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One Muslim has seven rights over other Muslims

One Muslim has seven rights over other Muslims

A person told to Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as), O Imam (as)! A person holds the Shi'a Faith and is a firm believer. But he has gone into reclusion and doesn't meet his friends and relatives.
The Imam (as) said, "How will he learn about the matters of Religion if he runs away from company of people?" Then the Imam (as) added, "O people! You must regularly offer prayers in congregation at the mosque. You should try to meet pious and good persons. In time of need you must bear witness in their matters. Join the funeral processions of Mu'mins. Human life is not possible without social interaction of people in the society."
The Imam (as) said, "One Muslim has seven rights over other Muslims. If one of these rights is not honored, then a person might be excluded from the roster of Allah's friends. The smallest right of a Muslim over his compatriots is that whatever one wishes for himself, he should wish the same for his brethren. Similarly whatever he dislikes to happen to him, he should want not to happen to his brothers in Islam.
The second right is: that a Muslim should avoid displeasing another Muslim. The Third right consists in that a Muslim should help another both physically and monetarily to the extent possible. The fourth right of a Muslim is that he must guide other Muslims to the best of his abilities. The fifth right is that if a Muslim is hungry, the other should share his food with him. The sixth right is that if one has a servant and the other doesn't, then the servant should be sent to the other for a part of the time. The seventh right is that he should visit the other Muslim when called, take care of him while sick and participate in the funeral rites when there is a death. Fulfil the other Muslim's needs without his asking for help. When these rights are taken care of, then there will be amity and love between the members of the society."
Then the Imam (as) told to his companions, Do good deeds. Live like brothers and sisters. Your friendship should always be in Allah's way and when you meet, discuss the matters of Faith and Religion. Keep the True Faith alive and give it strength. Doing something for a Mu'min is equivalent to freeing a thousand slaves. It is also better than sending a thousand horsemen for Jehad.
The traditions that hint at keeping away from people point to maintaining a distance from bad company. Because such company might cause some harm to a person's Faith. Meeting the virtuous and admonishing the sinners has always been the wont of the Prophets (as). This act is more superior to many. Staying at home is advised only to keep men away from bad companions.
The Prophet (S) has said that a Muslim who starts his day not giving a thought to the needs of his other Muslim Brothers is not a true Muslim. A Muslim who finds another in trouble and does not help him, is not a Muslim.
Someone asked the Prophet (S) as to who is the most beloved person of Allah? The Prophet (S) replied, "One who is of help to other human beings!" Another asked, "O Prophet (S)! Can Allah be seen?" The Prophet (S) replied, "Why not! Go to meet a Mu'min. The reward that one gets in meeting a pious person is equal to that of meeting Allah!"
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) said that helping a Muslim Brother could beget more Blessings from Allah than freeing a thousand slaves.

source : www.imamreza.net
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