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The Attributes of the Companions of Imam Mahdi

imam mahdi (a.s)


According to the sayings of Imams, all the companions of Imam Mahdi are young people, but a few. In some sayings, the companions of Imam Mahdi have been resembled to lions in day and worshippers at nights whose hearts are as strong and firm as iron and they are very obedient to Imam Mahdi. The enemy is horrified by observing the awesomeness of these powerful and determined warriors. They are very brave and decisive and they do not let the fear stop them.

With the help of such companions and helpers, Imam Mahdi conquers the world and establishes Islam everywhere. According to Imam Baqir, “It is like the companions of Imam Mahdi are everywhere on the earth and in the heavens and there is nothing else in the world. They are so loved by all that even the animals and birds try to please them and they obey them. The earth is proud that the companions of Imam Mahdi walk on it.”‌

source : http://www.tebyan.net
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