Saturday 19th of August 2017
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All people are beautifull in the eyes of Allah...

All people are beautifull in the eyes of Allah; God created everything, good and worthy, and sees all creatures beautiful, Beetle is also beautiful to God, world is like a painting with creatures in it, In this painting, each color has its own effects and display that it is necessary in forming the outline of the panel. Pale and dark shadows, Yellow, blue and red each play a role in the beauty of the painting. If each of these colors get clean from the panel, Fault and defect will be arised in it, which can not be compensated with other color replacement. Believers of any color or race they are, are beautiful to God, and they will be included of Peace and Greetings Lord. The criterion of ugliness and beauty, is not appearance and face of people, but also sin is ugly and evil to God, and benefaction and goodness are beautiful to God.

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