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Hazrat Adam (A.S.)

When the God, the Munificent (extremely liberal in giving, very generous) wished and created the earthly face and body of Adam a.s. and kindled the spirit in it and commanded the angels to prostrate before him in his respect. Iblis a specie of the Jin who by his extreme adoration to God was honoured the status, to worship God in the row of the archangels, He refused to prostrate the Adam a.s.

He was the first who went against the wish of Almighty God and behaved with proud and haughtiness. He considered Adam a.s just an earthen body as he was ignorant of his soul.

When God the Omnipotent created the earth, told: I want to bring into existence the creatures from you. Some of them will obey me and a certain number of them will disobey me. The people who obey me, I am going to send them to the Heaven and those who disobey me I will be burning them in the Hell.

God addressed the jibril a.s (gabriel) and said: Bring from every part of the land like mountains, waters, rocks and terrains, a handful of their elements. When Jibril a.s wanted to grasp the earth, it pleaded in the words and said: I take refuge in God that an individual is going to be created by me who will be going to rebel with the God and burnt in the fire.

Showing sympathy to the earth Jibril a.s returned empty handed and informed the God: The earth is seeking refuge to you that a creature is coming into existence from it and going to rebel against you.

Then God the Omnipresent addressed the archangel Mikail a.s (Michael) and entrusted him the task of bringing the earth to the Heaven. The earth again requested him not to create a wrongdoer out of it so Mikail came back to the Heaven, leaving aside the earth. After that Israfil a.s the archangel was given that duty and he too came back without the earth.

God commanded the Izrail a.s the archangel to perform the foretold task and he performed it by expressing his wrath and brought a handful of earth. The dough of Adam a.s was prepared by that earth and the wonderful body of Adam a.s was created and that strange entity was laid on the threshold of the Paradise. The angels were watching this creation with extreme amazement and Shaitan was also present there in the row of the angels. He wanted to view the inside of the body of Adam a.s. He asked permission from the God and entered the body of Adam a.s. when he wanted to enter into his heart there he was addressed: This is the place of the divine light, you are not allowed to enter here. The heart is the house of secrets and prime part of the body, you cannot enter here. Iblis came out of the body and stood above his head watching him with astonishment.

The soul was hesitating to enter the body and when at last entered the earthen body, Adam a.s moved his head and sneezed and soon raised his head and said:الحمدالله رب العالم?نwhen the soul reached the chest, Adam wanted to stand straight he was ordered to be patient. “Does this movement of Adam a.s was the sign of the impatience in man?” و کان انسان عجولاwhen the soul came to the feet, it overwhelmed the whole body. Adam a.s was the wonder of the creation of the God, the Omnipotent and the Almighty God addressed the entire angels to be obedient to him. They answered Him:سمعنا و اطعنا‘we have heard and we have obeyed”. Adam a.s was given a trip to the entire existing skies so that he could acquire the knowledge of the whole universe. Whenever Adam was seeing the angels he used to salute them by saying Salamun Alaikالسلام عل?ک ?ا ملائکهand they were replying himالسلام عل?ک و برکاتهJibril a.s was his guide and escort. At this time Adam a.s was taught the namesاسما.

Reaching the Arshعرش‘the Empyrean throne of God’ they came across some names which were written there. Jibril a.s expressed to Adam a.s: The owner of these names are the purpose of the creation of you, your children and the entire universe. Then Adam a.s was informed about those names asحم?د و محمدHameed and Muhammad,عال? و عل? Aali and Ali,فاطر وفاطمهFatir and Fatimah,محسن و حسنMuhsin and Hasan,قد?م الاحسان و حس?نQadeem ul Ahsaan and Husain.

The soul is abstract and stimulant and it is homogenous to the air.

Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s, to one of his companions stated: The Almighty God created one body and one soul and bring both together at one place for the perfection of man. This is to give him rise to the last height of perfection; he ordered the angels to prostrate before his creature and then praised his creation.

