Tuesday 21st of November 2017
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The Commander of the Faithful and the orphans

The Imam of the monotheists and the master of pious was one day passing by a road who saw a poor and needy lady whose children were weeping and crying because of extreme hunger. But that needy lady was calming them by putting a pot full of water on the fire so that the kids imagine their mom is cooking for them. Witnessing this scene, the Commander of the Faithful rushed home with Ghanbar and took a bowl of dates with a sack of flour and a little oil and rice and departed toward the house of that needy lady. Ghanbar asked Imam Ali if he could carry the foods but Imam Ali rejected him. When they arrived at the house of that lady they asked if they could enter the house. After entering the house, Imam Ali poured some rice with oil into the pot and prepare a delicious food for those kids.

Then he awakened the kids who were sleeping and fed them with his own hands. Then in order to entertain them, he put his two hands and knees on the ground and acted like a sheep. The kids mimicked Imam Ali and were laughing and they were happy. Imam Ali kept the kids happy for a while so that they forget their sadness. Then they left the house of those orphans.

Ghanbar said to Imam Ali: I saw two actions from you today that I know the reason for the first one but I have no idea why you did the second one. The first action you did was carrying the foods for the kids and you didn,t let me do that and I understood you did it the reach the reward of Allah Almighty and satisfy him, but mimicking the sound of the sheep and acting like a sheep is still unclear for me and I don,t know the reason for that.

Imam Ali said: when I entered the house of those orphans I saw them crying because of extreme hunger, I wanted to leave the house while they are both full, happy and laughing.

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