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Teachings for the Shi'a from the Household of the Prophet (s.a.w)

Teachings for the Shi'a from the Household of the Prophet (s.a.w)

The Imams of the Household knew that power would not return to them in their own lifetimes, and that the Shi'a would remain under the rule of others, and that they would obliged to use force and violence to struggle against this rule.

At the same time, it was natural for them to conceal their religion and the way that they followed, as long as taqiyyah did not cause bloodshed and did not bring them to others or to Islam; thus they endeavored to stay in this sea of troubles, treachery, hatred and vengeance against the Household.
It was necessary, because of this, for the Imams to devote their time to teaching their followers the fundamentals of the Islamic shari'ah in a special way, and to guide them in correct social behaviour so that they might become examples of perfect, just Muslims.

The way of the Household are regards teaching cannot be explained in this short book,and the famous books of ahadith can be consulted for examples of their teachings on religious education. However, it is not a bad idea to indicate here some of these teachings which can be gathered together under the general heading of the doctrines concerning the teaching of their followers. These concern their moral teachings dealing with social behaviour and those things which may bring their followers closer to Allah, how to cleanse the heart from unclean things, and how to be honest. We have already mentioned, in the discussion of taqiyyah, some of the things about useful behaviour, and in the following pages we shall mention some further important matters.

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