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Seyyid Jawad Ameli, a great Mujtahid, was having his dinner when someone knocked at his door.  A servant from his master, Ayatullah Seyyid Mahdi Bahrul Uloom appeared and said: "Your master has sent for you immediately.  He has just sat down for his dinner but refuses to eat till he sees you." 


There was no time to lose.  Seyyid Ameli left his dinner and rushed to Seyyid Bahrul Uloom's residence.  Just as he entered, the master looked disapprovingly at him and said: "Seyyid Jawad!  You have no fear of Allah!  Don't you feel ashamed of Allah?"


This came as a thunderbolt, because he could not remember doing anything to incur the wrath of his master.  Hesitantly he asked: "My master may guide me where I have failed."


"It is now a week that your neighbor and his family are without wheat or rice.  They were buying some dates from a grocer on credit and today the grocer refused to grant him any further credit.  He returned home empty-handed and the family is without a morsel of food," Seyyid Mahdi said.


Seyyid Jawad was taken by surprise.  "By Allah," he said, "I have no knowledge about this."


"This is why I am displeased all the more.  How can you be unaware of your own neighbor?  Seven days of difficulties have passed and you tell me that you do not know about it.  Well, if you had known about it and ignored him despite your knowledge, then you would not even be a Muslim," Seyyid Mahdi admonished.


And then Seyyid Mahdi Bahrul Uloom instructed him to take all the dishes of food before him to the neighbor.  "Sit with him to eat, so that he does not feel ashamed.  And take this sum for his future ration.  Place it under his pillow or carpet so that he is not humiliated.  And inform me when this work is completed.  Till then, I shall not eat."



Pearls of Wisdom.  A String of Incidents in the History of Islam.  The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities. Page 31.

source : almujtaba.com
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