Here the prostration does not mean to worship Adam a.s but this prostration was to revere him. When Adam entered the Garden of Eden, by his loneliness he was feeling fearfulness as he was not having any companion or anybody to sit with him. He was very much gloomy and dejected and he was tiresome and weary, God made the slumber to overcome him. When he got up he saw a lady in the dress of Hoor (Hourise of Paradise) who kept his head upon her lap.

He enquired: Who are you? She relied : I am Havva as I am created by “Wahi”وح? Hazrat Adam a.s made his head upright and asked God: O My Provident! For what purpose you had created her?

He got the reply: For your tranquillity and peace.

Imam Baqir a.s said: Havva ‘Eve’ was created by the remaining dough of earth by which the body of Adam a.s was made.

What is the Shajar e manhiya ‘prohibited tree’? Some expressed it was the wheat plant, few describe it was the tree of grapes and every kind of fruit was growing into that tree. One who was eating from that tree, the doors of knowledge from first to last was opening before him and he was learning them without the help of teacher and eating the fruit of that tree without the permission, in that case all the wishes of the person will be dejected and it was abusing to get near to that tree. Some define that it was a tree of jealousy whoever was eating from it; he was reaching to the decline as the jealousy brings the downfall to every blessing and the means of reaching to perfection is only in the world it does not exists in the Heaven.

Hazrat Imam Reza a.s said: This prohibition was not that it was unlawful. The mistake which was happened by Adam a.s was before his attainment to prophecy as he was then not reached his prophet hood in the Heaven. Its punishment was not the fire of hell or it could be forgiven by God.

When the great prophet of Islam was asked: How is the Heaven?

He replied: God had created it with the light “NUR” he made eight Heaven one under another. Their names are as follows:

1- Darus Salam 2- Darul Qarar 3- Darul Khuld 4- Jannatul Ma’va 5- Jannat e Adan 6- Jannat e Naeem 7- Jannat e Mutlaq 8- Firdaus e Bareen.

According to the narrations, the Heaven is a plain surface, just a landscape in which the good deeds of the faithful people creates the structures of dwellings and gardens for them. It is the ultimate yield of the Human beings achievement, by which they enter in the eighth eternal Heaven and the other heavens are only the stages to pass them, by his or her gradual development to perfection which has its own definitions.

Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir a.s said: Adam a.s and Havva lived in the Heaven for seven hours only and then they were descended to the earth, the period was equal to the divine hours. It is difficult for us to guess the tenure of this period.

Hazrat Sadiq a.s said: Four times Shaitan groaned and cried:

1- When he was expelled by the rejection and accurse.

2- When he was descended from the Heaven to the earth.

3- When the Nabi Akram Muhammad SAVA was appointed as the prophet.

4- When the mother of the Book Ummul kitabام الکتابQuran was descended.

Shaitan drowned twice into the amazement and astonishment, first when Adam a.s ate from the prohibited tree, shajr mamnua or Maniha and then when he was expelled from the Heaven.

Adam and Havva were settled in the Heaven, Shaitan entered into the mouth of snake, to sneak in the Heaven and he reached the Adam a.s and expressed: Why you are not eating from the tree which has so many blessings and fruits for you. If you eat from this tree you will reach the high status of archangels.’ Whereas the natural cycle of man was most superior to archangels’. Shaitan with the help of deception, temptation and artfulness allured Adam and said: If you eat a fruit from this tree and you will be alive for ever and you never meet the death. He swore that he was his real well wisher and advisor, Adam was thinking it was a snake who addressed him, he was unaware that Shaitan was in the body of snake.

Adam a.s said: All these words belongs to Shaitan, how shall I disobey my God? He is our well wisher. The God of universe is the most generous of all. How should we go against which he had prohibited us?

Shaitan in the face of snake, from every door reached to Adam a.s, at last he got successful in his purpose to misguide Adam a.s to the wrong path. Almighty God ordered to expel them all (Shaitan, Adam and Havva) and descended them on the earth. God addressed: So that some among you become the enemy of others and this is your destination till the hour of your death.

Adam a.s heard some words from God, The Provident and pleaded for the forgiveness and God accepted his repentance.

According to the information from Imam Sadiq a.s: The private parts of the Adam and Havva were hidden outwardly it was not visible. When they ate from the prohibited tree, there private part became visible.

