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Professor Ansarian: The poorest people are ignorant of religion

Professor Ansarian: The poorest people are ignorant of religion

Qom- DarolErfan/ the researcher, exegete and scholar of the Holy Quran talked about the extreme poverty and counted those people who are ignorant of the religion, the day of resurrection and divine principles as the poorest of all.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Cultural Institute of DarolErfan, professor Ansarian in his lecture in Esfahan said: Imam Reza (AS) who was granted a little opportunity and he used this opportunity to spread science, knowledge and awareness of people so as to cure people,s ignorance toward the religion,  their origin, resurrection day and divine teachings and principles. Imam Reza (AS) knew that the most destitute needy people in the universe are the ignorant and stupid people, these people are not ignorant of the foods and what they eat, and they are aware of the materialistic things, but they totally lack Religious knowledge.

He went on to say that Imam Reza knew that the lord of the universe has mentioned in the Holy Quran that these kinds of people are knowledgeable about the different Material sciences but they are completely ignorant about the hereafter life and their religion; the one who does have any religious knowledge has not known Almighty Allah, the day of resurrection and the divine teachings and decrees and has no good deeds because he is ignorant and will never be saved.

source : erfan.ir
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