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"And we have sent you making you only a mercy for the worlds" Holy Qura

Our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W , the last apostle and messenger of Allah was sent to mankind as a mercy for this world and the Hereafter. Superior to all 123.999 prophets and that is why He is titled as Fakhre Ambiya. If we begin from the beginning weâ€TMll be aware of His prophethood and we can also give an answer to they who say that Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa became a prophet at the age of 40.

“And Muhammad is merely a Messenger” (Holy Quran-3;144)

Hazrat Muhammad Mustufa s.a.w was and will always be the final prophet of Allah. He was a prophet when nobody but Allah existed and he was a prophet when he was born , in His childhood , youth , old age and is still today and forever. We call out every day in Azaan...:

“ I testify that Muhammad IS Allahâ€TMs Messenger”
not was but IS !!!

Those who read the history of Islam properly knows well. The light (Noor) of our holy prophet s.a.w and the 14 masomeen A.S became a mercy to us all living creatures because it was for them the sun , the stars , the moon , the heavens , the planets , this world etc. was shaped. Nothing would have existed if these personalities would not had been created. Their creation is a blessing to us all.

The hadith of our holy prophet says : “ I was an apostle of Allah when Hazrat Adam a.s was between clay and water.” So to say that He became a prophet of God at the age of 40 is only a lack in knowledge. Some messengers were sent to only one village or a town , or a certain tribe . But the prophethood of our final prophet reigns over all worlds till the Day of Judgement. And that is why His Divine miracle i.e the Holy Quran is an eternal miracle. This holy Book will guide the mankind in all eras. But to only hold fast to the holy book is an impossible task. Because we donâ€TMt have the full knowledge that takes to understand the quraan. That was why Allah created the Ahlul-Bayt who would continue to safeguard the mission of the holy prophet , His book and save His followers from drowning or being led astray. Hazrat Ameer-ul-momeneen a.s has said:

“The Prophet came with (a Book containing) testification to what (books) were already there and also with a light to be followed. It is the Qur'an. If you ask it to speak it won't do so; but I will tell you about it. Know that it contains knowledge of what is to come about, stories of the past, cure for your ills and regulation for whatever faces you.”(n.b-158)

Our holy Imam explains that the holy Book is Quraan-e-Saamit (the silent Quraan) and the Ahlul-Bayt a.s are Quraan-e-Natiq (the speaking Quraan). How can the mankind be guided towards the right path with no one there to interpretate the words of the Holy Quran. The holy prophets were not sent in vain but they were perfect examples who paved the straight path to their followers. We are all aware of the sermon our holy prophet delivered at ghadeer-e-khum and the famous hadith-e-thaqalayn.

"I am leaving behind among you the thaqalayn(two valuable things),the Book of Allah(Qur'an)and my progeny(my Ahlul-Bayt). Hold fast to them and you will never go astray,for these two will not part with each even when they return to me at the pool(Kawthar)"

If we are true followers of this final messenger we will obey His command and then we will indeed be saved otherwise we will face a very dark fate. It was during the Age of ignorance the mercy of all worlds came into being on the 17th of Rabi-ul-Awwal , 1rst of Amul-feel. And the filthy condition of Arabia in those days is explained by Imam Ali a.s in the nahjul-balagha as follows:

“ Allah sent Muhammad (p.b.u.h.a.h.p.) as a warner (against vice) for all the worlds and a trustee of His revelation, while you people of Arabia were following the worst religion and you resided among rough stones and venomous serpents. You drank dirty water and ate filthy food. You shed blood of each other and cared not for relationship. Idols are fixed among you and sins are clinging to you.”(n.b-nr.26)

The holy parents of our holy Messenger s.a.w

Our holy prophet s.a.w was born in Mecca in the family of Bani Hashim which was the most grand , wealthy and exalted tribe in the whole Arabia. His holy fatherâ€TMs name was Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Abdul-Muttalib and motherâ€TMs name was Amena binte Wahab. All shia scholars of Islam agree on that the birth date of our holy prophet is the 17th of Rabi-ul-Awwal but according to the scholars of Ahle-sunnah they beleive it is the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal. The birth place of our holy prophet s.a.w was in a house of Shâ€TMebe-Abi-Talib.

The demise of Hazrat Abdullah & Janabe Amena

It is mostly well-known that Hazrat Abdullah died in Madina before the birth of his holy son and was buried in “Daar-un-Naabegha”. But another narration says that our holy prophet s.a.w was born and Hazrat Abdullah left this world 2 months after the birth. The event of the demise took place when Hazrat Abdullah with a caravan of Quraish went to Syria for trading. When the caravan returned from Shaam , suddenly Hazrat Abdullah became sick and stopped to take his breath and rest in a house of “Bani-Udi-bin-Najjar”. But a recovery was impossible and after a month his holy soul left this world.

