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Saving Human Life

human rights


Therefore, by comparing the points mentioned in the two Declarations, one could infer that:

1. Several different points have been mentioned in a single article in the Western Declaration of Human rights and it is difficult to comparatively study them in accordance with the similar declarations.

2. The international Declaration of Human Rights passed in 1990 talks about saving the life as long as God wants it; this means that no human power should end another human’s life and that people need to strive for their lives as far as it is possible that the life goes on.

3. According to the article mentioned in the fourth Declaration passed by the Islamic Conference Organizations, no one could claim that their life is their own, so that they could end it, let others end it, or the same. But the Western Declaration of Human Rights, by considering life as a personal right, makes it possible for those in power to take advantage of it.

4. By comparing the Islamic and the Western Declarations of Human Rights, one could infer that the Islamic Declaration obliges people to fight for keeping their lives and honor, while the Western Declaration ignores this fact.


Definitely the Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, passed in 1990 by the Islamic Conference Organization, has protected the issue of human life more clearly. This is obvious by comparing articles C and D in the 1990 declaration, with articles 3 and 5 in the Western declaration.

source : http://www.tebyan.net
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