When Shaitan was roaming inside the body of the Adam a.s as he wanted to enter the heart, a supernatural hand appeared and hit him upon the chest of that unreliable person%%%نامحرم and said: This is the place where the divine lights descends and this house possess the ability to gain upraise to the infinite heights. Adam was bestowed with the treasures of the skies and the earth, the entire the mines of the jewels and the immense invisible powers. The earthen body of Adam was uplifted to the celestial elevations and the ultimate heights of the skies.

The entire exaltations and rise to the skies are for the noble and honoured people with the holy souls not for their earthen bodies.

It is said by Imam Sadiq a.s: The haughtiness of Shaitan was because of his ignorance as he was proud as he was made of fire but the fire causes from the wood and the wood comes into existence from the tree and the creation of tree is from the earth. Then Iblis was of no excellence who refused to prostrate the Adam a.s.

The definition of Hell

The dwelling of the Shaitan and his followers is the Hell. Does the human being live forever in it? The prophet was asked: With what matter the Hell was created?

The great prophet replied: He made the Hell with his wrath and it is under the seventh earth and every Hell is 500 miles away from each other. The temperature of every hell is more than other and its last degree is Asfalاسفل ‘the lowest’ which is the place of Munafiqeenمنافق?نhypocrites.

1- The lowest degree Asfalاسفلis for Munafiqeenمنافق?نHypocrites.

2- The Hotamahحطمهis for the Firaun and the polytheists.

3- The Saqarسقر 4- Lazi لظ? is for the Jews 5- the place for theترساthe Christians.

6- Saeerسع?رA place for theصائب?ن (Sabians were thought in the Middle Ages to have been star-worshippers) 7- A hell for the Muslim sinners. They will go through the punishment for their bad deeds then they will be entered into a status of the Heaven.

The descend of Adam a.s and Havva from Heaven

All the historians presented the similar opinion about the descend of Adam a.s on the mountain of Sarandeep and Havva was descended in th Jidda ‘ Saudi Arabia ” till the repentance was accepted. They both were puzzled and moanful there for a period of time, at last their repentance was accepted. Hazrat Adam was tearful for 200 years yearning for Heaven and Havva. After the God’s acceptance of his repent Jibril a.s guided him towards the Mecca and he was ordered to built a house there and perform the circumambulation (going round the house) Remembering Havva he forget himself and began to walk towards the Arafath where Havva was reached from Jiddah and Adam a.s from Mecca. The place where they both met is called Arafath. The house (Kaaba) which was built by Adam a.s was destructed and then hazrat Ibrahim a.s reconstructed and raised it again.

Mostly the historians wrote the dough of Adam’s body was prepared on Sunday and finished on Friday. 3 hours of divine time is equal to 250 years of the earth and on the sixth day the soul was moved into the body of Adam a.s.

Adam a.s arrived into this world from Heaven with 30 branches of leaves and planted them in the Mina from which grew 30 types of fruits.

Today the grave of Havva is in Jiddah.

~* The repentence of adam a.s *~

When Adam descended at Mecca and laid the base of the house of Kaaba, he was performing his ablutions and circumambulation (going around the Kaaba).

After meeting his wife Havva, he got children from her, then his elder sons when grown up, got married for which two brides (Hourise of Paradise)Hoor from Heaven were brought for them and for the elder daughters’ angels from heaven arrived to marry them.

The God who was able to give existence to Adam with the matter of earth, he could also bring into existence their spouses without the earth, to increase their progeny in a legal way.

All the Islamic scholars, philosophers have same opinion that angels came into existence from the light who can acquire many faces.

Angels perform the role of mediators, from the lights of God to the lights of the human kind and they have the power and tolerance to perform the hard tasks of the nature. They never commit sins they only perform the commands of Almighty God and they are charged with the duty to worship the God and it is called Mukallif.

Mukallif are of four kinds: Malaika,devils, jinn and human being who is the follower of the prophecy. Every Mukallif (bounded) have in his or her nature to follow and obey.

