Sunday 30th of April 2017
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Victim of the Burning Door

For the City of Knowledge if Ali is the door
For the Prophethood of Muhammad Zahra is the door.
Even the Prophet takes permission to enter her door,
He used to salute every morn at her door,
Gabriel descends from heaven, awaits at her door
Unless permitted does not enter her door.
The sun shines on the sky to enlighten her door
And are blest the rays when they kiss her door,
God revealed many an ayah of the Qur’an at her door
Fulcrum of Faith undoubtedly her door,
Light of Guidance burst from her door
The world would be dark if not for her door.
Chose heaven or hell – enter in or turn away from her door,
The path to Paradise passes through her door
The Prophet closed all doors, except her door.
Everlasting is the mystery of her door.
Ephemeral with Eternal is in intimacy behind her door
Intimacy with Eternity is in confabulation behind her door.
The “Fountain of Kowthar” flows from her door
Here is Ghadeer, God’s perfection of faith at her door
There lies Saqifa, where assembled those who ignored her door.
The villain of Saqifa raves and rants at her door
Shows his pagan colours by threatening to burn her door,
See the flagitious how he kicks her door!
He burned the holy Qur’an by burning her door.
What had she done; so perilous her door?
What was your goal; why feared her door?
Why on Fatima you smashed her burning door?
The unborn is martyred, crushed by her blazing door
Zahra calls Fizza from beneath her door.
Cries of the Prophet’s Daughter sill echo though no more her door
She couldn’t walk without a staff, ever since the falling of her door
She left the world a martyr, and martyred was her door,
On Judgement Day, God will reincarnate her flaming door,
To punish the culprits who violated sanctify of her door,
And turn into Gateway of Paradise, her blissful door.

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