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Malek Ashtar and the issue of forgiveness

Malek Ashtar and the issue of forgiveness

He was a sublime man and a divine creature as well as Divine existence and a complete
symbol of faith, Morality and good deeds and whatever the Commander of the Faithful has told about Munificence Magnanimity has told about almost no one.

When he was in the peak of power and authority and was the commander in chief of Iraqi army and people used to shake in fear by hearing his holy name. one day he entered the Kufa market, since he used to wear like poor people and nobody could recognize him easily and for these reasons he was not noticed among the people who he used to interact.

Once someone made fun of him and insulted him so as to make people laugh, that merciful and great man - Malek Ashtar- went awy without even looking at the person who had just insulted him. Another man who had witnessed the incivility and discourtesy of that man went to him and said: didn’t you know that man? The man responded in negative, then the man said: the very great and unique man who you just insulted and made fun of was Malek Ashtar Nakhaee, the one who insulted Malek Ashtar Nakhaee went after him and finally found him in the mosque. Malek Ashtar Nakhaee was saying prayers in the mosque. When he finished his prayers the man went to him and asked for forgiveness due to his impoliteness, Malek Ashtar Nakhaee finally said after his persistent begging that I am not upset and angry with you, you did that degrading action and you committed the sin, so I came to this mosque and said these two prayers to ask Allah Almighty to forgive you.

source : erfan.ir
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