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Is there blessing or Reward after death

There another doctrine, of the Wahabis, which does not conform to senses or to the religion. They believe that when certain person is passed away from this world and the relatives of the deceased do some kind of good deed or action for him/her, the dead do not receive any of the good deeds.  
They, in order to deceive, misguide the people just quote a fraction of a verse of the Holy Quran[1], the literal translation of which is that ‘a man can get reward for what he has done, and only as much as he has done’. Certainly, this verse refers to the Day of Judgment. It is revealed in purport of this verse that on the Day of Resurrection, or in the hereafter, he/she will get whatever he/she performs in the span (measure) of his/her life. This verse is been related to the wrath of Allah, which befalls on man. Whatever, the sins or whatever, the good deeds are performed by a person in this world he/she will be rewarded accordingly. 
It is customary almost in the world or everybody practice that if the person is dead, the relations of the decease do something for him. It is said that the person receives the melt (dissolve) of that thing. If we make these things as our belief that the deceased does not receive anything, this is exactly the debate (discuss) or belief, which resembles the belief of delinquent (evildoer) atheist, non-believer of God, that death is the end of life. 
Whereas, all the natural religions, which have been ordained and sent to the land by God, proclaim that death is not the end of life rather it is the deliverance from this world to eternal life. If one died, it does not mean that his life has really ended but he is actually leading his life in the world to come, in the hereafter. Death is visible, which we can see in our daily routine of life that death is the name given to the death of the body but so far as the Soul is concerned, it is eternal, everlasting. In reality, it is the human body, which decomposes after some time, the original thing that comes into the body, is the Spirit or Soul, which is everlasting.  
In all the Holy Scripture, the Soul (Ruh) or the Spirit has been proved in varied and different ways because it is not a material thing. After analyzing the characteristics of matter we find and understand that human beings have extra qualities of love, hatred and due consideration (thought- fulness) which are not attached with matter means matter is devoid of these characteristics. Similarly, matter does not have the aspiration (desire) to grow and prosper.  All these qualities of growing, progressing and so on are seen in human beings. By these simple examples we can learn that it is not only this factor of matter, which shapes man but the Soul as well. So man is a combination of body and Soul together, and in man there are twin things combined, love and hatred of which combination is only due to Soul or Spirit. Further, the idea of success and progress is again solely (alone) due to the Spirit.  
Another thing, which is common to all human beings, who are living on the earth, that they hate or dislike the end of life or mortality or destruction. On the contrary, they prefer eternity and wish their life to be everlasting. It is quite palpable and we understand it quite well that the relationship of the human body with Soul can not live long in this material world and the time comes when they get segregated (separated). All these limbs and organs of the human body, after failing, stop functioning well, as they used to do in the early stages of life. With the passing time life becomes decrepit (worn out) and imbecility (feeblemindedness) slowly and gradually creeps (enters slowly) into the human body. When it is unfeasible (unlikely) for body and Soul to live together all the time to come, though it is preposterous (unreasonable, improbable) beyond thinking to live, yet there are a struggle and a desire of every human being to live in this world. 
This is a point to think over that when the materialistic organs fail and physically living of the man is not possible for all the time to come then why is it aspired? Why people die for it? Why they try hard to maintain it? Why do they aspire to live for a very long time, for all the time to come?  This is a natural phenomenon (event) that everybody loves to have everlasting kind of life, why is this so? It is altogether due to the soul, which does exist within human body, because the soul is imperishable (everlasting), which is not going to destroy, therefore, human beings aspire to live. There are many, many proofs and reasons that can be cited in this respect to prove that death is not the name that can be given to the end of life.       

[1] Surah Najm (chapter53) verse 39 "And that man shall have nothing but what he strives for."

source : Book. how to overcome on terrorism/ written by Syed Jan Ali Kazmi
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