Wednesday 29th of November 2023
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15 Million Books Given out to Hajjis

15 Million Books Given out to Hajjis

-- The Saudi Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs is giving out more than 15 million books in 24 languages on Hajj rituals and basic Islamic beliefs to pilgrims during this year's Major Hajj.

Abdurrahman bin Suleiman al-Matrudi, head of the Publications and Scientific Search Department in the Ministry of Endowments, said, “It is among our duties to publish and distribute books and brochures on Hajj rituals to help pilgrims perform their rites accurately.”


Every year, Saudi Hajj authorities hand out millions of copies of the Holy Quran and Islamic books to Hajj pilgrims.


Some of these books are allegedly aimed at promoting Wahhabi ideology and targeting the beliefs of other Islamic schools of thought, particularly Shia Islam.


The Saudi Ministry of Endowments has distributed as many as 69 million books for free among Hajjis over the past 5 years.

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