When the caravan arrived in Mecca , Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib asked why his son wasnâ€TMt with them. Someone said that he became sick on the way and stopped to rest in Madina. Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib sent his eldest son Janabe Harith to inform of his condition. But unfortunately when Janabe Harith arrived in Madina he received the news of his death. When our holy prophet was 6 years old His holy mother left this mortal world. And it happened when Janabe Amena went to Madina along with her holy son and her servant-maid Janabe Umme Ayman to pay ziarat to the grave of Hazrat Abdullah. She stayed in Madina for a month and on her return back home at a place called Abwa she died and was buried there. Janabe Umme Ayman brought our holy prophet back home safe and sound. This wound wasnâ€TMt healed properly when two years later Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib the grandfather of our holy prophet died .

The nursing of our holy prophet s.a.w

Islamic history writers have written that Janabe Amena nursed her holy child for 7 days after the birth . On the 7th day the Aqeeqa of our holy prophet was conducted. Thereby by the will of hazrat Abdul-Muttalib the nursing was handed over to a maid-servant named “Saubiyah”. A few months later the complete nursing was taken over by “Halima Sâ€TMadiyah”. Many people are still puzzled by why our holy prophet s.a.w was nursed by Halima . By delving in the books of Islamic history we find 2 reasons for that.

1.The first reason can be that Janabe Amena wasnâ€TMt able to breast-feed her child because her milk had dried out . In the book of Kafi and Ibne Shahr-Aâ€TMshaub it is narrated by our holy Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq a.s that when the holy prophet was born He wasnâ€TMt nursed. But then Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib brought Halima to breast-feed this holy child. This can be accepted on the thought that when Janabe Amena received the news of the death of her young husband she was so deeply affected by this sadness that her milk was dried.

2.It is said that it was the custom of the arabs that on the 7th day the child was handed over to a nursemaid. That was why Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib was also persuaded to do the same.

But Maulana Syed Najm-ul-Hasan Kararwi author of the book “Chauhadah Sitare” writes his opinion at page 48 that: “Even if all writers have written that Saubiya and Halima was brought to breast-feed our holy prophet s.a.w and for a long period , I still can not accept that because no one but the biological mother nursed every prophet. This is obvious from the lifehistory of Hazrat Nuh a.s â€" Hazrat Eesa a.s .

When Allah couldnâ€TMt accept that no one other than the prophetâ€TMs own mother should breastfeed how can this be possible that He who is the Leader of all Prophets would be nursed by anyone but Janabe Amena. In the history of all prophets it is found that if due to any circumstances the prophet at his birth were separated from his mother , Allah united him or by miracle satisfied the newborn prophet by commanding him to suck his thumb in which the spring of milk was opened. “

The Last & Final Apostle of Allah

It is impossible for an ordinary human being to try to pen the life-history of the Leader of all Prophets and the most exalted creation of Allah. The prophethood of our Last Apostle reachs the Day of Judgement. His messages were preached and meant for the whole world to follow and understand. And the mankind indeed took the advantage of this holy message. Our holy Messenger taught the holy angels how to praise Allah and the hadith tells us : “ We praised and so did the angels too.” Then how can we write the merits of the holy prophet , this is a personality of Light (Noor) and nobody but Allah and Hazrat Ali a.s knows Him as the hadith says:

"Nobody knows Allah except I and Ali
Nobody knows Ali except Allah and I
Nobody knows me except Allah and Ali"

To believe that Hazrat Muhammad Mustufa s.a.w is the prophet of only the muslims is wrong because He was created to convey His holy message for all people.

“And Oâ€TM Messenger! We have made you only a giver of good tidings and a warner for all people.”
(the holy Quran-34;28)

The Ummah of our Holy prophet is divided in two parts. 1.Ummat-e-Daâ€TMwat (means the whole mankind as the holy message of our holy prophet was conveyed to all people in this world.) 2.Ummat-e-Istijaabat ( means they who accepted and embraced the message of their prophet i.e Ummat-e-Muslemah) Our last Messenger was created to be a prophet for all and came as a mercy for all but that is true that all people did not accept His message and refused to follow the path of Truth yet others were saved by stepping out from the darkness to the Light.

Our holy prophet was born when the Arabia was covered with nothing but darkness. And this wickedness and corruption was saved by our last apostle. It was He who managed to defeat the enemies and drive away the sins , taught the Kalma and saved the people from drowning. It is now the obligation of all people , those who are not aware of this exalted personality to know Him and His message. The soul of Light left this mortal world on the 28th of Safar in 11 a.h but our faith says that He and His message is still alive because this world is alive. The sharia still rules and will prevail till the Day of Judgement because His last successor is alive waiting for the signal of appearance. And the Holy Prophet has said:

" Awwalona Muhammad - The First one of us is Muhammad
Ausatona Muhammad - The Middle one of us is Muhammad
Aakhirona Muhammad - The Last one of us is Muhammad
Kullona Muhammad - Every one of us is Muhammad."

Because Allah says that He has never left an Ummah without a guider and His Final Hujjat is alive because the world would not exist otherwise.

" Today there is neither a prophet nor Messenger among us but His descendant is alive and present and He is in occultation and His companions continue his work. "


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