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Do Remember, After Every Hardship There Will Be Relief

Bakr the son of Salih narrates the following story:
My son in law wrote Imam Jawad (A.S.) a letter which included the following: "My father has great animosity with Prophet Muhammad's progeny (A.S.). His belief is corrupted, and he mistreats me to a great extent.
My Master, I first like to request your prayer on my behalf, and second to ask for your suggestions on how to deal with this matter. Should I inform others of his corrupted thoughts or of his mistreatments to me? Or should I compromise and remain patient with him?"
Imam Jawad (A.S.) wrote in his reply:
"I understand the situation between you and your father. Allah willing, I will not forget to pray for you, but do bear in mind that for you patience and good manners are far better than revealing (that which is bad). Do remember, after every hardship there will be relief. Be patient, and the good end belongs to the pious. May Allah keep you persistent in your love towards the Prophet's progeny. We and you are under the shelter of Allah, and surely He will protect His sheltered people."
Bakr continues: After this incident, my son in law's father changed completely, and I never saw him disagree with his son's beliefs from thereon.
(Reference: The Stories of Bihar al-Anwaar, by Mahmood Naseri)

source : http://abna.ir
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