Sunday 25th of June 2017
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Canadian youth converts to Shia Islam in Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine

 A Canadian youth converted to Islam in his first attendance in the Razavi Holy Shrine.

Jonathan Clark, 30, from Canada converted to Islam Shi’ite in his first attendance in the Razavi Holy Shrine and chose the name “Muhammad” after uttering twin formulae of faith.

Concerning his acquaintance with Islam, Muhammad said, “The morality, behavior and conduct of an Iranian classmate were very fascinating to me. When talking with him about his religion he called himself Muslim and then I decided to study about Islam as it sounded attracting to me.”

“He called his sacred book as Qur’an and so I started reading it thoroughly; then I found out that this book has spoken about everything elegantly. I made up my mind to get more familiar with Islam and studied different books about Islam”, he said.

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