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Shi'ah in al-Suunah's Perspective

Shi'ah in al-Suunah's Perspective

f we exampt some of the contemporary scholars, who were equitable in their writing about the Shi'a to the dictation of the Islamic ethics, we can notice the overwhelming majoriy of themt, the earliar and letter, are still writing about the Shi'a with the mentality of the malevolent Umayyads. Thus you find them wander about every where, and utter things unknowingly, with slandering, abusing and fabricating lies and falsehoods against the Shi'a of Al al-Bayt, from which they (A) are free, beside charging them with impiety and calling them with bad nicknames, following the example of their ancestors Mua'wiyah and his likes, who usurped the islamic caliphate by force, suppresssion, trickery, cunningness, treachery and hypocrisy.

The Suuni scholars write once that the Shi'ah are a sect founded by Abd Allah ibn Saba'a, the Jew. Another time they claim that the shi'a are Magians (Majus) in original, or they are Rawafid may God's fie be on them), or they are more dangerous for Islam than the Jews and christians, Once again they allege that they are hypocrites since they apply taqiyyah dissimulation) or they are nihilist (ibahiyyun) as they permit marriage with muharim (those kinswomen with whom marriage is haram), and deem mut'ah (temporary marriage) as lawful while it is zina (adultery). Some others claim that the Shi'ah have Qur'an other than the present one, and they worship Ali and the Imams among his son, and detest Muhammad and Gebriel, and other alike (false) accusations.

Within less than a year another book or a number of books appeared (in the merkets) that are written by those 'Ulama' pretending to be leaders of "Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'a "through their allegations, while all of their writings are no more than charging the Shi'ah with disblief (takfir) and the despiting against them. The justification and motive they give for their practice, being nothing but to satisfy the desires of thier masters, whose interest lies in scattering and dividing the Ummah, besidee striving to exte minate it. Futher, they have no argument and proof to support their writing except blind fanaticim, concealed grudge and aborminable ignorance, beside following the example of their ancstors without seeting it to test or investigation or any evidence .They are like parrots who only reiterate what they hear, and reinscribe whatever was written by the Nawasib (Ah al- Bayt's opponents) from among the stooges of the umayyads, who are still erning their living by writing books in praise nd glorifiction of Yazid ibn Mu'awiyah.60

So no wonnder to see those who glorify Yazid ibn Mu'wiyah, emberk on slandering and charging with impiety his opponents. If their ancstors-- Yzid and his father-- managed in the past in buying over their followers through giving them gold and silver abundantly, then millions of dollars, and splendid palces in London and paris, with the blue -eyed blonders and wine, can easily purchase the conscience, religion and homelands of their likes at the present time. Had they really been following the prophetic Sunnah as they allege, they would have learned from his (S) noble morals how to respect others though they follow creed contradicting their one.

Has not the prophetic Sunnah said: That Musalim for the Muslim is like firm edifice, every part supports the other", and "The Muslim for the Muslimis as one body, if one of its members complains a pain all the body will respond to it through wakefulness and faver".

The Prophet (S) had further expressed insulting a Muslim is debauchery and fighting him in infidelity Had those writers, claiming to be from Ahl al- Sunnah wa al-Jama'ah'', know the (true) prophetic Sunnah, they would have not given themselves permission to charge with inpiety anyone who witness that there is no God Except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establishing prayer, giving alms (zakat), fasting month of Ramadan, perfoming the pilgrimage (hajj) to the sacred House (Makkah), and enjoining to good (ma'aruf) and forbidding evil (munkar).

Since they follow the Umayyad and Quryshi Sunnah, so they write their books with the Jahili (ignorant) meantality, tribal thought and racial fanaticism. Thus nothing is to be amazed at its origin, and every pot leaks out what it contains.

The Messenger of Allah S has said what is revealed in the Qur'an: "Say, O people of the Scripture ! Come to an agreement between us and you.."(3:64)

If they were true followers of the Sunnah, they should call their brothers, the shi'ah, for an agreement between them.

While Islam invites its enemies, from among the Jews and the Christains, toward an agreement for understanding and fraternity, so how about those who worship one God, and whose Prophet and book and Qiblah and fate being one!'

Then why do not the Ulama"of Ahl al-Sunnah call upon their brothers, the Shi'a ulama, sit together at the negotiation table, and reason with them in the better way, to correct their beliefs, had they (shi'ah) been corrupt as they allege?

Why do not they hold an Islamic conference that brings togather the Ulama of the two sects, exposing in it all the disputed issues before all Muslims to recoganize the truth from falsehood and slander?

This can be done, especially after knowing that "Ahl al-Sunnah" constitute three quarter of the world Muslims enjoing material potentials and influence near governments making this thing so easy and feasible from them, as they posseess setellites.

Since "Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'ah are not expected to do so, intending not to have a sceintific confrontation for which the Glorious Qur'an calls by saying: "Say: Bring your proof (of what ye state) if are truthful " (2:111), and also : "say have ye any knowledge that ye can addunce for Us? Lo! ye follow nought but an opinion. Lo! ye do but guess" (6:148), so you see them resort always to insulting, defaming, charging with impiety, falsehood, and slander, while knowing that the argument and proof being on the side of other opponents --the shi'ah.

I believe that what concerns them is fearing the majority of Muslims may become Shi'ah when realities are disclosed, as actually occured to some 'ulama' of al-Azharin Egypt, who gave the reins to themselves to search for truth till they attained to it and were enlightened, repudiating the belief of the (good ancestors) they followed in the past.

The 'ulama of "Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jam'ah" realize this danger that threatens with dissolution their very existence, but when being helpless, some of them even dare to prohibit their followers and imitators from sitting or debating with the Shi'ah, or marrying from them or giving them in marriage, or eating from their slaughtered animals.

That what can be apprehended from their stance, is their being too far from the Prophetic Sunnah, and too close to the Sunnah of the Umayyads,who did their utmost to mislead the Muhammadan Ummah at any cost, since their hearts have never submitted solemnly for God's remembrance and theTruth He has revealed, but they have embraced Islam only with reluctance.

This fact was clearly expressed by their leader Mu'awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan, who has slain the most righteous among the Companions just for the sake of seizing power, when he said in his first sermon:

"I have never fought you so that you established prayer or fast or go on pilgrimage, but i fought you just for ruling over you, and Allah has granted me this right while you are averse".

The Almighty Allah has said that the truth in the following verse: Lo! kings, when they enter a township, ruin it and make the honour of its people shame.Thus will they do".(27:34)


60. The Ma'arif Ministry of Saudi Arabia has published a book under the tittle: "Haqa'iq an Amir al-Muminin Yazidi ibn Mu'awiyah", and it was chosen by al-Ma'arif ministry to be among the books taught in its official schools.

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