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Shia scholar: Happiness of world and hereafter, by loving Ahlul Bayt

Shia scholar: Happiness of world and hereafter, by loving Ahlul Bayt

The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza hosted thousands of fasting Muslims, on the night of 23rd of holy Ramadan. These faithful people were vigilant all the night, whispered divine names, and cried on the occasion of Imam Ali's (A) martyrdom.

Razavi Holy Shrine's special ceremony of the third Qadr night was started, from 20:45, by holding the biggest and most glorious Qura'nic gathering of the world. In continuation of the ceremony Ahl al-Bayt's (A) panegyrists, Amir Aref, Ahmad Waezi, and Ali Khoshchehreh, recited Joshan Kabir supplication as well as their eulogies.

At this very blissful night, Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Seyyid Mahdi Mirbagheri gave his speech. He said, "Allah has gathered, at this very good night, all of us around the holy grave of Imam Reza (A) and it is a very significant blessing given him".

He stressed, "Everything is prepared for the fulfillment of prays, at this holy and illuminated place and very nice night. Our prays will be responded if we know them well and feel a real sense of dis-attachment to Allah".

Saying that Allah is the only entity on which humans can rely, Razavi Shrine's lecturer said, "We have to know that Allah is the only source on which one can rely and it's only Allah who responds to desires and requests of ours".

Mirbagheri reiterated, "According to some traditions, humans have been asked to want everything from Allah as he is the only source who can meet all the small and big needs of them".

Saying that having constant contact with the purified Imams (A) must be one of the most important wishes of ours, Mirbagheri added, "If we follow the purified Imams (A) in all the areas and don't forget them in our lives, Satan's attacks will be completely foiled and he cannot challenge us at all".

"If we fully follow the purified Imams (A), we will receive all the goods. The Paradise, the world, the Hereafter, and all other things are achieved only through loving them and having constant connection to them and the inward of the Paradise is nothing but this group of people". He also said, "Let's ask Allah to keep us close to the purified Imams always", Razavi Shrine's lecturer stated.

Sayyid Mirbagheri referred to the results of friendship with Imams (A) and said, "Enjoying continues blessing in life is one the results of loving Ahl al-Bayt (A) and all the good people have become good by receiving a light beam of Qadr night".

He added, "We get closer to the purified Imams (A.S.), to the extent that we are cleansed from the committed sins. Worldly temptations are numerous but they should not be to the price of detachment from Ahl al-Bayt (A).

Sayyid Mirbagheri reminded, "If we are tied to the family of Imams (A), we will be interceded. Qadr nights are the nights of intercession and we, during these nights, have to ask the purified Imams (A) to intercede and help us".

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