Thursday 25th of July 2024
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Israel launches air raids on Gaza

Israeli air strikes on Gaza has left more than a dozen people wounded.

The overnight raid was in response to cross-border attacks by Palestinian fighters, and targeted tunnels used by them, an Israeli military spokesman said on Wednesday.

The two strikes hit an abandoned airport in Rafah in the south, where there were no injuries, and a Hamas training camp in Beit Hanoun in the north, where 15 people were lightly injured, Hamas security sources said.

Hamas, which seized the Gaza Strip from forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, in 2007, says it has reached an understanding with other groups to halt rocket fire.

But smaller groups have carried on sporadic firing at Israel, which holds Hamas responsible for any attacks carried out from the coastal territory.

source : http://www.islamic-world.net/index
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