The facts about the Jinn

The meaning of Jinn is the one who is concealed as it cannot be seen. Abul jin was also created like Adam Abul bashar from an element and he is a creature of God and all their belongings and dwellings are hidden from us. Sometimes they are named as Iblis and called Abu Shaitan and their existence was before the birth of human beings. The word Jinn is the opposite of human being. In contrast to the jinn the human beings are attached to each other and can be observed.

Adam a.s was married to Havva in the Heaven but they were not intimate physically to each other. The first twins of Havva were Habeel (Abel) and a daughter by the name Halima and Adam a.s made the eldest son his successor. According to some narrations after the murder of Habeel, Adam a.s cried for 500 years for his son and he left intimate relationship with his wife Havva. After that Shees was born single, they named him Hebtullah who was the successor of his father Adam a.s.

Habeel was killed by his brother Qabeel as his father selected Habeel as his successor and Qabeel felt jealous and out of envy he killed his brother.

Adam was the first prophet, guide, educator and a personality of distinction in his nation who taught the manners, rules and customs of life, laws, philosophy, knowledge and science to his children. He laid the foundation of culture and nationality and educated the people towards the perfection of life so that the human kind must reach the prosperity in the life after death.

Habeel and Qabeel

Habeel was rearing the cattle and he owned a large herd. Qabeel started the occupation of agriculture and became the owner of land and water.

Adam a.s ordered both his sons for the sacrifice of sheep before God. Habeel sacrificed the best of his sheep but the agriculture of the Qabeel was on the worst waters and unclean land for which his sacrifice proved of no use. So the sacrifice of Habeel was accepted by the Almighty God and Qabeel’s sacrifice was rejected.

The custom of acceptance of sacrifice was that the fire from the God was burning the sacrificed animal.

Qabeel raised a temple of fire to please the fire in accepting his sacrifice. Here Shaitan started his enmity and uttered to Qabeel: Habeel’s sacrifice is accepted and you’re rejected. If you leave him alive his children will express their superiority upon you and provoked Qabeel to kill the Habeel. He killed his brother Habeel and returned to his father.

Adam a.s enquired: Where is Habeel? Qabeel replied: I am not his protector. Adam a.s himself began to search his son Habeel who was killed by his brother. Adam a.s disclosed to his son with a painful heart: Curse be upon you and complained the earth: O Earth how did you accepted my son’s blood.

From that period the earth never accepted the blood and it clots on the earth. For forty nights he cried for his deceased son.

Qabeel wandered for some time and he was puzzled, what to do with the body of his brother. A crow appeared and fought with the other crow and killed it. The crow dug a pit with its claws and buried the dead crow in it and Qabeel learnt this lesson from the bird, how to bury the body and he too concealed the body of his brother in the earth.

When Adam a.s reached his last stage he was informed by revelation that his prophecy was going to end soon and he was ordered:. Convey the heritage assets of prophetic mission to Heptullah. So that the wisdom, faith and the greatest name of God will remain among your children and the earth will not continue without the proof of Godحجت till the day of judgement.

And informed him about the prophet Nuh a.s who would be inviting the people towards the God and the secrets of prophecy were bestowed to Heptullah who was a successor of Adam a.s.

The Almighty God who gave existence to Adam a.s from the non-existence he was not helpless to create wives for the sons of Adam so that the number of his children must be increase legally and in a good manner.

Safeguarded and successful are those people who invite others towards piety and prosperity. They request the people politely to do good and forbid them from the evil deeds. Allah informed Adam a.s the entire manners and ways of life and the Quran is the best proof of his prophetic mission which mentioned:

وَعَلَّمَ آدَمَ الأَسْمَاء كُلَّهَا 2:31And He taught Adam the nature of all things; Al-Baqara [2:31]

Some mistakes occur due to forgetfulness and negligence which was happened by some of the prophets. The perfect status of chastity and innocence was given to 14 Masumeen who were never forgetful and negligent and even they never committed the minor mistakes.

Watching the prophets, the people were counting them on the high status but when ever seeing them inflicted by the calamities they were thinking negatively about them. In the same manner about the misfortunes of the prophet Ayyub a.s they began to express: He had committed a sin so that he is inflicted by the misfortunes.

