who prefer the worldly pleasures to us, their regret will be very great on the Day of Resurrection. This is proved through God’s saying:

Turn to God in repentance before a soul says, "Woe to me because of my failure to fulfill my duties to God. Woe to me for mocking God's guidance!" Clean your babies from the fats. The Shaitan smells the fats and causes your babies to cry in sleep. Moreover, the two recording angels disgust the babies’ fats.

Your first look at –strange- women is overlookable. You should not add another. Beware of charm.

God will treat the alcoholics as same as the idolaters.

“O Amirul Muminin,” asked Hujr bin Edi, “Who are the alcoholics?” The Imam (peace be upon him) answered:

The alcoholics are those who consume intoxicants whenever they find some.

For forty nights, the prayers of those who consume intoxicants will not be accepted.

God will detain anyone who intends to despise a Muslim’s personality by a saying, unless he submits an excuse, in the mixture of clay and blood.

Men should not sleep together under one cover. Women also should not sleep together under one cover. Doctrinal lashing is the chastisement of committing so.

Eat calabash, because it broadens the brain. Besides, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) liked calabash.

Eat citron before and after meals. The Prophet’s family (peace be upon them) used to eat citron.

Pear purifies the heart and alleviates its troubles by God’s permission.

When you ready yourselves for offering a prayer, the Shaitan comes to look at you enviously for he notices how God’s mercy is covering you.

The worst of matters are the most recent.

The best of matters are those that achieve God’s satisfaction.

He who adores to the worldly pleasures and prefers them to the world to come will suffer insalubrious end result.

If the offerers of prayers are aware of God’s mercy that cover them, they will not come to the end of the prayers and will not accept to raise the head after being prostrate.

Beware of negligence of your duties. You should do them as soon as possible.

The sustenance that is decided for you will reach you even if you are weak, and you will never stop the misfortune that is decided for you even if you exert all efforts.

Enjoin good and forbid evil.

When you put your feet in the stirrup, you should recite -God’s saying-:

Glory belongs to Him who has made it subservient to us when we would not have been able to do so ourselves. To our Lord we shall all return.

Before you begin a journey, you should say:

“O Allah, You are the companion in journeys, the helper in transport, and the guard of the wife, property, and sons.”

When you reside in a place, you should say:

“O Allah, grant me a blessed landing. You are the One who provides the safest landing.”

When you are in marts for shopping, you should say:

“I declare there is no god but Allah uniquely without any associate, and declare that Mohammed is His servant and messenger. O Allah, I seek Your safety from losing deals and perjury, and seek Your safety from stagnancy.”

Anyone who waits for the prayer time after the Asr Prayer is visiting God. It is appropriate for God to honor His visitors and meet their needs.

Hajjis and performers of Umrah are the delegations to God. It is appropriate for God to honor His delegation and favor them with forgiveness.

For those who serve undiscerning boys wine, God will detain them in the mixture of clay and blood, unless they provide a justifiable excuse.

Almsgiving is a great shelter. It sets a screen between the believers and Hell. For the disbelievers, almsgiving saves their fortune from loss, advances the remuneration, and saves the body from diseases while they –the disbelievers- will have nothing on the Day of Resurrection.

Because of their tongues, people of Hell will be in Hell and people of the graves will have light. Keep your tongues and engage them in the reference to God.

The makers of pictures will be asked about them on the Day of Resurrection.

You should say those who solve your problems: “God may move away from you whatever you detest.”

Answer those who address to you, “Nice bathing,” after bathing, with: “God may comfort your mind.” For those who address to you, “God greet you with peace,” you should answer them: “God may greet you with peace and lodge you in the eternal residence.”

Asking should follow praising; therefore, praise and extol God the Exalted before you ask Him for meeting your needs.

O suppliant, do not supplicate to God for matters that are impossible.

To congratulate for having a male baby, you should say: “God may bless His gift, cause him to attain maturity, and bestow upon you with his goodness.”

When you welcome somebody who has just arrived from Mecca –hajj-, you should kiss his eyes and mouth with which he kissed the Black Stone, which the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) had kissed. You should also kiss his organ of prostration and his forehead.

To congratulate the fresh hajji, you should say: “God may accept your rites, appreciate your efforts, recompense your expenditures, and give you another opportunity to visit the Holy House of God.”

Beware of the lowly, because they do not fear God the Majestic.

As God examined the creatures, He selected us and selected our adherents –Shia- who support us, become happy when we are happy, unhappy when we are unhappy, and offer their fortunes and souls for our cause. They are from us and are attached to us.

Any Shiite who commits a sin against which we had warned will not die before he is inflicted by a misfortune in his fortune, sons, or himself, so that he will meet God guiltless. If such misfortune does not meet all his sins, death will be very violent for him until all the sins are erased.

The dead Shiite is veracious and martyr, because he believed in our affairs, loved, and hated for our sake, seeking God’s favors purely and believing in God and His Apostle.

For those who publicize our secrets, God will expose them to the sharpness of swords.

Circumcise your male babies on their seventh day of age. Do not excuse for hot or cold weather, because circumcision purifies the body. Moreover, the land on which an uncircumcised individual urinates calls for the help of God noisily.

Drunkenness is of four kinds: they are drunkenness of youth, drunkenness of fortune, drunkenness of sleep, and drunkenness of power.

I like for the believers to use the hair remover powders once every fifteen days.

Reduce having fish, because it dissolve the body, causes much phlegm, and blocks normal breathing.

To drink milk in doses is the cure of every malady except death.

Eat pomegranate with its inner tissues. This will strengthen the stomach, refresh the heart, and save from the Shaitan’s evil inspirations.

Eat endive. Every morning, a drop of Paradise covers each grain of endive.

Drink from rainfall, because it purifies the body and saves from diseases. God the Majestic says:

“He showered water from the sky over you to clean you and remove satanic wickedness from you.”

Black cumin has a share in the remedy of every malady, except death.

Beef is a malady the remedy of which is milk and fats of cows.

The best food for the expectants is ripe dates. God says:

“If you shake the trunk of the palm tree, it will provide you with fresh ripe dates.”

Use dates for the backbones of your babies, because the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) did this to Al-Hasan and Al-Hussein.

If you want to copulate with your ladies, you should wait until they have the same desire that you have.

If your eyes fall on a charming woman, you should come to your lady and copulate with her, because all women have the same. You should also avoid allowing the Shaitan to control you in any way. Finally, turn your sight away from charming women. If you are bachelor, you should offer a recommendable two-rak’a prayer and thank God a lot.

In copulation with your lady, you should speak as little as possible, because speaking during copulation may cause deafness.

Do not look inside your lady’s vagina, because this may cause leprosy.

Before you touch your lady, you should say:

“O Allah, I have her vagina legal for me due to Your commandment and have accepted her by Your security. If You decide to give us a son, make him a sound male baby and do not let the Shaitan have a share in its composition.”

Injection is one of the four medicines that the Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) mentioned. It is the best medicine you ever use. It extends the belly, cures from internal illnesses, and strengthens the body.

Use viola for the nasal troubles. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said: “If people are aware of what is there in viola, they will take it in doses.”

In the first and middle nights of the –Hijri- months, do not copulate with your ladies, because the Shaitan search for sons in such times. Avoid cupping on Wednesdays and Fridays. One of the hours of Wednesdays is continuous ill omen. Besides, Hell was created on Wednesday. Likewise, he whoever applies cupping in a definite hour on Fridays will surely die.

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