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Good Manners is the Key of Solving Social Problems

Good Manners is the Key of Solving Social Problems

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said, "Good manners is the key of solving personal and social problems."

According to news from Astan Quds Razavi website, this respected religious authority in his lecture delivering among pilgrims of the Razavi holy shrine asserted, "According to Imam Reza (A.S.), the best living is possible with good manners and good manners means having open face and behaving humbly with others."

Noting that good manners results in social connection he said, "Prophet (S.A.W.) in many traditions has stressed on good manners stating that whoever treats others with good manners has a perfect faith and the whole Islam is condensed in good manners and the heaviest deed in the Resurrection day is good manners."

Noting also that good manners reduces problems of society, he expressed, "Good manners among the family members makes home brightened and happy while bad manners in home may result in problems such as divorce, gloom or escaping from home."

Society without criticism is dead

Regarding criticizing, this respected religious authority asserted, "Society without criticism is dead but in it should be made according to ‘honesty', ‘no defamation', and ‘justice'."

"Much patience and tolerance is the tool of presidency, and dispute or ugly words does not deserve the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran", he addressed the authorities.

"Piety and good manners are two essential factors for the faithful's entrance into the Heaven. Good manners is one of miracles of the prophet (S.A.W.) in the ignorance period and DAESH represents a part of ignorant Arabs of that time", this Qur'an interpreter said.

In continuation of interpreting Imam Reza's (A.S.) tradition, he added, "The best asset is contentment and according to Imam Ali (A.S.), contentment is an interminable treasury."

"Contentment does not mean poverty; Islam opposes poverty and contentment means right consumption and avoiding wasting. High cost wedding celebrations, high dowries, and expensive trousseaus indicate wasting and dissatisfaction", Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi asserted.

"Sanction is like as double-edged sword that harms both us and the enemy but contentment nullifies the effects of sanction and the resistance economics will be realized", he remarked.

Noting that resisting against sanctions will lead to enemies' defeat, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said, "In the course of Gaza war, the entire world condemned Israel and it was only the U.S. that justified Israel; the U.S. is so submissive before Israel that it seems to be hypnotized by this regime."

Referring to a tradition from Imam Reza (A.S.) he said, "The worst ignorance is egotism. How the human being who is wrecked by a virus can be arrogant of himself?"

It is notable that the congregational evening prayers were performed by Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's leading in the Jame' Razavi courtyard.


source : www.abna.ir
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