Thursday 28th of September 2023
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Al-Abbas Holy Shrine participates in the cultural festival

Department of Intellectual and Intellectual Affairs, Agriculture Division in the Department of Services Affairs in Al-Abbas Holy Shrine participated in the cultural Festival of safety established by the Imam Sadeq Body in Diwaniya, under the slogan (Imam Mahdi may God hasten his reappearance: security of nations and unifier of speech), on the freedom Hall in the city, which lasted four days, (17-20) Shaban. 

 About the nature of participating, official Radwan salami explained: "Section of Al-Abbas Holy Shrine in the book fair included many of the religious and general cultural issued by the Research Unit and the newspaper unit in the Media Division in the Department of intellectual and cultural Affairs, and other included ideological, doctrinal, moral and intellectual topics in general, child share to some versions. Some introductory brochures were distributed. The section included albums and posters designed by the creators of the mentioned Section. Division of library also participated with catalogs through the House of Manuscripts and the contents of the e-library, including more than (2000) CDs contains more than (50000) titles of books in various fields of science, which can be electronically browsed, as well as comic books and CD programs, films, and religious scientific educational programs in computer science and others." 

 Adding "Photography and visual production unit, Alkafeel center for digital printing in the Media Division in the section mentioned participated with some of the images printed on beautiful cups, plates, wooden boards, which were presented to the public, with posters of small and large projects of the Holy Shrine. Some of them achieved and some are in the ongoing development of after the fall of the tyrant." 

 "the Agriculture Division in the Department of services Affairs participated in the Flower Show within the festival. More than 90% of the flowers and seedlings shown in this festival are of the production of the nursery the Holy Shrine and the rest are seedlings imported by the Holy Shrine from Thailand and used in the afforestation project of the Center city of Karbala, which was carried out by divisions of agriculture in the Two Holy Shirnes and the most flowers shown by the Division are: Phlox flowers and plants in addition to the dozens of flowers, shrubs and seasonal evergreen." 

 It is worth mentioning that the festival was on the occasion of the birth of Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance) under the slogan (Imam Mahdi: security of nations and of speech), attended by a large number of religious and political figures, writers and researchers. It also included exhibitions of books and art, flowers and ornamental seedlings in addition to Mahdi researches that deals with the appearance and the time required of the Muslim community at the time of absence of the Imam (as). 

 It is noteworthy that the Holy Shrine had participated in multiple fairs and festivals in and outside Iraq, noting that the participation of the holy shrine represented by its different establishments is to develop the physical and scientific movement. The holy shrine established infrastructure and administrative technical and cultural structure not found Apr. 9, 2003, to achieve self-sufficiency in the development and continuity of work and visitors service.

source : http://abna.ir
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