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York's new mosque is ready - and there's a big open day this weekend

York's new mosque is ready - and there's a big open day this weekend

A NEW mosque for York’s Muslim community has been built - and now people from across York are being invited to come and look around.

The first phase of the new building has been completed, using land behind the old mosque and adjacent portable building in Bull Lane, off Lawrence Street.

Mosque president said the old building had been used for more than 30 years and was inadequate to accommodate the average of 300 who turned up for prayers on Fridays nowadays.

He said the new mosque had been available to use for the past few weeks, although additional work was needed to complete the project - such as the installation of toilets and washroom facilities, and audio-visual and conference facilities, so it could be used as a hub for the community.

He said that of the total £1.5 million cost of the project, about £1,050,000 had been raised so far, a majority of it by York members, families and supporters, but with additional support from across the country after TV appeals and visits to other Muslim communities.

There had also been individual fundraising efforts by members such as Ali Zafar, 45, who rode a five-year-Old's bicycle around the mosque grounds and raised £300 in sponsorship in ten minutes.

Mr Surve said there were no plans to demolish the old mosque building, which might be used for social activities.

He said the new mosque would be holding an open day on Sunday afternoon, to which the people of York - of all faiths and none - were being invited.

The free event would take place between 3 and 6pm, with speeches at about 3.30 from guests including the Lord Mayor of York, Cllr Dave Taylor, hosted by the Imam, Abid Salik. The guests would include the former MP for York Central, Sir Hugh Bayley, whom he said had been a great help, and the Reverend Jane Nattrass, vicar of several city center churches.

He asked people to come on foot or bike if at all possible, because of traffic problems in Bull Lane, which is single-track in places.

source : hawzahnews
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