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15th Rajab - Shahadat Anniversary of Janabe Zainab (s.a.)

15th Rajab - Shahadat Anniversary of Janabe Zainab (s.a.)
Janabe Zainab (a.s.), the daughter of Imam Ali (a.s.) and Khatune Jannat Janabe Fatima Zahra (a.s.), was the Greatest Messenger of the Husaini Revolution. She universalized the message of Husaini Revolution and laid the foundation of Azadari of Imam Husain (a.s.). Not only that, but she also proclaimed to the world the greatest sacrifices made by Imam Husain (a.s.) and other members of the family of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.w.) who were brutally martyred at Karbala in 61 A.H by the Yazidi forces.

She was born in the holy city of Madinah on 5th Jamadi-ul-Awwal in the 5th year of Hijrah (5.5.5.)/627 A.D. She became famous for her knowledge of the Holy Qu'ran and virtuous life. In her character, she reflected the best of attributes. In sobriety and serenity she was likened to Umm-al-Mumineen Hadrat Khadija (a.s.) her noble grand-mother, in chastity and modesty to her holy mother Janabe Fatima Zahra (a.s.) and in eloquence to her father, our Ist Imam Ali (a.s.).

Janabe Zainab (a.s.) was martyred on 15th Rajab 62 A.H., at the age of 57 years, in Damascus (Syria) by the ruling Umayyad caliph. She was buried in Damascus and her magnificent holy shrine is visited every year by millions of lovers of Holy Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) from all over the world. On this Sad occasion of the Death Anniversary of Janabe Zainab bint Ali (a.s.), we extend our Heartfelt Condolences to all the lovers of the Holy Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) in the world.


Umm Kulthoom (daughter of Sayyida Zaynab (a.s.) was very famous for her beauty, chastity and personality. She was highly respected by all people in general and the Banu Hashim in particular. In order to blend himself with the Banu Hashim and find himself a respectful position among Muslims, Mu'awiyah bin Abi Sufyan ordered his governor in Madina Marwan ibn al-Hakam to ask for the hand of Umm Kulthoom, the daughter of Sayyida Zaynab (as), for his son, Yazeed. Marwan was sure that Imam al-Husayn (as) will never agree to this and that he (as) would also thwart the matter. Therefore, Marwan postponed the matter for sometime and started looking for a proper opportunity.

Once, when Imam al-Husayn (as) was outside the city of Madina, Marwan came rushing to ‘Abdullah ibn Ja'ffar and proposed the hand of his daughter Umm Kulthoom for Yazeed. ‘Abdullah understood the matter and said to Marwan to wait for the return of Al-Husayn (as). When Imam al-Husayn (as) returned to Madina and was informed about everything, he (as) was very much disappointed and said, "I will never agree for my niece to marry a sinful and lewd grandson of Abu Sufyan". He (as) then asked for Umm Kulthoom to be presented in front of him and said to her that her cousin Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Ja'ffar would be the worthiest of marrying her.

Sayyida Zaynab (as) welcomed this, Umm Kulthoom accepted, the father ‘Abdullah showed no objection to it and the Imam (as) gave her a big dowry. The matter was kept secret until the wedding night. Thereafter, many personalities were invited among whom was also Marwan ibnul-Hakam. Marwan thought that perhaps al-Husayn (as) had accepted the proposal of Yazeed and has invited him to inform him. He was very disappointed when the Imam (as) announced the marriage of Umm Kulthoom to Qasim. He informed Mu'awiyah, who, according, felt malice towards the Imam (as).

Lesson: Choose spouses for your children who are known for their nobility and who have Taqwa & Akhlaaq in them.

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