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The Jewish war on Islam

The Jewish war on Islam

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - There is an undeclared but ferocious Jewish war against Islam going on these days. One would have to be blind and deaf to deny this brazen fact.

In occupied East Jerusalem, government-backed Messianic Jews have been attacking and desecrating Islamic and, to a lesser extent, Christian holy places.

In the last few days, millenarian Jews, protected by para-military Israel police, have been attacking and beating peaceful Muslim worshipers at the Aqsa Mosque esplanade. The Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest Islamic site in the world.

According to observers of Israeli behavior in Occupied Jerusalem, the audacity and frequency of Israeli provocations at the Islamic sanctuary increased dramatically in recent weeks.

Sheikh Ikrema Sabri, the former head of the Supreme Muslim Council, warned that Messianic Jewish groups were "hell bent on provoking bloodshed on a wide scale in Jerusalem."

"These religious maniacs believe that by inciting violence and causing bloodshed, they would expedite the appearance of a mythical Messiah who would create a world-wide Jewish empire ruled from Jerusalem."

The extremists, who are backed by powerful religious and manifestly fascist parties in the Israeli Knesset or Parliament, don't deny these accusations.

Moshe Feiglin, a Nazi-like Israeli politician who believes non-Jews should be stripped of their national and political rights, including the right to vote, this week led dozens of extremists to the Aqsa Mosque esplanade where he called for the demolition of Islamic Holy places.

Feiglin, also a prominent figure in the ruling Likud party, was arrested for a few minutes and then released to make further provocative statements against Islamic shrines.

The brief arrest had nothing to do with his incitement, according to an Israeli police spokesman.

Meanwhile, Jewish religious leaders continue to make statements and religious sermons offending Islam and Christianity. Some of the rabbis have even ruled that the status of non-Jews in general is not higher than that of animals such as donkeys.

Interestingly, such brashly racist statements don't raise many eyebrows in Israel, neither among intellectuals nor politicians and religious leaders.

Those who dare criticize the so-called "rabbinic sages" for indulging in this Talmudic hallucination don't do so out of rejection of Halakha or Jewish religious law, which views goyem or non-Jews, as animals walking on two feet, but rather because what is being said is politically wrong as could generate hostility for Jews among Gentiles.

Jewish incitement against Islam and Muslims is by no means confined to the Palestinian arena. This week, Jewish circles posted anti-Islam posters in four subway stations in Washington D.C.

The provocative add read:

"In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man," the ad reads. "Support Israel/Defeat Jihad."

The very same add was posted in a New York subway station two weeks ago, generating disgust and anger among Muslims.

Well, Jews are urged to thoroughly and honestly read and examine their Talmud and Old Testament in order to find for themselves who is Civilized and who is savage.

Anyone, Jew or gentile, can easily quote pornographically barbaric texts from both scriptures, underscoring the utter savagery and wickedness of religious Jewish thinking.

Jews should examine their ancient and recent history before hurling epithets of savagery and terrorism at Muslims.

Indeed, any honest comparison between Islam and Judaism would put Islam on a decidedly higher moral ground. In the final analysis, those living in glass houses, don't throw stones.

But the anti-Islam Jewish circles, who unfortunately seem to represent a majority among Jews, have little concern for truth and honesty. Their ultimate goal is to spread lies, hatred, vindictiveness and malice.

In fact, Jews, especially those supporting Zionism or Jewish Nazism, are probably the last people on earth who are qualified to lecture humanity on civility and savagery.

The Jews were probably the first people on earth to carry out an organized genocide against another people for religious reasons. The Old Testament contains detailed records of this genocide.

Some Jewish apologists might argue that is grossly unfair to blame contemporary Jews for controversial religious scriptures written more than 3000 years ago.

Well, such a defensive reflex would probably be listened to were it not for the fact that for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Jews around the world, this genocidal mindset is still relevant today as it was 3000 ago.

Don't we see and hear numerous rabbis out there who teach, even openly, that the life of a goy (non-Jew) has no sanctity and that a Jew might murder a gentile in order to harvest his or her organ if the Jew needed one!


Don't you think I am speaking about some rare cases of crazy rabbis hallucinating about ancient religious texts inside their parochial circles... These criminal rabbis are prominent and respected in their communities and have numerous followers, many with high college degrees from prestigious universities.

Today, Jews incite against Islam and Muslims on five continents. Their tacit message is "hate, hate, and hate."

When you call people "savages" and "terrorists" and other names just because they are fighting for their freedom and human rights, you are effectively inciting to murder. Vilification and demonizing always precede murder. Murder, including mass murder, is the ultimate fruit of mass hatred and incitement.

Jews ought to remember in case they have forgotten that before Auschwitz and Treblinka and Bergen Belsen, and even Kristalnacht, there was a Mein Kampf, the Nuremberg laws and the anti-Jewish mass hysteria.

In light, one might ask: Is this anti-Islam mass hysteria what Jews are trying to generate and produce? Are Jews trying to affect a holocaust for Muslims in Europe, North America and Australia in order to allow Israel to build more colonies for fanatical Jews in the West Bank ?

Jews reject both Islam and Christianity. The main reason for this illogical rejection is the timeless Jewish desire to retain and maintain the dubious prerogative of the "chosen people"

But Jews can't be more deserving of heavenly salvation than other people just because some ancient Israelites worshiped God whereas other peoples and nations were pagans and worshipped idols. The Almighty doesn't calculate matters this way. God deals with men on an individual basis. There are "chosen" individuals, not chosen people, and it doesn't matter what ethnicity one belongs to.

Today many Jews worship power, money and sex, while others, and they are too many, worship the new Golem of Zionism, or Israel.

In the past, Jews tried and failed to poison and murder the Prophet of Islam. They also tried to decapitate and destroy the fledgling Muslim community in Madina by joining forces with the pagans of Arabia. Today's Jews are doing the same thing by joining ranks with hysterical Christian Zionists seeking world domination. This coalition of evil, too, will fail and Islam will triumph.

But when Islam ultimately prevailed and Muslims built a huge Muslim state based on justice and tolerance, Jews enjoyed religious, political and economic freedoms.

Jews didn't survive all these centuries because of their power. They survived because Islam catered for them and protected them from danger, near and distant. It is sad that Jews are now expressing their gratitude to Muslims by urging and instigating Westerners in America and Europe and elsewhere to hate and kill them.


source : www.abna.ir
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