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Some of the Miracles of Imam Mahdi (A.S.)

1-The personality born through the prayer of Imam We intend to relate the incident of one of the greatest Shia scholars of the fourth century, who had earned the title of Muallim (teacher). His book, Man la Yahzaruhul Faqih is one of the four canonical books of Shi'ite hadith. It is an indispensable work of reference by the mujtahids of Shia faith. The exalted position of Shaykh Sadooq (died 381 A.H.) can be gauged from the fact that he was born through the prayers of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.), may our lives be sacrificed for him. Throughout his life he was the center of Hazrat's attention and favours... the incident is as follows: The father of Shaykh Sadooq (R.A) was known by the name of Ali Ibn Babawayh. He was one of the well-known jurisprudent and scholar of hadith in the city of Qum . Though he had been married to his cousin for a number of years he was not yet blessed with any children. In the year 305 A.H., he visited Baghdad and met the special representative of Imam (a.s.), Husayn Ibn Ruh Nawbakhti. Ibn Babawayh sent a letter through Muhammad bin Aswad with the request that it may be presented to Imam-e-Zaman (a.s.) to pray to Allah in this regard. A reply was soon received from Imam (a.s ) as follows: "You will not have any children by this wife. I have prayed for you in this regard and soon you will be blessed with two sons (who would become jurists) through a lady of the Dailamite tribe." (Ref. Shaykh Taifah). As foretold by Imam-e-Zaman (a.s.), Ibn Babawayh married a Dailamite lady after some time. The Almighty Allah blessed him with two sons whom he named Muhammad and Husayn. Both his sons soon earned fame as the Shiite jurists and scholars of traditions in the city of Qum . Very few scholars of that time could reach such an exalted position. The exceptional ability and brilliance especially in narrating and memorizing tradition; and his truthfulness soon earned for him the title of Sadooq. He later became famous by this very honorific. The contemporary scholars and his friends were amazed at his knowledge and infallible memory. It was evident that his brilliant mind and non-stop successes were due to the blessings of the prayers of Imam-e-Asr (a.s.). He himself agreed to this fact and felt much honoured for the same. He often said, "I am born through the prayers of Imam-e-Asr (a.s.)." The personality commanded by Imam (a.s.) to write a book. The incident is narrated in the introduction of the book(Introduction to the book Kamaluddin by Shaykh Sadooq. Persian Translation Published in two volumes.) as follows:-The following events caused me to write this book: When I had the honour of visiting the mausoleum of my master Hazrat Imam Abul Hasan ar-Raza and was returning home, I stayed at Nishapur for some time. Many of the Shias used to visit me. From the discussions I had with them, I surmised that they were amazed and astonished at the occultation of Imam-e-Zaman (a.s.). They were unfortunately haunted by doubts regarding Hazrat (a.s.). They had gone astray from the straight path through their personal opinions and analogy. I tried my best to discuss with them in order to bring them back to the right path. Hence, I invited their attention to the authentic traditions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) and his purified household (a.s.) in this regard. One day I was pondering upon the comfortable life that I had lived in my town of Rayy , with my family, children and brothers. All of a sudden sleep overcame me. I dreamt that I was circumambulating around the Kaaba. In the seventh round I came to Hajar-e-Aswad and kissed it saying, "This is a trust that I submit and the covenant that I fulfill so that you give witness of my loyalty." At that very moment I saw my Master, Hazrat Qaem Sahebuzzaman (Peace be upon him) as he stood at the door of Kaaba. I went towards him in a condition of grief and remorse. Hazrat (a.s.) came to know my inner feelings by looking at my face. I said 'salaam' to him and after replying he said, "Why don't you compile a book on the subject of occultation so that you become free of sorrow and grief. " I said, "Oh Son of the Prophet of Allah, I have collected some matter regarding occultation." He (a.s.) told me, "It is not like as how i wanted it to be written. Noro write a comprehensive book on occultation and also mention therein the occultation of the Prophets of Allah," said the Imam (a.s.). After this Hazrat (a.s.) departed. I awoke up with a start and spent all the time from dawn till sunrise; in prayers, supplications and entreaties to Allah. I complained about the difficult times. When it was morning, I began to write the book as ordered by the Hujjat of Allah. I continued to pray to Allah for help and also sought forgiveness of sins. This incident teaches us that: We must plead and request for the help of Hazrat (a.s.). In times of difficulties we must seek his assistance and take refuge with him. We must make people aware about the existence of Hazrat (a.s.). As much as possible we should try to remove doubts regarding Hazrat al-Mahdi (a.s.) from the minds of the people. Document of Praise for A True Follower (Sheikh Mufeed). This is with regard to a great scholar and jurisprudent who was praised by Imam (a.s.) in his communication to him. Imam (a.s.) writes: "Peace be upon you, O sincere friend in religion. One who is the helper of truth. One who calls the people with truth to the right path. Peace be upon