Monday 20th of February 2017
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The exact date of Ftimah(as) Martyrdom

The true date of Fâtemeh"s martyr is a subject for discussion among Muslims. Some say that it was forty days after the death of our Prophet, some say it was sixty days after, some believe it was seventy five days after, and some say it was ninety days, and some do believe that it was ninety five days after the death of her beloved father. There are some who also believe that Fâtemeh died six months, or even eight months after her illustrious father.


But among the great Islamic scholars, there is an agreement that Fâtemeh died ninety days after her father...

Some say that her grave is in " Baghi " cemetery, and some believe that her grave is situated in her own little house.
We pray that Hazatê Fâtemeyeh Zahra takes care of all of us, poor sinners, and that she would be willing to intercede in our favour...! May God hear her intercessions for us and forgive our sins, and let us enter the Paradise!

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