Whereas he was totally clean of every sin. The chaste sperm is blessed by God otherwise every stone and pebble cannot be called pearl and coral. If we go through the day to day life of prophets who were the messengers of truth, we confess that they practically performed their role perfectly and guided the humanity towards the right and virtues path by their character and words, they ceased them from the bad deeds which causing misfortunes for them.

The God of universe, to disclose the people the secret of their birth, selected some of the individuals among his creation and adorned them with excellent moral values, nurtured and strengthened their soul with his inspirations and revelations and brought them between the people to bless them with their guidance and teachings. The Almighty God sent the messengers for showing the right path to the people; one prophet after the death of another appeared among the people, till the intellectual growth of man reached to the highest degree of the humanity and prophecy.

Then Quran came into existence which will be a guide and a teacher till the day of judgement. When we come across the Solar system and other enormous astronomical sciences thereupon we find that the human being is merely a newcomer in this universe.

The necessity of the prophet’s miracles

If the messenger and prophets were not been the owners of the miracles and if they were not been well acquainted in the moral values, enlightenment, tolerance, perfection, learning and piety and if they were not been made the most complete human beings among the common man in that case the general people were not coming forward to bring faith in their teachings towards the Unity of God and they could never reach to the level of excellence.

Therefore Almighty Lord made his messengers masters of miracles and in many stages of life God brought into evidences of the general people these miracles so that the people obey the commands of prophets.

And if the prophets were not going under a hard training to make aware the people their duties in that case the human beings on the judgment day will have the reason to defend themselves before the God and bring excuses and say: O God no guide and teacher had been sent to us in the mortal world so that we could differentiate between the good and the bad, the legal and illegal.

In the period of Musa a.s they were very much involved in the sorcery, witchcraft, deception and tricks. God blessed the prophet Musa a.s the miracles similar to their tricks so that the prophet Musa a.s successfully made useless their sorcery and the people become helpless before him.

Hazrat Isa a.s was blessing the born deaf and blinds the senses of hearing and seeing, he proved his prophecyحجتby his miracles and before him the physicians were unable to give this kind of treatment and cure.

In the period of the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) the eloquence, the art of using language in aptness and fluency was reached to its zenith. The Almighty Allah blessed the miracle of Quran, so with that medium to preach, advice and improve the culture of the people. Till date no one had the power to bring a single sentence and ayat like Quran and no one will be able to do it in future.

The birth and death of Human was created for the holy cause which is called the perfection of the soul.

The Gnostics ‘Urafa’ (those who possess the knowledge, esp esoteric knowledge of spiritual matters) relates “the disciple of the path of truth have to pass through the three stages”.

First Takhlia to vacate the abode of heart from the strangers.

Second Tajallia to brighten up the heart with the light of God. nur e haq

Third Tahlia to adorn with the jewels it means that to make graceful and add the beauty to the soul by worship and asceticism (the doctrine that a person can attain a high spiritual and moral state by practicing self-denial, self-mortification(the inflicting of pain or privation on oneself) and the like). The messengers were sent on mission to teach the people these duties. They first passed from the stages of Takhlia, Tajallia and Tahlia then they were selected by the God for the training of Humanity and their guidance. Certainly the composition of the messengers and the saint’s soul is different from the common man’s soul. The existence of the prophets was formed from the realm of pure nature. They were the masters of the infallible souls and above the human intellect and the level of elegance.

The messengers went through hardships for years and years for coming close to the luminous and chaste light of God, they purified their souls and passed through the stages of religious rules and instructions and finally reached to the perfect stage. They were receiving every law from the Almighty God and conveying them to the humanity. The word “Nabi” means ‘one who imparts the news’.

And it was taken from the wordنَبَاَ ‘Na’b’a’ means news. The prophet receives the informations from the God and conveys them to the humanity, so he was called Nabi. The term Rasulرسول is mentioned in the books, he is the one who was sent to bring the messages of God to the people and Nabi can be called Rasul too. An angel is also called Rasul. Nabi receives his revelations from God in his dream but Rasul receives his revelation from the angel.

