Saturday 2nd of December 2023
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Saudi Arabia to Print New Italian Translation of Quran

Saudi Arabia to Print New Italian Translation of Quran

-- The most comprehensive and accurate translation of the Noble Quran into Italian will be published by the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran, the world's largest publishing company located in Medina, Saudi Arabia, in September 2010.

Hamza Roberto Piccardo, a key member of the Directive Council of UCOII, the Union of Italian Muslim Communities, has the translated the Holy Book into Italian.


He said that a number of language experts who have total mastery of both Arabic and Italian are reviewing the draft and have revised some parts of the translation.


He added that one feature of this work in comparison to previous ones is that it has fewer explanatory notes. "Moreover, the translated text has been placed beside the original Arabic text of the Quran."



As soon as the Italian translation of the Quran comes out, copies of the book will be distributed among mosques and Islamic centers in Italy .


Piccardo is one of the most prominent Muslim leaders in Italy who embraced Islam at the end of his military service in 1974.

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Aman Ashraf
AssalamoAlaikum, I am looking for Quran in Italian for someone interested in learning Islam. Wassalam, Aman
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