Saturday 19th of August 2017
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Professor Ansarian: Usury is the roots of all sins


Professor Ansartian In his speech at the shrine of Her Holiness Masoomah (AS) in Qom siad: no one has ever loved and cared about the human being like the Almighty Allah and noone has ever showed such affection toward human being. Based on this affection there are two types of Aliments and these two types of Aliment have been mentioned in the Holy Quran, narrations, and also in the supplications.

He also added: one Aliment of the Almighty Allah is material and is the evident and clear Aliment, and the other one is the spiritual one.

Having these two types of Aliment and also the guidance of the Ahlul bayt, the human beings can undoubtedly reach the salvation both in this world and hereafter.

Professor Ansarian by referring to an advice of the holy prophet peace be upon him for the Muslim nation said: have fear of the Lord of the universe, and observe piety, and beside this be careful about the lawful and unlawful things. And never ignore obeying the Almighty Allah and try not be polluted by unlawful things. This is the meaning piety. The holy prophet also mentions: in acquiring the Aliment  that Allah has appointed for you, never go beyond the line of Contentment and never enter the realm of usury because it is the mother and roots of all sins.

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