Every Rasul is Nabi but every Nabi is not Rasul. Rasul is the master of the laws of the Nabi. But Nabi before the prophet and messenger is the protector of the religious laws. Likewise the status of the Rasul is higher than the Nabi. Revelationوح? is a straight way between the creator and the creature.

Hazrat Imam Jafer Sadiq a.s decribed the number of prophets and they were one hundred and twenty four thousands 124000. Among them 313 were Rasul. 50 books were descended upon Shees a.s and 20 books were descended upon prophet Ibrahim a.s. Taurat, Zabur, Injil and Quran were descended for the guidance of the people to the right path.

The five Arab prophets

They were Hud a.s, Salih a.s, Shueb a.s, Ismail a.s and Hazrat Muhammad sallallah alaihi va ala alihi.

The first prophet of Bani Israil was Musa a.s and their last prophet was Isa a.s. in between them 4000 messengers of God came for the guidance of people.

the born circumcised prophets

Adam a.s, Shees a.s, Idris a.s, Nuh a.s, Sam bin Nuh, Lut a.s, Ismail a.s, Musa a.s, Isa a.s and Hazrat Muhammad sallallah alaihi va ala alihi are the born circumcised prophets

Those who were not born from the womb of the mother

Adam a.s and Havva, The sheep of Ibrahim a.st, the she camel of prophet Salih a.s, the Bat of hazrat Isa a.s which he was created from the fruit and it flew away.

The messengers with dual names

The Yushe bin Nun a.s who is Zulkifl, Yaqub a.s who is Israil, Khizr a.s who is Talia, Yunus a.s who is Zannun, Isa a.s who is Masih and Muhammad sallallah alaihi va ala alihi who is Ahmad.

the names of the prophets

1- Adam a.s 2- Ibrahim a.s 3- Idris a.s 4- Is’haq a.s 5- Ismail a.s 6- Ilyas a.s 7- Al’yas’a a.s 8- Ayyub a.s 9- Dawood a.s 10- Zulkifl a.s 11- Zakaria a.s 12- Sulaiman a.s 13- Shueb a.s 14- Salih a.s 15- Isa a.s 16- Lut a.s 17- Musa a.s 18- Nuh a.s 19- Yahya a.s 20- Yaqub a.s 21- Yusuf a.s 22- Yunus a.s 23- Harun 24- Hud a.s 25- Hazrat Muhammad sallallah alaihi va ala alihi .

When human being progressed to the ultimate heights in his materialistic needs there he began to think about the fundamental facts of life and starts to think that whether he himself is his own creator or some another power is his creator? Every moment the circle of his thoughts gets broader and broader.

Our earth is a little corner of the solar system where we human beings live. The man is a newly arrived guest into this earth and till now he is able to find out just very less secrets of the creation. By so much struggle and investigations today he could find out only the first steps in the causes of his creation. The human being is a wonder among the creation of God but his knowledge and authorities are very much limited. Hence he could not reach and find the secrets of the creation and will never reach there.

The knowledge of human being, to find the truth of his birth had been like a blade of grass wandering in the deep ocean; conclusively he lost hopes from everywhere. At last out of no choice he again attached himself to the heavenly books which where the revealers of the truth. As the ideologies set aside the curtains and all the past theories are proving worthless. Finding no way the man adhered to the heavenly books which were on the base of certainty and justice. The most complete and firm book of them all is Quran that was saved from the distortions through the revolutions of the ages.

The Quran said: The God created you and originated your spouses from your dough and initiated your elderly people and brought the wise men into being, in the whole world so that you become pious and be kind to each other and the great God is always watching you.

The inner power and outer force rules over the man and he had no power over his own creation and his destiny. For the same cause God selected the prophets and preached the man till today. again we are talking about the creation of man *~

“Adam and the universe, the creation of earth and human being”

The period when the movement of the solar system and the celestial bodies of universe commenced then the existence of man was materialized. About the beginning of the human birth must be searched in the heavenly books and should be asked to the messengers. The oldest and the strongest historical base can be laid upon the facts of heavenly books. But with much regrets it must be expressed that the materialistic scholars of west with vision of their wisdom and did not concentrated upon the facts and they are left in the imaginations and dark thoughts and in the honourable Quran the solution of every problem is present.

