Saturday 30th of September 2023
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Iranian Quran Reciter Well Received in Kenya Mosuqe


--Quran recitation by Masoud Pirouzmand internationally known Iranian Quran reciter was well received Monday in Bomani mosque in Kenya’s coastal town of Malindi.

Piruzmand, who is in Kenya on an invitation by Iranian Cultural Council in the country, recited verses from Sura Al-Qari'ah, which was followed by interpretation of the verses by the Imam of the mosque.


Piruzmand then performed Ibtihal prayers and prayed that God help Muslims to further benefit from the teachings of the holy Quran.


Elsewhere during the program, Masoud Piruzmand gave a brief report of the successes and accomplishments of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Quranic fields during the past 30 years, noting that the number of Quran reciters, interpreters and memorizers has increased enormously after the Islamic Revolution.

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