you O sincere friend. One who receives inspiration from truth." Doubtlessly these words were written by Imam (a.s.) in praise of Shaykh Mufeed (339-413 A.H) (r.a.). Shaykh Mufeed (R.A) was such a great personality that Imam (a.s.) wrote to him many a times and solved for him various problems of Islamic Laws. The command was a honor for the young man. As far as history is concerned it is an established fact that Hazrat (a.s.) himself wrote, at least, three letters to this exalted scholar. The matter contained in those letters makes one feel that, as if they are overflowing with the meaning and hidden wisdom. As if they are the springs of mercy and love. It is also necessary for one who is honoured with seeing the Imam to be influenced by the unsurpassable love and mercy of Hazrat (a.s.). "This letter is for the believer brother and the correctly guided friend Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Muhammad Bin Noman, Shaykh Mufeed, who is from the covenant that the people hold as a divine trust. The covenant that the Almighty had taken from the people. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Peace be upon you, O the sincere one of the Faith. One whose belief holds a high position with us. I thank Allah; except whom there is no deity. We pray to the Almighty, the Everliving to ever bless our master, our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his purified progeny. May Allah continue to give tawfeeq to help and support the truth. Whatever you narrate through us is most rewarding oil the basis of its truth. We hereby declare: We have been given the permission to honour you by having correspondence with you. We make it incumbent upon you to convey our messages to our supporters. May Allah endear them for their obedience and remove their difficulties through His protection and attention... Those who wish to make our friendship a channel (wasila) of and yearn to be close to it, must do good deeds. They must keep away from those things that we dislike and those actions which are lowly with respect to Allah. Because Allah will make people to die all of a sudden. When repentance will be of no avail and when regret will also be unable to procure salvation. May Allah continue to bless you with His Mercy. This is our letter to you, O Affectionate brother. One who loves us with sincerity and purity of the heart. You are our faithful helper May Allah, the One whom sleep does not overcome, always protect you..." (AI-Ihtijaj, Allamah Tabarsi, pg. 322 onwards) Such affectionate words create a sense of unbounded joy and excitement among the readers. On one hand Imam (a.s.) teaches the correct way of living and on the other, he reminds us that he never forsakes the welfare of the followers of his grandfather (the Holy Prophet s.a.w.). These words also tell us the lofty position of the successful Ulama and the true awaiters of Imam (a.s.). May Allah give us the Tawfeeq to tread this path. His book was finally completed by Imam of the age. Allamah Hilli (648-726 A.D.) (May Allah be satisfied with him) is the most remarkable personality of the Shias. He had no equal during his period and was the most outstanding writer of the Shias. He has been specially blessed by the Imam-e-Zamana(a.s.) with a special favour. The following incident is well known among the people. We have related the incident from the Majalisul Momineen of Shaheed Salis Qazi Nurullah Shustari. One of the exceptional aspects of Allamah Hilli's time was that during his tenure a person had written a book against Shiaism and he used to quote from it in assemblies and thus managed to mislead quite a few people and created doubts regarding the Imamite faith. However, he never lent anyone this book for the fear that it may fall into the hands of the Shias and they may write a rebuttal. In order to obtain this book, Allamah Hilli, began to attend the sermons of this man and also introduced himself as a student of this person. After having achieved the confidence of the teacher he requested him to lend the book for some time. It was difficult for that person to refuse Allamah Hilli; so he told him, "I have vowed that I will not give this book to anyone for more than a single night." Allamah Hilli accepted it as there was no other way. That night he felt very exalted and began to copy the book. He had planned to take down as much as possible so that he could refute the arguments of the book. Around midnight when he could not resist the onslaught of sleep, a respectful guest arrived and after the pleasantries he told Allamah Hilli to go to sleep and entrust him with the completion of the book. Allamah agreed to it without any questions. When he wakes up after some time, he found that there was no sign of his guest. Upon searching he found that the book had already been completed by his guest; and at the end of it something extra was mentioned. When he looked closely, he found that the following words had been added at the end: "Inscribed by the Hujjat." (Rawzatul Jannaat, Vol.2, Pg.282, Jannatul Maawa incident no. 22, Najmus Saqib incident no. 15) We must however note that not every follower can become the centre of Imam's attention and help. We must question ourselves whether we are eligible or not. Another instance of Imam (a.s.)'s help to Allamah Hilli is recorded in History. Once the Allamah was confronted with some legal problems and he did not know the correct solution. Imam (a.s.) had solved these questions for Allamah Hilli. (Ilzam-un-Nasib, vol. 2, page 31)
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