Once a group of atheists who were not believing in the existence of God, visited the last messenger Muhammad sallallah alaihi va ala alihi and said: what is the reason that you preach that the universe is going towards the end and we believe that the system of the cosmos will be never be dispersed and destroyed so we give witness to it.

Muhammad sallallah alaihi va ala alihi replied: If you are certain that everything will remain as it is and the system of the galaxies have no destruction. Hence you all must remain forever in your same condition and must be eternal and everlasting. So do you all are living forever?

The world of nature consists of plus and minus and everything is moving and the universe is totally going through its deteriorations and decay and revolutions to reach its perfection.

Our creator had the cause to create the major and the minor world. First He wanted us to discover him and then the purpose of our life, to make us aware of our destination and proceed towards him.

Those eyes are blind which is viewing the greatness of the creation but denying it. It is written in the ‘Hadees Qudsi’ Hadith Qudsi are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) as revealed to him by the Almighty Allah. Hadith Qudsi (or Sacred Hadith) are so named because, unlike the majority of Hadith which are Prophetic Hadith, their authority (Sanad) is traced back not to the Prophet but to the Almighty that The heavens and the earth, The solar system, The movement of celestial bodies are based upon accurate and systematic calculations and the God created the entire universe for man and the He made the man for himself. So that he could recognize his importance.

The most highest and exalted in the status is the person who always comes forward to solve the problems and make ease the hardships of people. And make himself the solver of hardships of the society and he should be aمشکل کشا”mushkil kosha” One who solves the problems of the society. The man with the power of his ability can reach to the perfection in his instinctive voyage.

In fact the religion was before knowledge and it will be before it till the end. The religion is for refinement and perfection of the soul. When religion came in, it brought the knowledge along with itself. When the knowledge spread its light, the religion introduced.

The learned man without the religion was puzzled and astonished and standing on the cross road in the matter of worldly affairs. Whereas the ignorant but a religious man in his worldly matters is able to remit his heavy burden to the destination though with much pain. The religion and knowledge should grow side by side, Both should step together to reach the spiritual pinnacle and the peak of perfection. The prophets stated the knowledge is of three kinds.

1- The man who follows the firm signs of God ultimately will reach to the prosperity.

2- The righteous practice whose justice will never be abolished.

3- The firm customs whose commands are immortal.

Religion the prime need of man

The man is a marvel of the nature; his character is the combination of the angels and beasts. Possessing the passion and lust by nature, if still he is following his wisdom, then his status will reach higher than angels. Or if he is following his passions only while possessing the wisdom in that case his status will reach lower than a beast.

Mursal is the messenger upon whom the Jibril a.s descends and with whom he speaks face to face. Mostly the messengers did not cite the angels as they were acquiring the unseen prudence from the inner inspiration الهام, dream, or revelationوح?.

Among the messengers 7 seven of them were the prophets of the Book. All of the heavenly books were descended in the month of Ramzan.

The first of the scriptures was descended upon Ibrahim a.s then after five hundred years the Taurat of Moosa a.s was descended. And then after nine hundred years the Zabur of Dawood a.s was descended and after three hundred years Quran Majid was descended. The names of 18 messengers were mentioned in the Sur e An’am.

Imam Jafer Sadiq a.s quoted from Imam Muhammad Baqir a.s who said: The Almighty God addressed to Adam a.s and said: In four sentences I teach you the entire virtues and Good deeds.

First - Worship me and do not bring any partner for me.

Second - I will give you virtues, when you need the result of your practises.

Third - When you pray I will accept your prayers.

Fourth - Whatever you like for yourself like it for others too.

The qualities of the names of God were meant only for Adam a.s but every man from head to toe is like a mirror reflects those qualities and they are the manifestation of those characteristics.

By the way of worship and devotion the man will reach to the status of perfection. The human being with his search, certainty and efforts brings the soul to the highest status of the perfection and gives him the ability to build an abode for himself there.

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