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Rude Farmer

There was a poor uneducated farmer who was very rude to our 7th Imam, Imam Musa al-Kadhim (A.S) whenever he saw him.
No matter how rude this man was, Imam (A.S) never got angry and he never said anything to the man.
Imam's (A.S) friends wanted to punish the rude man, but Imam (A.S) would not allow them to. Imam (A.S) told them that he himself would teach this man a lesson.
One day Imam Musa al-Kadhim (A.S) rode out to the rude man's farm where the man was working. When the man saw Imam (A.S) he stopped working and put his hands on his hips, ready to be abusive again.
Imam (A.S) dismounted, went towards the man and greeted him with a friendly, smiling face. Imam (A.S) then told him that he should not overwork himself and that the land he had was very good. He then asked him how much he was expecting to receive for the crop.
The farmer was amazed at Imam (A.S) politeness and sincerity, he waited a little then said that he was expecting to get around 200 gold pieces. Imam (A.S) took out a purse and gave it to the farmer telling him that in it was 300 gold pieces, more than the value of his crop. Imam (A.S) told the man to take the money and also to keep the crop, and that he hoped the man would receive more for it.
The farmer faced with such kind behavior and good temper, was very ashamed of himself and asked Imam (A.S) for forgiveness.
After that whenever the man would see Imam (A.S) he would greet him very politely. The Imam's (A.S) friends were very surprised!

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