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professor Ansarian: Worldly life compared to water

professor Ansarian:  Worldly life compared to water

The world means skies, earth, the mountains and mines. Every single particle of all these are precious. Worldly life – namely the life of people in this world is like water. It is a strange simile; it means whatever effort the people of this world is making, they are making them on the water. Water is the foundation of their life. Is water a firm foundation and position?

The water can have worms, it stinks, it changes color, it changes to steam and disappears and nothing will be left. There are countless thing we can relate to water. For instance it drowns people, it chokes and kill them. All these sayings are taken and derived from the Holy Quran. What did water do with the people of Noah (as) and Pharaohs? What did water do with your ancestors? What can water do if it changes to flood? It destroyed their farms and their homes and ruined everything. The above mentioned things are going to talk about their apparent form of lives. The mansions, the buildings, the properties, the factories, their sources of income and whatsoever that makes human being busy and arrogant before Allah Almighty. Having all these, they feel a sense of being wealthy. I have everything, why should I need Allah? Why should is say my prayers? Why should I fast? Why should I go to Mecca? Why should I take off my clothes and sit on the soil?

Source: the value of life and how should one spend it…

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