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Imam Hassan e Mujtaba (as)

Father's Name:- Ali ibne Abu Talib (as) Mother's Name: Syeda Fatima al Zahra (as) binte Muhammad al Mustafa Rasool allah Date of Zahoor:- 15th day of the month of Ramazan Year 3 Hijri (AH) - March 1st 624 CE Place of Zahoor: Madina Date of Martyrdom:- 28th Safar Year 50 Hijri (AH) - 6th March 670 C.E. Place of Martyrdom: Madinah Shrine: Jannat ul Baqi - Madina (demolished by aal e Saud) Saudi Arabia Designation:- 2nd Imam Titles:- Mujtaba, Syed shabab e ahlil Jannat (Master of the youths of Paradise), az Zaki Wife/Wives: Umm e Ishaq binte Talha ibne Ubaidullah, Hafsa binte Abd al Rahman ibne Abu Bakr (L.A.), Hind binte Suyahl ibne Amru, Jauda binte Ashhaith ibn qais. Sons/Daughters: Qasim, Fatima, Zayd, Abdullah, Talha, Umm al Hassan (Bibi Maimona), Umm al Hussain

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