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Day of Judgement (Qiyamat)

Allah has placed love in the nature of every human being.  Man loves Absolute Comfort, such Absolute Comfort which does not have any sorrow.  Now it has to be seen whether such joy and comfort can be found in this world, or is there any such person who has found such comfort.

        Whatever pleasure and joys there are in this world also have hardships along with them.  Thus, with happiness there is sorrow, with health there is illness.  Therefore, man’s desire cannot be fulfilled in this world.  Man’s stay in this world is like if someone wants to go somewhere but on the way his car stops and he cannot reach (his destination). 

One wants to achieve comfort in the world, but sometimes becomes an oppressor, or sometimes usurps (takes away) someone’s right just to achieve comfort and pleasure.  He turns his face away from worship of Allah.  All of these endeavours (activities) for comfort and pleasure are spent in the way of Satan.  No matter how great and wealthy one is, he cannot find absolute comfort and pleasure in this world, although Absolute Comfort is in the nature of man.  Therefore, this is proof of the fact that this Absolute Comfort is for some other life and world, not for this world which will (one day) end.  This love for Absolute Comfort is found in every knowledgeable and ignorant person.  In this world death is inevitable (expected) for everyone?  Here there is no absolute comfort and pleasure, but nevertheless love for Absolute Comfort is in our nature.  This love and passion is not worthless.  Like, the eyes are for seeing and reflection and ears are for listening to good and useful talks.

Hence, it is proven that besides this world there is another world where man can achieve absolute comfort and pleasure in which there is no grief, worry, or sorrow.  There is only happiness and the name of this world is Resurrection or the Hereafter.


The Reason for Justice

        We have mentioned in the discussion of the Oneness of Allah that Allah is Just and Wise, though we see in the world that people commit oppression and tyranny and commit murder and plunder (steal), indulge in pleasure and die from these luxuries.  If the oppressor does not receive punishment for his oppression, then a contradiction appears in the Justice of Allah.  Therefore, it is established that there is another place besides this world where one will receive punishment for oppression and his account will be taken.  Good people will receive accolade (honour) and reward for their good deeds.  This is called the Day of Resurrection or Judgement, where good individuals will attain Absolute Comfort.  (You should) research proofs from the Koran and traditions yourself. 

1:  “Everyone on it must pass away.  And there will endure for ever the person of your Lord, the Lord of glory and honour” (Ar-Rahman:26-27).


2:  “Because Allah shall raise up those who are in the graves.” (Al-Hajj:7).


3:  “Every soul must taste of death” (Alay Imran:185, Al-Anbiya:35, Al-Ankabut:57).

source : seeker of solace/ syed jan ali kazmi
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