Sunday 30th of April 2017
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Professor Ansarian: The reward of crying for Zeinab Kobra (SA) equals the reward of weeping for Hassan and Hussein (AS)

On the Day of Hazrat Zainab,s martyrdom, professor Ansarian after talking about the heredity which can be transferred from our parents and grandparents spoke about the great personality of Zeinab Kobra (SA).

He went on to say that the grandfather of Zeinab Kobra (SA) is someone who his name has become an obligation for the Muslim people to repeat five times a day in their prayers. He has such a dignity that Allah Almighty has never given any of his divine prophets such dignity, he is the one who has clearly and directly been mentioned in the holy Quran by Almighty Allah that: «و من یطع الرسول فقد اطاع الله» whosoever obeys the Messenger of Allah, it is as if they have obeyed Allah. This is something beyond our comprehension.

Professor Ansarian also said: the grandfather of Zeinab Kobra (SA) is the one who Allah says about him: «ان الذین یبایعونک» it means whosoever makes a religious commitment to you, and make a commitment to obey you and serve you until the day of resurrection it is as if he has done all these to Allah Almighty.

At the end Professor Ansarian said: Hazrat Zeinab was born on the fifth of Jomādā aval, when she was put in holy prophet,s arm for the first time, he looked her in the face and his tears rolled down his cheeks, then the prophet of Islam said: whosoever cries for her, the reward of this crying equals the reward of crying for imam Hassan and imam Hussein (AS).

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